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Old Avon Bottles-Vintage And Collectible Perfume Decanters

Do you love collecting old Avon bottles? The great thing about Avon bottles is how popular they are to collect. They are highly sought after by many people who want to buy them to add to a personal collection or to resell at a later time. There is no shortage of sellers, either. Especially on eBay. The luckiest finds are bottles that still have the original fragrance inside and the box it came in. Why Avon? Almost everyone has tried some type of Avon perfume or cologne. Some of the bottle shapes that Avon made back in the 1970's were really neat. Too bad we couldn't see them being discontinued back then and stockpiled a few.

Old Avon Bottles Bring Back Good Memories Of The Past

Do you recall an Avon product or fragrance that you wish you could have again? I remember my first perfume from Avon was a pretty,  solid Honeysuckle perfume stick that rolled up like a lipstick,  This was 1972 and I was 12 years old. That honeysuckle fragrance was amazing. It was also the perfect portable fragrance to take to school. After that, I never saw it again. Some women remember the milk glass poodle that came filled with Cotillion cologne. That was discontinued in 1973.

Vintage Avon Perfumes Make A Great Collection

The older Avon cologne bottles make pretty collection displays for any dresser top or counter. They were artistic and whimsical. One cologne came in a decanter that resembled a southern belle; complete with old-fashioned dress and hat, The old cologne bottles for men were also whimsical. They came shaped like alarm clocks, cigar pipes, cars, trucks and even fire engines. You just don't see that kind of sculpture in fragrance bottles anymore.When was the last time you saw cologne in a turtle-shaped decanter?

Some Old Bottles Of Avon Cologne Are Really Mini-Sculptures

Old Avon perfume bottles are coveted for many reasons by collectors. One of the reasons is the appreciation of the artistic value of the bottle shapes and themes, Some people want them because they reflect a piece of history showing what the popular perfumes were at that time. I think people want old Avon bottles for the sheer number that were produced and discontinued over the span of Avon history, The bottles tell a story about Avon, the company brand,

Where I Find Old, Vintage And Discontinued Avon Perfume Bottles

I am a mini-collector of old, discontinued Avon perfumes and bottles. Right now I have 2 full bottles of Foxfire perfume still in the boxes that were discontinued in the 1980's. I have a small bottle of Mink and Pearls perfume that has been discontinued for years. I have 2 bottles of the recently discontinued Flower by Cynthia Rowley. I also have the Avon milk glass poodle still full of Cotillion from 1973. It still smells wonderful, believe it or not. I have testers of Perle Noire and Casbah that are very old. All of them were found at either yard sales or thrift stores near me. You can see my Cotillion poodle photo on this article; Vintage Perfume Bottles.

Although my childhood Honeysuckle stick from Avon isn't a bottle, I do often wonder if any of them survived over the years, I imagine the fragrance has long since dried up as we are talking about 40 years ago.. That's the thing with vintage perfumes and bottles; they stay in our memories making us want to find them again..

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Written by Angelgirlpj, 3 years ago
Aw Honeysuckle and Foxfire I remember them. I'm not sure what happened to the empty or near empty bottles when mom passed away. I guess I should have paid more attention. I did get some of the Avon lotions and I do not wear perfumes any longer due to allergies. Great article.

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