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How to Make an Old-Fashion Christmas Gumdrop Tree or Depression Christmas Gumdrop Tree

My grandmother and great-grand mother use to make an old-fashion Christmas Gumdrop Tree each year. Some people may call them a Depression Christmas Gumdrop Tree. They made these as table decorations. Most often the children did not bother the gumdrops on the trees until Grandma said it was alright to do so. You may be interested in making an old fashion Christmas gumdrop tree. Here you will find the directions on how to make a Christmas gumdrop tree just like in the old days. This is one Christmas time project that truly is a Depression Christmas craft.


imageGum Drops - 5 lb. bag



Supplies you will need:

- An empty coffee can or other decorative container

If you are using a coffee can, you can use construction paper and tape to cover the outside. You may wish to paint the can before using it or you may want to cover it with a nice Christmas print material. Depending upon how you wish to cover a coffee can you may also need:

- Construction Paper

- Scotch Tape

- Scissors

Using scissors you can cut the construction paper to fit around the can and use the scotch tape to secure it.

- Paint

- Paint Brushes

When you are painting something you are only limited by your creativity. Take the time to plan out your Christmas theme and then paint your cans accordingly or you may wish to simply paint the cans a solid yet festive color. You may wish to add motifs such as Santa, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes or any other motif that fits into your Christmas decorating theme.

- Colorful solid or Christmas print material

- Needle

- Thread

- Staples

- Stapler

- Stick Pins

While covering your can with a colorful solid or Christmas print material you may wish to simply use stick pins to secure the material or you may wish to use a needle and thread and sew the covering over the can. A fast and easy way may also be that of using a stapler and staples to secure the material in place.


imageRaspberry & Blackberry Gumdrops: 10LB Case from



- Rocks, Gravel or Decorative Glass Craft Rocks

You will need something to use inside the can you have decorated for holding your gumdrop tree. You may choose to use river rocks, gravel or various colors of decorative glass craft rocks. You can find glass craft rocks by visiting your local craft department or even the nearest Dollar Tree. You will place the rocks inside the can to provide weight as well as for propping the gumdrop tree inside the covered coffee can or decorative container you have chosen to use.

- Tree Branch

You should be able to find some type of tree branch that has lost its leaves during the winter. You want to choose a branch that is about a foot long and has a lot of twigs extending from the branch. This should be easy enough to find outside; however, you can also search for such a branch by visiting the craft store or perhaps a florist or maybe places like Pier 1. If you are using a real tree branch you may want to wipe it down with a clean dry cloth or you may even want to lightly sand the wood or even peel away the bark from the branch before using it


imageAssorted Gummy Twist Drops: 5LB Bag from



.- Gumdrops

Gumdrops are a soft yet rubbery type of candy, made of licorice I think. I know that you can find them at the store around this time of the year. Gumdrops come in bags and include various colors such as red, green, purple, yellow, white and so on. You may need more than one bag depending on the size of tree branch you plan to use as well as the amount of candy in each bag.

Directions for making an Old-Fashion Christmas Gumdrop Tree or a Depression Christmas Gumdrop Tree

Once you have your supplies assembled and gathered in one place, you will fill the can or decorative pot with the rocks, gravel or decorative glass rocks. Insert your branch before filling the can completely and use the rocks to prop the tree inside the can. Once you are content that the tree is secure you will begin placing a gumdrop on each twig extending from the branch. Continue to do so until you have filled each twig with a colorful gumdrop.You may wish to place these as table decorations or you may wish to give these Christmas crafts as gifts to others.


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