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Natural Treatment for Concussion Brain Injury

Treat your concussion brain injury by getting to know your body and understanding what triggers your headaches, dizziness, memory loss or seizures.  If you have a brain injury and suffer from occasional seizures, staring into space, and slight twitching brought on from an electrical disturbance in nerve cells in a section of the brain, then this natural treatment may help you. However, if your symptoms are seizures due to epilepsy that include falling to the ground, becoming unconscious, and having convulsions, then you need to seek medical care.

Get to Know your Body
Determine what triggers your symptoms by getting a journal and documenting how you feel.  When you wake up are you happy, sad, anxious, or do you have anxiety or stress?   What are you doing when you feel pressure? Do you feel dizzy, or light headed? Do you have a problem concentrating? Did you get a good night's sleep? Also, note the foods that you eat; food will play a role in your concussion symptoms as will certain allergies. Get to know your body and this will help you to determine what may trigger your symptoms.

Diet to Feel Better
Change your diet by eliminating all fatty foods; sugar, animal protein and fried and processed foods. Also, avoid caffeinated foods and beverages. Do not drink alcoholic beverages.  Replace this diet by eating fresh green vegetables; peas, green beans, seaweed, broccoli, and green leaf lettuce and spinach.  Also, include carrots, red grapes, raw nuts, seeds, beet tips, soybeans, eggs, non-processed milk and cheese and yogurt.  Eat several small meals throughout the day; do not eat large portions of food at one time.

Nutritional Supplements
Add supplements to your diet. Take a multivitamin and B complex. Also, consume 1500 milligrams of calcium derived from food products per day.

Keep your Bowels Moving
To keep your digestive tract moving by eating apples, 4-grain bread and taking two Omega-3 capsules daily. Also drink eight glasses of water daily to regulate your bowels. It is important to have a bowel movement every day.

Think Natural
If you have had a concussion brain injury it will take time to heal.  While you are healing it is important to stay healthy and to avoid stress and anxiety.  You must also avoid all chemicals; pesticides, cleaning chemicals and intrusive solvents, as they can cause an electrical disturbance in your brain. For example, gasoline and bleach fumes make some light-headed to the point that they cannot think clearly.  Therefore if you need to fill up your cars with gasoline then ask someone else to do it for you.  Another way to avoid chemicals is to clean your house with  natural cleaning products and apply natural pesticides for your yard and home.

Don’t Worry About It
When your body is anxious, it affects your nervous system, especially if you have brain injury. Exercise to relieve your body of stress. Participate in a hobby such as gardening or bird watching. Another way to rid stress from your life is to listen to music, sing and laugh these are all ways to naturally eliminated stress.  Should a stressful situation arise then walk away from it and don’t worry about it.

When you feel a little shaky or lightheaded, or sense pressure in your head, stop whatever you are doing and brew some lemon balm, or chamomile herbal tea. Drink the tea slowly. If you are able, lie down and close your eyes then do so. Use this time to pray or meditate to achieve inner peace.

Do not push yourself to reach deadlines, avoid stress and anxiety.

Knowing your body and how it reacts to stress and certain stimulants will help your to treat your brain injury.

Avoid artificial sweeteners. Replace with natural sweeteners such as raw sugar. Consume raw sugar in moderation

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user avatar
Written by eddiemars, 2 years ago
This is great info. I wrote the article,"Ending Concussions in Youth Sports" because of all of the concussions being experienced by youth and adult athletes alike. Pro athletes get all of the press because of money but young athletes and their parents need this info.
user avatar
Written by Sgolis, 4 years ago
Coachman: yes an injury to your head or brain will heal it takes a long time. Many people report 10 years or more for the healing process. I endured a severe concussion in 1996 and after numerous trips to the neurologist for tests I was told that my brain injury (concussion) would heal, however that I may have the headaches for the rest of my life.

The healing process can only be determined by your neurologist and it depends on the severity of your injury. I still follow the guidelines listed in the steps and find that I am healing, the panic attacks as the seizures are less. In fact I have had no symptoms for several months. Thank you for interest in my article and your comment.
user avatar
Written by coachmac4, 4 years ago
Thanks Susan for this interesting article on brain injury. I didn't know any kind of brain injury could heal. I had an incident a few years back and it sounds very similar to something like this--but no one found anything.
user avatar
Written by Sgolis, 4 years ago
PatriceWalker: Like you I suffered a brain injury and I suffered from headaches, seizures and anxiety attacks during the healing process. Your brain heals slowly for me it took 10 years, but some people never fully heal. I think meditation and yoga helps along with all the steps that I mentioned above. I wrote this article based on my experience and skill on the topic. Thank you for commenting on my article.
user avatar
Written by PatriceWalker, 4 years ago
Wow, this a very informative article on how to heal from a brain injury. I think we all need to do a lot of the things you mention, regardless of whether or not we've had a brain injury. I fell down a flight of stairs when I was a kid and had severe headaches for a few years afterward. While I healed physically, I think I still suffer from some PTSD (anxiety in particular) from that fall. Meditation has been a big help as well as learning to trust that I am safe in the world.

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