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Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away - Rich People That Provide Financial Assistance

There are so many millionaires who want to give money away for the purpose of generating jobs, giving financial assistance, creating grants, investing cash, supporting research, diminishing poverty and promoting healthcare initiatives. Rich individuals contribute money to carry out humanistic work, as well as to counterbalance their tax load. If you need free money now or help getting money fast then you need to find the rich people giving away money.

I Need a Millionaire to Help Me

The affluent are constantly scouting ways to supply money aid and grants. If you really require help and need quick money, you can qualify to collect cash from various millionaires. If you've also fallen on tough times or are having money problems or just want help to get money then you could contact millionaires who give money away for free.Below are six philanthropic millionaires who want to give money away to assist the disadvantaged and poor.

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: 1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is at the top of this list of millionaires who want to give money away. This generous lady donates more than $50 million every year by giving to charitable organizations, academic institutions and not for profit organizations. Additionally, she offers a myriad of giveaways and contests through her television network and other business ventures. Ms. Winfrey is constantly looking for the most effective and efficient ways to supply financial assistance to others who are really in strain and require help.

Millionaires Wanting to Give Away Money 2012 & 2013- Shahid Khan

Rich People Who Give Away Money - Oprah Winfrey Foundation

The Oprah Winfrey College Scholarship awards minority, low-income college students with cash to finish their academic efforts. Furthermore, she houses over 100 girls in South Africa for her Leadership Academy. Additionally, Ms. Winfrey can sign objects for bidding to help organizations, individuals and other groups make money to go toward a good cause. Also if you're experiencing  financial woes then Oprah could help to get money, rich people that donate money love to help people in need

Celebrities Giving Away Money for Free - Ask Oprah For Help

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: 2. George Soros

George Soros is a billionaire businessman that gives more than $300 million every year to humanistic causes. During 2010, Soros reported his plan to contribute $100 million dollars across the decade to a human rights and advocacy organization called Human Rights Watch.

Furthermore, Soros is constantly on the watch to give cash to low-income populations. He donated millions to South African college students to assist them in completing their academic endeavors.

How to Get Money Donations & Asking Properly

This is one of the best millionaires giving away money, if you are on a low income contact George Soros, use your language carefully and request financial assistance rather than shouting I need free money or give me money. People giving away money are very particular and you need to treat them with respect and admiration.

Millionaires Wanting to Help People With Free Money 2012 & 2013 - George Soros

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: 3. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a founder of Microsoft and one of the universe’s wealthiest man alive. He and his spouse created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that contributes to many non-profit organizations and supports philanthropic causes, including providing food to Africans, combating homelessness, researching and promoting vaccination dissemination in developing countries, preventing tropical diseases, eliminating impoverished Americans and creating effective measures for educating. His kindness covers the world; yet, he still provides financial assistance to poor Americans.

Bill & Melinda Gates Donate to Me!

Bill gates also helps individually though the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, people are welcome to apply for a genuine reason, again just making statements like give me free money with a genuine reason might get your heard, again politeness and good manners should always be used.

Best People Giving Away Money - Ask Bill Gates For Money

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: 4. J.K. Rowling 

J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter writer, is not just a millionaire, but a billionaire. Rowling donates very liberally and belongs to the list of the millionaires who want to give money away. This writer was not always rich, as she was a single mom that took welfare assistance to meet her basic necessities.

J.K Rowling is a Millionaire Looking to Give Money Away to Single Mothers

As a result, she contributes much of her earnings to an organization named One Parent Families. Also, Rowling founded a charity called the Volant Charity. This charity assists single moms, children and women facing difficult financial times. If you're a single parent then this is one of the best rich people that donate money

Do Millionaires Give Away Money - Ask JK Rowling For Money

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: 5. T. Boone Pickens 

Thomas Boone Pickens, a famous gas executive and hedge-fund manager, is billionaire as a result of his investing efforts. During his decades of work, this financier has generated hundreds of job opportunities, as well as contributed to more than $1 billion dollars to charitable organizations. 

Also some humanistic efforts comprise free enterprise, medicinal and health research, academics, social services, physical fitness and environmentalism. Thomas Pickens donates a significant portion of his contributions through his Alma Mater, Oklahoma State University. If you're looking for financial assistance towards your studies then Thomas Pickens is one of the best millionaires who give away free money.

Rich People Who Give out Money 2012 & 2013 - T Boone Pickens

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away – 6. George Kaiser

George Kaiser is a U.S. entrepreneur that generated success in the oil, banking and real-estate industry. Recently, Kaiser reported that he would donate 50 percent of his fortune to charity, which is why he is one of the best millionaires who give money away.

He created his own charity, The George Kaiser Foundation, which is committed to stopping poverty by targeting child academics, community involvement, social resources and healthcare.

His work particularly helps individuals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as this is the region he sponsors most generously. Again if you need support with your education then George Kaiser is the best rich people that donate money to educational causes.

Rich People who Loan Money for Free 2012 & 2013 George Kaiser

How to Contact a Millionaire for Help

The right way to contact the best people giving away money is to visit their foundation sites and register interest, there should be an email address or a contact form available. Fill out your need on the contact form or on an email and explain your situation in detail and clearly state why you need the money and how it will help you. Millionaires do give money away however you must take care when contacting them and use proper etiquette

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away

In conclusion, there hundreds of millionaires who want to give money away, including Oprah, T. Boone Pickens, George Soros, J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates and George Kaiser. The aforementioned individuals make up a small portion of wealthy individuals that donate money for financial aid. If you want to know how you may benefit from these millionaires’ generosity, navigate their charity websites for more information. 

Millionaires Wanting to Help People 2012 & 2013

More Millionaires Who Want To Give Money Away

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Written by iamshane487, 2 months ago
I often overhear a name Bill Gates, but did not see his face yet. I should seek his image. I covet to attach with these billionaire people, yet it's impossible to happen. My country is far from their place.
user avatar
Written by happy4lyfe, 3 months ago
This is a very odd article to say the least.

None of these people are going to give you money directly just because you're in need. However, if you're a student and if there's a scholarship available that some of these people have set up for students in need, you will have to apply for it like everybody else.

Just to add...

These wealthy people fund certain charities to keep them going, not to give out large sums of money directly to recipients.

If you need money, I suggest you find a job or do tasks online like mturk, online surveys. When you're making enough money through those means, you'll want to get involved in a home based business.

If you're in dire need of assistance, then of course seek out charities but don't expect to become a millionaire. They'll give you a hand up and you'll have to pull yourself up the rest of the way.

user avatar
Written by Justin_Deane, 5 months ago
I am acutely aware that my need is not as great as the need of others here in sheer desperation. But I would be very grateful for a gift of $50,000 so that I can study a BSc in Technology and Engineering Management (a tough 4 year course) at Asian University in Thailand. I need to prove to my girlfriend that I am serious about our future and able to provide her with a stable life. Then we can marry. This career move is the only way forward for me. On my current salary I'm just treading water. I need a "lucky"break. I don't necessarily want the cash in hand but maybe you could put it in a trust for me and I could only draw for the said purpose of studying and surviving for those 4 years. I will also need to make 2 plane trips.

God Bless

Justin Deane
user avatar
Written by hadizakaffi, 7 months ago
hello! my name is gbolahan from nigeria. please i would like to seek for the financial assisatnce from the world today because i have lost my family in the recent boko haram blast which occur in kano. please i really need your assistance today from the world philanthropist. no amount is small. kindly contact me on
user avatar
Written by Amir_Hajibagher, 9 months ago
Dear Sir/Madam

This is Amir Hajibagher. I have a health problem from which I've been in pain for more than 10 years. Around 13 years ago a dentist harmed the left side of my lower jaw through his very aggressive operation. Around 3 years later I discovered that my face has become crooked due to an abnormal growth and I need to purchase a custom implant, designed for my very specific case to recover my facial symmetry. This problem has really ruined down my social life and since I'm in arts and I've always had the dream of becoming a great star, it's really damaging whole my professional dreams as well. I've gone through a deep depression since I've discovered that such an appropriate implant costs me so much that I can't pay. Because I'm living in Iran and our currency is really worthless, the discussing €5538 implant becomes around 231,488,400 Rials (our currency) and the monthly salary for a typical Iranian is around 6,000,000 Rials. I'm a Songwriter/Singer. This year I composed few songs for few people and saved some money, but it can only cover my surgeon's bill and the expensive custom implant still remains my big disappointment. Xilloc, the company that can make the implant sent me a PDF format of a quotation with the price of €5538, after I submitted my request and it was valid for about a month so I have to submit a new request once I'm sure there's somebody so kind, who's going to pay for that. Believe that your help will be a game changer to my social and professional life and I'll appreciate that for my whole lifetime.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Amir Hajibagher
user avatar
Written by SWeldon, 10 months ago
I am not going to lie, every hardship I have is due to my own ignorance. Now, I am forced to ask for help from people who could simply be laughing at me. I was disabled due to an accident, I lost everything. I get 833.00 month for disability. After years of hard work, I am trying to go back to being employed. Thing is, I am about to be homeless, my credit is shit, my wife is now sick requiring surgery, my vehicle is dying, and so on. I don't need millions, just enough to get a place, a vehicle, tools, and help for my wife. My email is If your capable of and are serious about helping those in need, contact me. I really need help.
user avatar
Written by mi6_86071, 11 months ago
Hi My name is mihail stoychev I live and work in United Kingdom .I am bulgarian .before 2 day someone has stolen my van while I was working and the police still can't find the van. The van wasn't mine I hired from a rental company and now the owner of the van want his money because the insurance company will not pay him nothing. I have lost my job my company didn't pay the money for last 2 weeks I am loosing my house because I cant pay my rent my girlfriend left me and the rental company took the money from my bank account and put me in overdraft but interstets wil kill me and all this because of 5 seconds .the bank wants 12000 pounds this money can bring my live again of course I am not sure for my girlfriend but I will try so if there is someone who can help in that ridiculous situation PLease contact me .email
user avatar
Written by andysfamily, 1 year ago
Hello. I am new to this Forum and relatively new to being a Christian. For the last 10 years I have been a reasonably successful freelance trainer, teaching Leadership skills to senior executives all around the world. In October 2012 I suffered a mild stroke. The work just stopped. We started to spend carefully but we used what saving we had and eventually ran out of money.

We don't get much support from the government as my family, from abroad have no recourse to public funds. In November 2013, we were evicted from our home in Dover and were forced to live, firstly in the car, and secondly, over Christmas we moved in to a broken down caravan. With 2 children on tow, life was cold, wet and we were hungry.

In February we and found a housing association in South Wales who gave us a house! We're very happy here although we still have no money, our weekly income is £75 per week. Most weeks we go a few days without Gas or Electricity and have to beg for food in the local town. The foodbanks have been helpful but they only give you enough food for 3 days. The children need new shoes and don't get to participate in school activities as we can't afford them. And we have a birthday coming up and they're only 11 & 12 and we've tried to hide our poverty from them but it's getting increasingly difficult.

I am trying to rekindle my trade and little by little it's returning. At my age it's nigh on impossible to get a proper job sadly and with my Wife's cancer, it's hard for her to work. It has go to the point I can't even afford to go to work. To do a job, I need to pay for travel and accommodation wherever the work is before it is reimbursed and on occasion I've had to turn the work down because I simply can't get there.

One day for example, I had a job in Warwick, I took the Bus from Cardiff, it took hours. I slept on a friends sofa and the work was done.

We are now in desperate need of financial support in whatever way anyone can. We've sold everything we have, when we moved here all we had was the clothes on our backs. The car was sold, all of our belongings were kept by our ex-landlord so we lost everything. The Bethlehem Life Centre in Pyle gave us the furniture we sit on now. We bought a cheap 2nd hand laptop so that we can communicate using the library wi-fi. We're a honest, hardworking (given the opportunity), Christian family in need.

I became a Christian in January. I was going to church to find out more about Christianity and wasn't ready for the commitment until one Sunday I was walking up to the Church in Dover, The Ark, a wonderful church because of the people there. One of the Ministers there, Nigel, I knew I wanted to talk to was there that day. Honestly I was simple going to collect any post as we'd arranged for any mail to be sent to the church. On the way I heard a voice in my head saying, "you're not just going for your post are you?". Throughout the service that day, everything that was said seemed to be pointed right at me, it was as though God and the ministers were singling me out for attention. When the minister asked if anyone wanted to talk to to a prayer leader to come forward. I couldn't stop myself, I didn't want to walk forward but I was compelled to sit next to Nigel. I wept and wept. He prayed for me and the deed was done. I was converted, I'm tearful now as I write this. It was such a moving moment, an epiphany if you like.

As I walked back to our car (home), I felt rejuvenated, overjoyed even. I had the Holy Spirit inside me. Since then, I'm more relaxed, God brought me to this site to share my story, to seek help from anybody that can and for me to help others, I may be poor, but I have a lot to offer.

I need £1,000 to buy some work clothes, especially shows, I don't have shoes without holes. I need to buy some rail tickets to some work events I already have lined up next week. I need to get my laptop back from the pawn shop (I'm in the library right now). And I need to leave some food for the 2 kids back at home whilst I'm away.

Please, please, we're so very hungry and desperate.

I'd love to hear from all of you!

God Bless!

user avatar
Written by fredrickmenon, 1 year ago
sir this is fredrick menon from india hyderabad. sir i am thinking to commit suicide because of my financial status . sir i am married and having a baby girl of of 23 months old .and my wife is still studying we got love marriage 4years back but from my family or from my in laws family i dont have any support from them. i have not studied higher studies because of my family condition .thats why i am helping my wife to study more higher studies. but i am not able to give them what they need and facing so much financial problems in my family because of that i have made so many debts . i ask thee to have a kind heart towards me and help me. i am not able to live in this world thats why i am thinking to commit suicide with my family so plase reply me as soon as possible that you will help me in my condition or not. this year i have to join my daughter in school and pay the fees for my wife . this week so please let me know whether you will help or not. i dont have home and living in a rented home i am not able to pay that also . let me know whether i can live or not my contact number is 9140-9700058583. i even dont have computer in my home i came to cafee and sending this mail to can contact me through my personal email
user avatar
Written by fredrickmenon, 1 year ago
sir this is fredrick menon from india hyderabad. sir i am thinking to commit suicide because of my financial status . sir i am married and having a baby girl of of 23 months old .and my wife is still studying we got love marriage 4years back but from my family or from my in laws family i dont have any support from them. i have not studied higher studies because of my family condition .thats why i am helping my wife to study more higher studies. but i am not able to give them what they need and facing so much financial problems in my family because of that i have made so many debts . i ask thee to have a kind heart towards me and help me. i am not able to live in this world thats why i am thinking to commit suicide with my family so plase reply me as soon as possible that you will help me in my condition or not. this year i have to join my daughter in school and pay the fees for my wife . this week so please let me know whether you will help or not. i dont have home and living in a rented home i am not able to pay that also . let me know whether i can live or not my contact number is 9140-9700058583. i even dont have computer in my home i came to cafee and sending this mail to can contact me through my personal email
user avatar
Written by thicksista1965, 1 year ago
Please help me get back on my feet. I am days away from being homeless due to ongoing illnesses that have jest about bankrupted me. I have never even thought to do this before but I am so desperate and don't want to be out on the streets trying to at least keep my car in case push comes to shove and I am out on the streets and I can at least stay in my car. Whatever you can do will be a great help. or 815-299-3046.
user avatar
Written by monaleon68, 1 year ago
I am single mom boy 19 with adhd and ocd problems. My dad past away on mothers day and then end July I had to put the boy on a plane so he could watch his father died also . It has been a very tough year for the two of us.My so called family is push us out of the house we had to get a lawyer involve to help us. but we need to find 60000.00 to buy other house. I can pay it back in time and with interest but I need some who is will to take a chance on me. can someone help us.please email me at
thank you
user avatar
Written by askformore, 1 year ago
Well done! I am most certain that your article inspires and helps a lot of people.
user avatar
Written by queenzbabie95, 2 years ago
Hi my name is Tarajee Smith and I need financial assistant so I can purse my dream of being a nurse. I will be a freshmen at Barton College and I need to pay 11,612 for the first year but have to pay $5,806 per semester. I will need at least $5,806 for the fall semester. My mom does not work over the summer and my dad keeps making up excuses of why he cant help pay for school so I need help. Here's my email, thanks for taking time out your busy schedules to read my letter. I hope to have support very soon. Thank you and God Bless.
user avatar
Written by kdross29, 2 years ago
18th July 13

Philanthropists, Please I need your help
Or any one who would like to help me financially please

I'm writing this post because I am in financial hardship, I don't know what to do? My life is a financial mess. I'm writing this post for help financially in any way. My life is very hard for me at the moment. I have two adorable children I love with all my heart, but I'm crippled with all this debt. I desperately want to be happy and enjoy life with my children.
This financial mess is so hard to deal with, I'm so tired and exhausted. I just need help in any way possible just to get my life happy again in some way.

Desperately need help before I lose my home

I'm on my own with two small children, and have to manage to run my home, still work and take good care of my two young small boy's,
It's very financially difficult. I just don't know how I have coped with it all down the years. I really wish to god, I could be free from all this suffering I'm going through. I try so hard and wake up everyday with a smile on my face and love in my heart, and pray all the time for strength to get me through it all. I think it is because I have been bless from god with a lovely, caring personality throughout my life.

I am trying really hard to stay positive and keep trying so hard to get through all these difficult times financially and emotionally dealing with it all so much.

I pray for help financial.
I am in the most horrible heart-breaking financial situation I would not wish on anyone.

I have two properties one a four bedroom bungalow that need a lot of work spending on it and could be so beautiful. It's been empty for years and I have not been able to afford to do the property up to even generate income to be able rent out. I cant sell the bungalow, if I sell, I will make a huge loss and still owe £50.000 plus. I try to keep paying every month.

I have a mortgage and in arrears. The arrears balance on 4th June 13 is £1,671.61 and a second charge loan as well on the bungalow.
I have struggled every month for years to keep paying and missed quite lot of payments especially to my loan company.
Every month the loan company are charging me administration fee's further fee's and added interest. I owe more now than I did when I took out the loan in 2004. I borrowed £25.000 and now owe them £39,916.62 plus £161 their solicitor's fee's.
All the thousands of pound down the years I have paid to them for nothing as they put me on interest only as I was struggling to pay each month. They would not freeze the interest or stop all the charges every month, even though they are putting me in further debt and extreme hardship. I've gone without food plenty times down the years to pay then and they know this.

It's been so hard financially trying to keep hold of my precious bungalow, but I didn't want to lose it, as I really love my bungalow, I have had for 20 years. They have a repossession order as I'm in arrears of over £7.000 and applied to the courts for an eviction date for 31st July 13. I am absolutely heart broken. I have no money to pay my arrears off.
If they repossess they wont recover the cost as it is in negative equity. I had a conversation with the loan company last week, they said if they don't recover the funds to pay off the debt after my bungalow is sold, they still want the money, so they will still come after me for the debt.

So I'm not only going to lose my bungalow I have tried desperately saving all these years, I have lost a lot of money paying to them too since 2004. Also if they repossess, they will still come after me for the debt.
It's a horrendous situation to be in. I will never be free from this horrible loan company who has caused me so much pain, heartache and stress down the years. Please help.

Desperately need help

I have private tenants on pension living with me in my home at the second property, that too has started to decline as well needs money spending on it which I haven't got.
I need to try and raise funds of £60.000 to buy my home. I have the chance to buy my property at a very low price of £60.000 off my mortgage company as an unaffordable asset. The outstanding balance on my mortgage account balance on 6th June 13 £235,011.10. With this chance to buy at £60.000 as a full on final settlement, which will also wipe off my extremely worrying debt I owe. My currant outstanding arrears balance is £34,373.04. I'm in severe debt as my mortgage payment are so high each month £1,776.00 and trying to pay other bills too, which I am badly in arrears.

With this opportunity I've been given, to buy my home of my mortgage company for £60.000 It's like a dream come true, after severely struggling financially after all these years, trying every month to pay my high mortgage and other bills. It's a nightmare juggling it all.

Financial help would totally change and transform my whole life for me and my two young son's. I just can't describe how much, and put the wonderful feeling that I would feel in to words. If I could receive financial help, or loan or someone kindly be a guarantor for me of £60.000 to help me raise the funding's to pay off my mortgage company the £60.000 to buy my home before they try and repossess again. I just can't afford to pay each month. If you are not in a financial position yourself, please, if you know someone who may be able to offer financial assistance, I would be truly grateful to you, as I am so worried to death.

I had the chance to buy my property around August last year and tried desperately to get a remortgage of £60.000 with no avail. My mortgage company have wanted to repossess my property on several occasions which as been extremely stressful. I had to go to court after three most stressful attempts trying desperately to save our home and not to lose everything I have worked so hard for. My father bless him helps me financially out of his pension each week. I managed to suspend the eviction notice on 14th November last year. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. It was extremely horrible, so painful and very upsetting. My father and I was dancing around the lounge full of happiness and joy knowing we wasn't being evicted. It gave a bit more time for me to keep trying to remortgage. It was so wonderful to see my father so happy has he too as been so worried. He's getting more older now.

I have been trying so hard, you would think it would be easy to borrow only £60.000. If I could of remortgage It would of vastly reduce my monthly mortgage payments by about £1400.00/£1500 per month, would of helped immensely, so much each month to slowly get back on my feet and removed this horrendous burden that's weighing me down. It has been incredibly hard. I have tried different banks Nat West Bank, Lloyd's TSB, Halifax, and more banks, building society, loan companies, even Norton Finance, for months since last August just to get rejected. I'm totally exhausted.

If I could of remortgage I could slowly do the properties up, and start to slowly pay off each month my other crippling debts, than having my hopes and dreams shattered, than to go through the heartache and stress of being evicted and losing everything.
I Just think I'm getting hope then the door's closes time and time again in my very sad face, then have to try all over again. All my hopes and dreams are crumbling right in front of my eyes. The saying says... if you keep trying and trying and don't give up, one day you will succeed. I really do tried so hard, it's unbelievable just how hard I try. I'm a good person a great mother, I care and love my children so much. I have the courage to truthfully assess the goodness of our lives. I am doing all I can to make them most complete, to give me and my little son's a better life, that's what keeps me going. But I'm truly exhausted.

I am even to scared to answer my door, phone and open my morning mail, it's always some company wanting money I just haven't got. I just want to pay my bills and live a better life for us.

Asking for financial help is my only hope I have left

I can't even sell this property now as I will make a huge loss and still owe the mortgage company a lot of money.
I desperately need help to raise £60.000 to pay my mortgage company off. And if possible help me too with my loan before 31st July 13 to stop me losing my bungalow. I know it is a lot of money I am trying so desperately to raise as quickly as possible.

Losing both I have desperately tried so hard to save over the years. I can't take much more. I feel really sad...and absolutely worried.
I work very hard but it's not enough so I can't set up a monthly payment plan with the court, to try and save my bungalow from repossession. But I don't have the money to afford to offer the high payment they want each month. My other mortgage for my home is crippling me every month of £1,776.00, and could rise at any time like it does. If I can get funding £60'000 to buy off my mortgage company, I could also try and save my precious bungalow from repossession on 31st July 13. Any financial help if you can, I would be so thankful to you.
Please help or if you know anyone who can, I would very much appreciate it.

I really thank you so much in taking the time to read my post.
Please, financial help to change my life and help me urgently financially. I have a happy sole, but it's feeling very troubled at this sad time in my life. I really do, just want to be free from this horrible financial mess I am in, and be truly happy with my two little sons. Please pray for me and my little family to get through these difficult times and everything will be ok. Please I really do need a kind philanthropists or kind people who would really like to help me financially, as the financial assistance will make an extremely huge difference and totally transform my whole life for the better for me and my two young children, so I can sort this horrible mess out.

Any financial help if you can, I would be so thankful to you.

Please help if you can or if you know anyone who can, I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you so much for any help, I really do want to say thank you so much in taking the time to read my post.
I am really sorry for asking. If you really want to change my life for the better and financially help me, then please get in touch. thank you

Yours Sincerely

Please can you kindly help me raise the funds. Thank you so much.
user avatar
Written by puppylove, 2 years ago
Hello, my mission is small and simple! I need help raising money for a puppy! Its the dream dog I have always wanted ever since my mother had one and it passed. Here is a link to my first puppy! Please help!
user avatar
Written by chadm, 2 years ago
Please help, Hi my name is Chad Minor
I am 34 and a father of three. I am on disability for a learning disability and have very limited income. I constantly struggle with bills and other household and medical finances. I’ve dream about becoming a photographer since i was very young.
I hope that one day I can own professional photography equipment so people will take me serious when I work for them. Professional photography equipment is very expensive. I would need at least $5000 to $6000 just for the basics. Having the basics would help me be able to be taken serious when i work for people who need photographers. Such as. Weddings, Yearbooks, artistic, and or whomever is in need of a photographer. I have been trying to save money for the Canon 5D Mark III kits with no success. Thank you for listening and for any help that you may be able to provide. My Email,
user avatar
Written by Caitlin2009, 2 years ago
My name is Caitlin, and me and my partner need help with money. Im in the UK currently as i just moved there a few months ago, on a fiance visa. Now we need help paying for the the other visa which is the Spouse visa so i can stay in the UK, which costs $788 which the visa people will take out of my partner's account at any time which theres nothing like that in her account. To add to that after thats paid off we need the money to get groceries for ourselves, our cats and dog, plus topping up the gas and electricty for the rest of the money. Me and my partner Denise have never spent a Valentines day together due to us being long distance before I moved to the UK to be with her, and i wanted to do it this month but dont have the money to do so. So can you all please help! my paypal is
user avatar
Written by ahmad, 2 years ago
I've heard a lot about the aid provided of you and I want to show you my situation hope you help me, I now have nearly $ 780,000 debt and I've sold my house and I need to buy a new home which cost me $ 480,000 was not promising I have anything, I hope you help me to get rid of my debts and buy house for me and my family members, wishing you all the best and thank you for your help, I'm sure you will understand the painful situation that I suffer from it and wait your help.
my email:
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Written by Pamelajs, 2 years ago
Please go to this site and read
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Written by belo2, 2 years ago
hello, i am a man of 27yrs in africa central Africa and here i am looking for financial help from those of good will to run up an independant activity that can help me earn a living. here is my email in advance., thanks and hope to have your support very soon. thanks and may God bless you.

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