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Local Millionaire Wants To Give Away Money - How To Get Free Cash From Rich and Famous People

A millionaire wants to give away money in your area, what do you do?  You go for it!  Why not?  If a rich and famous person is going to hand out free cash, you need to find out what to do to take advantage of the situation and try to win.  Rich and famous people handing out cash are doing so for various reasons.  While some might be giving away money for publicity, tax deductions, or even just out of a kind heart, the reasons don’t really matter very much.  What you need to do is figure out how you can win the cash they are handing out to people in need of assistance and catch their attention.

Make Videos

You can make a video to plead your case of the recipient of the free money giveaway with no strings attached from millionaires in your area.  When you do, you’ll have a few different tactics to consider to make them select you.

Tell Your Story:  The most basic method would be to simply tell your story to the millionaire who wants to give away money.  If you have a good, real, convincing story, you may be selected as the recipient.

Flamboyancy:  Flamboyant people catch the attention of others.  This could serve as a good way for you to get noticed and get some free cash from a rich and famous person.

Be Direct:  It’s okay to ask for help when you are in need.  Specify what you will use the free money for in the video or contact for a better chance of success.

For Groups and Organizations

If you represent a group or organization, especially those that are charitable, you might be able to use the local wealthy people to raise some funds.  You’ll often get larger sums of cash from the rich, but it will vary by person.  Listed below are some good ways to increase the chances of getting some help for your group, especially if you help out people in need of assistance.

Letters:  Probably the most tried and true method of all.  Billionaires and millionaires in any area often have their own organizations where they do charity work and donate money to others in need.  In addition, they will often make sizable monetary donations to other groups.

Blogs:  You might be able to catch the attention of philanthropists if you make a blog or website for your group.  Rich and famous people, just like anyone else, use the internet and you can use this to your advantage when you are trying to raise cash quick.  It’s a good option to keep in mind when you are trying to help people in need.

If a millionaire wants to give away money in your area, help them out with selecting you or your group with these tips.

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Written by MIMIO, 2 years ago
I am a 55 yr old married Grandmother,I and my husband of 40 years are both disabled.We were married at 15 and 16 still together,all credit given to the Lord. With much love,commitment,and patience. We have 3 wonderful children,all grown now with families of their own,our oldest son has 2 children ,boy and a girl,the 2nd boy has 3 girls,our daughter has 1 boy and 2 girls.All 8 Grandchildren range from 17 to 5.All of our children are still married to their 1st loves also. I am not very sure how to tell anyone my history or why we even need help. My husband Ron and I worked all of our lives! Having to even have the courts evaluation and permission to get married was not even the beginning.We both spent most of our childhood years taking care of ill parents.Mine had alcohol problems. But I even had to care for my grand mother at 14 due to very bad osteoperosis. From there it continued with one or another parent for 14 years. Rons mother had cancer from the time he was born! ( they thought he was a tumor) sadly he was in the uterus with a tumor the size of a grapefruit.Ron honestly grew up never hearing anything but your mother will only last 6 months. Our lives have continued just like this. We never have had a vacation,honeymoon or actually dated. We were young foolish teens giving each other what affection we thought we needed,never realizing the responsibility we we developing for ourselves! To top all of this we we teens in the early 70's late 60's .Wrong time! Sex drugs and rock n roll! I was opposite of my hubby! I went from 15 to 28 overnight,having 3 older brothers I felt the only way I would have the man I new was inside of Ron, was to let him grow up, somewhat like a normal boy with normal feelings.Forgetting I had the same feelings too! I can honestly say he is my one and only! I am very proud of that,each time I look at him I love him even more.Well we have never had a new car,when my mother passed,she had been widowed for 30 years. My father couldn,t get life insurance due to a heart attack in his early 40,s ,he died at 55.When I could no longer keep up our house,my mom's house ( who my grandma lived with too ) ,care for Ron,s mother as much as I could to help his family,and work 35 to 45 hrs a week.Well we moved in with my mom where I grew up .Upon my mothers passing her bills (health medications,normal living,and the house payment Ron made!) Ron was even the one who sat with her to stop drinking,Mom trusted him so much he could help me bathe,and cook for her. Anyway I was allowed to sign for her and being uneducated to many things ( but I did graduate with my class).My moms debts left us in bankrupcy! So now when we had each other we had nothing still.Our whole life has been a trial of strength! Now Both of us are disabled! Poor Praying to hang on to the home I grew up in unable to repair it at all,and needing normal living updates,pillows matresses,clothes ,doors,finishing rooms,cleaning carpet.Life.We haven't even been able to sleep together for 4 years! Ron has a very bad back amongst many other injuries.He worked construction,as a heavy equipment operator for 30 years. Very very good I must add if I may! I can remember 16 years he was laid off Christmas Eve until March or May .We couldn,t even explain to our kids,and God Bless them they didn,t ask. Last year Dec.12 20012 I faced death with a grand mall seizure,heart failure,dueto a bp of 237/136,and 5 brain bleeds,leaving minimal damage on my left side. Ron now has carpal tunnel on both hands very severe,he has damaged rotator cuffs on both shoulders,7 bad discs in his spine ,and also has degenerative spine disease.I am not asking for money! Although some back up would be a miracle. I would love my home re done. Nothing elaborate! I grew up in a beautiful HOME.(not a house).But the hardest thing is to ask for help when the is nothing we don't need! We tried for the home affordability plan and we now pay 200 more a month.On paper we have a decent income. But still trying to pay off and insurance being over 1/2 of our income,is very tough to live.To backtrack for a minute what made it really bad is one of the creditors,when my mom left such debt new where we lived and wanted our home appraised,this didn't leave us in bankrupcy for even 24 hrs we paid every one we could,forced to re fi by the court.It maxed us out for as long as we will be hear! But I love it and now we are not in the health to move. I would love to just be comfortable for what time I have left! WE worked so hard and most of it to help others. I don't want to be selfish , But where could I ask for help. * Grandchildren and I couldnt even give them a gift for the last 4 years,let alone my own children or my so deserving husband. Please will someone advise me. As much as my mouth just ran I only opend a few private doors of our life! You know, We are STILL SO BLESSED. But we do need help! Will anyone help,or where can I turn? Mimi
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Written by SamuelLee, 3 years ago
Really? So this is how to ask rich people for money. I might do that. Hmmmmmmmm. Time for me to think about writing letters.

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