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How to Receive Money from Millionaires

From time to time we all experience financial hardship, it’s how we overcome our problems that really defines us in life. I love writing about philanthropy and I get asked many times how to receive money from millionaires, the truth is it’s very rare that a rich millionaires or billionaire will give an individual donation straight to your bank account; instead help might be available from a charitable foundation that is run by the millionaire or billionaire. There are some steps involved before you can get free money from millionaires and depending on whether you fit the eligibility criteria you just might get the assistance whether it’s financial or non-financial to get your life back on track.

Get Free Money from Millionaires and Billionaires

Getting free money from rich people is not simple, you must have a genuine need and prove that you’ve got nowhere else to turn to. If you've got no assets, no savings and no income and you’re not eligible for any help through public assistance programs like unemployment benefits, rental assistance or food stamps then you just might be able to turn to these charitable foundations for help.

You also need to demonstrate that you have a genuine need, like so many things in life many of us believe that we’re entitled for a free ride and as such request money when we don’t really need to, it goes without saying that you should only contact these millionaires who want to give away money if you’ve got nowhere else to turn to. A legitimate need would include but not be limited to unpaid medical bills, urgent medical treatment, education fees, scholarships, financial despair, homelessness, and poverty as well as disaster recovery.

How to Ask Rich People for Money

If you’re convinced you have a real need then you need to start your research into finding millionaires that want to help your cause. There are many rich wealthy individuals who support different causes, for example the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the George Lucas Edutopia Foundation can offer you help with education fees while the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation can help you if you’re experiencing financial despair.

Your task is to find the charitable foundations run by millionaires that support your cause. The best places to research about these rich people are (1) The GivingPledge.Org, (2) Top 50 American Philanthropists by Business Week, and (3) Forbes 400 Philanthropists List. Of the three lists the one that stand out for me is the GivingPledge.Org which lists nearly 100 billionaires who are giving away more than half of their wealth away to help people in need. If you can take the time to read the profiles of the millionaires and billionaires and really grasp the areas they offer assistance to and then contact at least ten charitable organizations that they support you might just be lucky enough to get help.

Millionaires That Want to Give Away Money

Once you’ve formed a shortlist of the millionaires that give away money specific to your cause you can start contact the non profit organization one by one. You need to check the foundation website and looks for any programs that might help you and then make a note of the contact details which will come in handy when you’re sending your hardship letter. In my opinion it’s important to have a hardship letter which you can send to these non profit organizations asking for help or advice. The hardship letter should be a reflection of your circumstances and your desire to improve the quality and standard of your life. The hardship letter should contain your present circumstances and your hardship; you should explain how you got into trouble and how you intend to get yourself out, you should finish the letter by describing how any assistance would help you so much.

Names of Millionaires Giving Money Away

Here are the names and contact details of millionaires who are looking to give away money, you should be aware that there is no guarantee that you’ll actually get help and these requests can take nearly eight weeks to process. What’s most important is that you’re patient and you keep contacting as many non profit organizations asking them for help.

Alice Cooper Solid Rock Foundation (Scholarships)

4250 E Camelback Road. Ste. K-260

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Telephone: (602) 552-9200

Email: Joy(at)

How Receive Money From Millionaires

The Larry Ellison Medical Foundation

299 Broadway, Suite 920

New York, NY 10007-1903

Telephone: (212) 577-9255

How to Receive Money From Billionaires

The Rockefeller Foundation

420 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10018

Telephone: (212) 869-8500

How to Receive Money From Rich People

Alternative Financial Assistance for Needy People

If you’re not finding success asking millionaires for help then you should look for other ways to improve your circumstances. The first option that you should revisit is checking whether you’re eligible for assistance from the Government, if you’re really experiencing financial despair then they should be able to help you with homelessness and hunger. If you need regular income coming in then you should really focus all your attention on getting a job, if you spend every moment thinking about how to achieve this you’ll probably find a job sooner than you anticipated.

Knowing how to receive money from millionaires is just one part of the puzzle, it takes a lot of research hard work and organization to follow through when you’re asking these charitable organizations for help. The most crucial part asking these rich people for money is having a legitimate need and then matching them with the charitable foundation that supports that need, if you can do this you have a good chance of getting the help you need for a better quality of life.

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Written by tprine07, 2 years ago
I am glad that their are people willing to help out people like me an my son. I am 49 yrs old an disabled due to a fall at work. I have 3 children but only one that lives with me he is only in the 10th grade so I have a while with him. I have always worked 2 to 3 jobs at a time to make sure my kids not had only what they need but wanted to. We know have been just cut down to my Social Security checks an I still come up $400.00 short every month. I have had 11 surgeries on my hands an I have 3 herniated disc in my neck. So I have tried to go back to work but no one will hire me because I am a liability to their company an I have a lot of restrictions. I have to wear braces on my hands 24/7. The bottom row of bones were removed and now they don't bend. I need help so I don't lose my house, or the things I have in pawn. Or they are in a collateral loan. My son drives my equinox an they call him soccer mom, I wish I could get him a truck like his friends I fell for him being made fun of an his friends bragging about their trucks. I have become a hermit due to the depression that this has put me in. I have always been proud of working an getting things that my kids wanted but kody doesn't get to see that side of me. When I got my settlement I paid off everything I had an put $22,000.00 down on this house. I helped my folks with their medical bills, my dad several years ago had esphogial cance they removed 25% of his stomach an 80% of his esphogial, now my mother has alzthiemzers an my dad an oldest daughter are taking care of her. So I don't have the money that it takes to pay everything I get $1410.00 a month an my house note is $750.00. So if their is someone that can help I would be so greatful . My name is Tammy Prine an my son id Kody Olah we live at 60 Macedonia Woods Drive, Newnan, Ga 30263. My number is 404-723-3179. I have always been the one people asked for help an now it's me asking for help an I feel really bad about it. Thank You so much for reading this.

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