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How to Earn the Yellow Daisy Petal Friendly and Helpful

This is a really fun activity to have your young Girl Scout troop earn the yellow Daisy petal “Friendly and Helpful”.  Daisy Girl Scouts are in kindergarten and first grade, and children this age really love to help.  Leaders, use this natural affinity for helpfulness!

How to Earn the Yellow Daisy petal lesson plan for leaders

Materials Needed for the Meeting

Book to read

Helper card template made and ready to color


Crayons or markers

Small plastic bag with Daisy’s name on it

After you have done the Pledge of Allegiance, the Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Law, sit your girls down and ask them what it means to be helpful.  Then ask them how they are helpful in school, at troop meetings and at home.  You can also incorporate the “friendly” aspect of the petal by asking the girls to explain how being helpful is also being friendly towards others.

For the next part of the meeting, you can read a book.  Each has something different to offer, so choose which one you think fits best with your girls.

The first book is the Caldecott winner, No David by David Shannon.  A simple picture book with only a few words on each page, David does not listen to his mother.  He continually makes mess after mess.  After each page, you can ask the girls how David is not being helpful and how he cold have been helpful.

The second book choice is from Joy Berry’s Let’s Talk About series.  This one is about being helpful, and how Max, the central character, has to learn to help himself (a very important life lesson).  As you read the book, discuss about how Max is behaving and how his behavior could improve.

After reading one of the books, it is craft time for earning the yellow Daisy petal! 

Tell the girls that they are going to color in helper cards that you have created.  When they go around the house and help, they can leave one where the job is done.

While you can design these any way you want, I love the cheri liney font, as it creates bubble letters for the girls to color in.  You can make six or eight per page that reads  “A Daisy Was Here.”  You can use cardstock or plain white computer paper, whichever you have handy.  You may also want to prefold the paper so it is easier for the girls to cut.

Have them color in each card and decorate the borders any way they like.  Then have them cut along the folds and put into their plastic bags.

The girls will be excited to use the cards they made for earning the yellow Daisy Girl Scout petal, friendly and helpful.  Encourage them to share what they did at the next meeting!

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