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Icy Lighthouse on the St. Joseph River

The icy lighthouse on the St. Joseph River, in St Joseph Michigan, is worth a road trip. This year the water, the wind, and the cold winter weather has created beautiful icy structures to view. On the southern pier is a light covered in ice that gives off an angelic illusion. On the northern pier, the icy covered lighthouse is simply beautiful too. However, since the weather, the winds and weather determine the way the ice is formed 2013 may prove to be the most beautiful icy season yet.Icy lighthouse on the St. Joseph River  If you are a summer person, you may prefer to visit the sandy beach of St. Joseph River, as many do. On the way to Tiscornia Park, you will pass many beautiful mansions that overlook the water. However, the view the lighthouse takes totally covered in ice; has people traveling for miles around to see it.

According to Wikipedia, “St. Joseph is a city in the US state of Michigan. It was incorporated as a village in 1834 and as a city in 1891.As of the 2010 census, the city population was 8,365. It lies on the shore of Lake Michigan, at the mouth of the St. Joseph River, about 60 miles (97 km) east-northeast of Chicago. It is the county seat of Berrien County. It is home of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. St. Joseph and Benton Harbor are locally known as the "Twin Cities"”.

The winds that create the waves on the St Joseph River in the summer are the same winds that rock in the winter months. The slashing waves come and go and with the cold temperature, some of the water freezes along the way creating an awesome display.  Dress warm and grab your camera, the has provided us with great directions to the icy lighthouse on the St. Joseph River. “Near Benton Harbor on Interstate 94, take either I-94 Business Route into St. Joseph. From downtown St. Joseph, take Highway 63 over the St. Joseph River. After crossing the river, turn left on Klock Road, which will become Upton Drive. Turn right onto Marina Drive and then left on Ridgeway Drive which will lead to Tiscornia Park, where you can park and walk to the St. Joseph Lighthouses on the pier.” Whether you visit the lighthouse on the St Joseph River, in the spring, summer, fall or winter is up to you, however in the words of Melissa Clark of Maci Rae Photography, “it is well worth the drive.”

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