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Names Of Philanthropists Giving Away Free Money

Names of Philanthropists Giving Away Free Money

Have you ever wanted to know some of the names of philanthropists giving away free money? Well there are many people who I can start with but I will try to give you some of the names of the world’s famous philanthropists giving away free money. Remember that not all of the names of philanthropists giving away free money you will know but some of them you might.

Donald Bren:

Donald Bren was born in Los Angeles and he went to the University of Washington. He has his own company which is called the Bren Company and this company has been going on since 1958. This company helps to build homes for poor people. Once he gave about 20 million dollars and another time he gave 4 billion dollars to charities.

Alfred Mann:

Alfred Mann had about 11 biomedical companies and he received 2.2 billion dollars also he hopes that with that money he will make life a better and healthier place. All together he does about ninety hours work in a week and his aim is to cure cancer. Alfred Mann says that he will give away his whole fortune to medical research and charity.

George Kaiser:

George Kaiser went to Harvard University and he has his own foundation which is called George Kaiser family foundation which is basically about fighting child poverty. He gave over five thousand dollars to Jewish people in Okalahoma. George Kaiser does a lot of campaigning and has given away millions of dollars every year. George Kaiser said that “until I die with one dollar left, assuming I can get the timing just right”.

Michael Bloomberg:

Michael Bloomberg was the 108th Mayor of the New York City and he was taught about the value of working hard. He went to John Hopkins University. Sadly he was paying his fees through loans and working as a parking lot attendant in the summer. Michael Bloomberg contributes around $140 million dollars every year towards education, arts, public health and social services (but that is only in New York). He has contributed too many charities and foundations.

J.K Rowling:

J.K Rowling has helped many women and children fight poverty also social discrimination. Just by doing that she has raised 5.1 million dollars for the charity. This foundation doesn’t only do that but it also helps donate to organizations that help children, single parent families too. She is not only known as a book writer or a philanthropist giving away money but she is also known as the president of One Parent Families and someone U.K. that educates, supports and advocates for single parents all around the world.

Opera Winfrey:

Now Opera Winfrey is one of the most known philanthropists giving away free money as she has given the most money in the whole wide world to charity. Did you know that every year she gives over fifty million dollars to charity which will educate children, families and women? She is known as the top fifty philanthropists giving away free money. The most she has ever given to charity is about three hundred and three million dollars.


As you can see that some philanthropist are more generous than others but whichever one is which at least they still gave a lot of money to charity to help people they don’t even know and now a days many of us don’t even give a dollar to help charities and people who need the money around the world. So now that you know some of the names of philanthropists giving away free money you might want to thank them some how as you could have been in this situation or even somebody who you know might have been like that too.

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I am currently residing in Falls Church, VA. I lost my job 24 mos a ago. I have not been able to pay my mortgage and bills. I received a foreclosure notice. I don't have any place to go. I don't have a job, i don't have any form of income. I exhausted my entire savings and 401k. I don't want to lose my house, its the only thing i have left. Everything i work so hard for is gone. Please help me.
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Written by HarryIzu, 2 years ago
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Written by adragast, 2 years ago
Good hearted people... :-)

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