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Jerry Hicks Died But Guess What? He's Back!


Jerry Hicks died, but in a stunning reversal, Esther Hicks returned him to life. Sort of. Just as she used his critical illness as a marketing tool, she is done again with his death, publicly adding him to the list of “nonphysical entities” she claims send her "blacks of thought."

Jerry Hicks Brought Back To Life

It took Esther Hicks less than a week, after becoming a widow, to reschedule a canceled workshop and get back on stage. Although she never explained the cancellation of strings of workshops and webcasts, indications were that she accompanied Jerry, her longtime partner and marketing guru, on a search for alternative treatments for his leukemia, after the teachings of Abraham conventional chemotherapy failed.Esther Jerry and Abraham Hicks

As previously noted, they seemed to try everything but the simple, easy cures they’d been pitching to everyone else for decades.

(See more about this in Jerry and Esther Hicks' Spiritual Money Tree, in print and on kindle.)

Abraham Hicks skeptic, Kyra, suggested that, whatever the result of Jerry Hicks’ Illness, Esther and her team would make it “adorable.” I wrote that I expected her to use his death for marketing, as she had during his illness. Both things happened.

Photo credit for "Esther, Jerry and Abraham Hicks" Rational Wiki.

See: A History of Esther and Jerry Hicks

Jerry Hicks Sings Backup For Abraham

Using her husband’s final illness as a marketing pivot, starting email blasts with cheery updates and, then, rolling them into pitches for workshop and product sales, Esther Hicks went with the flow. When “heavy chemotherapy” was unsuccessful and a chorus of doubt rose, demanding that she explain why Jerry had not followed practices she (posing as Abraham) recommended for decades and instead went with the conventional medicine she denigrated, she went silent.

Then, something hard to believe happened. She brought Jerry out, just weeks before his death, and posed him with a clan of happy-face family members on a balloon ride. Gimmicks masked how really ill he was. But here’s what stunned: She commented on how crowded the ride was, using that to jump into how there was a lot more room available for her next workshop. (Which she ended up canceling.) She then thoughtfully supplied registration links and telephone numbers.

(The latest: Esther Hicks Crashes With Abraham Hicks.)

While Jerry Hicks was, by all accounts, a decent man with as many faults and virtues as anyone else, his death presented a dilemma. Unable to provide a rational explanation about why his illness seemed to contradict her teachings, Esther Hicks chose to ignore the topic.

Instead, she sent out a brave, but grieving widow message – in an email blast, more "all about me and my pain" than obituary, in which she hinted at Jerry’s return. She’d already taken action to get the workshops back on the road, starting in less than a month.

First up, in a brilliant performance, she channeled him. Sort of.

Jerry Hicks Dead And Alive In Person

Kicking off her first workshop as a widow, Esther Hicks, performing as Abraham, announced early on that Jerry would be appearing. While this was deft marketing that should keep followers in thrall for years ahead, what followed was weird on a couple of counts.

The first weirdness is simply that she’d claim to channel Jerry Hicks, only weeks after his death, and have his contribution restricted to a funny comment, here and there (adorably), noting, “That was Jerry.”

If that doesn’t seem weird to you, you’ve been hanging around Esther Hicks too long.

The second weirdness is that Esther trusted the ongoing gullibility of her followers to, again, baldly contradict something she’d built her reputation on. For decades, Esther claimed that she received “blocks of thought” that she interpreted. (Abraham selected her because of her innocent lack of convictions, according to her.) The blocks now became Jerry's clever quips.

Abraham was never a single individual, but an aggregation of approximately one-hundred entities, including Jesus, whose joint wisdom emerged as those “blocks of thought.” There was never an individual voice. Even Jesus didn’t get to speak independently.

And here we had (and undoubtedly will have) Jerry Hicks cracking wise.

A member of Esther Hicks flock of followers referred to this performance as “awesome” in an online forum. Of course, resurrecting a dead loved one would be, wouldn’t it? Now, she’s faced with keeping him going.

Jerry Hicks’ next appearance is not predictable, since no future workshops are on the schedule and months are needed make all the arrangements. My guess is that pricey online workshops will appear on the calendar, saving Esther the rigors of travel and the risk of exposure to disillusioned followers. Stay tuned.

(For those who stayed tuned, I was wrong. She resumed weekly workshops along with Abraham Live over the net.)

Now, nine months later, she continues to give Jerry life after death in her workshops. She even gives him equal billing with Abraham in her email blasts. No word on whether or not Jesus feels slighted so far.

David Stone

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user avatar
Written by Marcelo, 2 years ago
David Stone,
Thanks for the very helpful eye-opening... Unfortunately susceptible and gullible people will always find scammers trying and getting benefit out of other's sufferings.

I scarcely browsed (because I was REALLY TRYING TO UNDERSTAND) for an official statement on why Mr. Jerry Hicks ATTRACTED his own leukemia and theres NO explanation whatsoever, besides that "he was also human".

And also, why was he using conventional modern medicine instead of changing his vibrational energy to be easily cured? Wasn't he supposed to be the BEST IN THE WORLD to change his vibrations?

I am deeply, deeply disillusioned by this.

Thanks for the article.
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 2 years ago
Fortunately, Marcelo, there are good alternatives - Deepak Chopra, Sheila Gillette, Eckhardt Tolle, etc. Spiritual guidance is there, if you want it. Teachers always helps. But Esther Hicks is certainly not the only game in town.

Thanks for your comment.
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 2 years ago
Juanvizo – am I to take this to mean to you disagree or that you prefer to pretend this article is about me and not Abraham-Hicks?
user avatar
Written by Juanvizo, 2 years ago
You are a total idiot !

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