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How to Ask People Who Give Money Away for Financial Assistance – Sell Your Story on Facebook Youtube & Forums to get Donations

There are a lot of people who give money away to those in need, as unlikely as this might sound. The key is just knowing how to find them and how to ask them the right way. This is because one of the biggest problems philanthropists face is finding a way to connect with individuals who they are interested in helping.

I Need Help Paying My Bills Now

Even all of the charities that give money are usually funded by companies or the extremely wealthy - leaving most rich and generous people feeling a bit lost. That's why, in this article, we explain exactly how you can find rich people online who are willing to help you whilst also explaining how to get people to give you money online. So if you have a genuine reason and need cash now or need cash for rent then check out the following methods below.

How to Meet Rich People Online

Most wealthy people don't simply put their details out there for people to contact, and with good reason. If they did such a thing they would constantly be flooded with people asking for help. What they are looking for, however, is an easy way for them to find the people that they are interested in helping.

These people usually want to make charitable donations to individuals who they feel some sort of connection to. It could be that one of their family members died from a disease that you are also afflicted with or it could be that they were once in the same position you are now in (and they want to make it easier for you because they know what it is like). Either way they need a good way to find you, and that is what we will be looking at.

People Who give Money Away are Called Philanthropist - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Contacting Wealthy People Who Give Money Away

The reason why the majority of people get turned down for financial assistance is because of the language and terminology that they use, here are some of the statements that need to be used with caution.

- I need help paying bills now.
- I need money now free and fast
- Need free help paying bills

Instead you should use terminology and language that states the problems, asks for a donation and then offers a solution as follows.

- I have lost my job, I need free help paying bills until I can find myself another job.
- Our youth center has closed down, we need free cash now to keep the center open as it's the heart of the community.

Using the right language when contacting the people who give away money will not only get you heard but also give you a far better chance of getting money from wealthy people.

Getting Your Story Out there for People to See - How to make Wealth from Your Story

The best thing you can do to attract help is to simply put your story out there. There are many places online where you can do this, here are a few of the more popular ones:

Rich People Who Give Money Away through YouTube

A video appeal is hard to ignore when it comes to the heart. YouTube also has the bonus of having the second largest amount of people searching in the world (the first being Google itself). As such, you have no shortage of potential audience.

The key is to have your video 'go viral', that is, to have it be spread around the internet, passed from person to person. In order to do this you need to make a video that is short enough to be digestible whilst still being moving enough to make people want to share it. One strategy you can employ is to have one shorter video that is the main one people will pass around.

Then you create a series of other videos asking millionaires for help and explaining your situation in more detail. Adding videos over time in the form of video journal entries is a great way to keep people coming back to your videos. Not only will this get you attention but you can also earn some long term advertising revenue through your YouTube videos.

Money Give Away No Strings Attached - Warren Buffett

People Willing to Give Money Away using Facebook

It's hard to ignore the importance of Facebook in many modern charitable efforts. If you have a Facebook account then there is a good chance that you have seen sad tales and pleas for help being passed around before. This is like the vehicle for your other strategies to travel around the web but you can also go one step further on Facebook - you can create a page or group for your story.

Fill the page with information about you and ask for donations and to share the page with their friends and family. Such pages can draw a lot of attention, and if they become big enough they can even pick up local media attention. You might even get a millionaire to give you money right now.

People Willing to Give Money Away

Money Give Away No Strings Attached via Forums and News Sites

User generated content sites like forums, 9gag and Reddit are all great ways to reach a wider and more involved audience. You have to be honest on these sites though, even willing to provide proof of your story on some of them.

This is because these sites are community regulated and posts from people asking for help need some form of verification to be taken seriously. Knowing how to make people give you money in this way can serve you well in a hard life situation.

Best Rich People Who Give Money Away For Free 2012 & 2013 - Oprah Winfrey

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