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Pan Card Status by name and date of birth

You can track a pan card status by name and date of birth easily and conveniently on the Internet. A PAN or permanent account number is a mandatory number every Indian citizen who wishes to invest in any capacity in the Indian economy needs to have.

It’s important to spell your first, middle and last name exactly the same way that it was submitted to the PAN database. Your actual name and the name in the PAN database could be different. You are allowed to add an abbreviated for your name as it will be printed on the card during the application process. Ensure that the name on the application is the name you are searching when tracking the status of your PAN card. In addition, be sure to enter the same birth date you submitted on the application.


Pan Card Status by name and date of birth


Once you have entered your name and birth date identically as you did on the PAN application you will be asked your father’s first name, middle name and last name. Again, ensure the spelling is identical to the application you submitted.



If you enter any information incorrectly, there will be no results found in the PAN database. If you cannot find any results in the PAN database about your application and you are sure you have submitted an application, the problem is a different spelling for either your or your father’s name or you date of birth is different than on the application.



When you submit the application you will be given a 15 digit acknowledgement number. Be sure to have this number on hand when checking your pan card status by name and date of birth. Some people only have one name. The only name field that is required on the PAN application is the surname. Even if your name is your first name, when applying for the PAN put your first name as your surname.



As you can see checking your pan card status by name and date of birth is a straight forward and easy process, in fact, getting a horoscope by date of birth is a much more detailed and cumbersome process than checking your PAN status. If you are having a problem retrieving data then please check your spelling. It is advised to photocopy your application for future reference.


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