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How to Ask Ellen DeGeneres For Money 2012 - Celebrities Who Give Financial Assistance to People in Need

If you are in a tough financial situation then knowing how to ask Ellen DeGeneres for money in 2012  2013 and could help you get the assistance you need. It's not that easy to get money from millionaires and celebrities but you can have a much better chance if you know where to look, how to ask and what to say. In this article we take a look at everything you need to know on how to get money from millionaires and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres.

Ask Ellen DeGeneres for Help

You have three options to contact people that are generally unreachable. They are by phone, by email, and by letter. You are not necessarily limited to the one option either and you should try all three methods in the hopes that one gets through. Famous people who give money are prepared to hear from their fans about money problems, financial help and are even likely to provide assistance if they need free money now.

Reaching Famous People Who Donate Money

These people go through huge volumes of messages and phone calls and they simply do not have time to respond to all of them. As such, you need to give yourself every chance of being noticed in among the noise (while still being as polite as possible). To get noticed you really have to explain your problem in detail, if you need money for medical bills, free money to start a business or just need help with bills fast then provide as much proof to support your claim.

How to Ask a Millionaire for Money - How to Contact Celebrities

rich people who give money to people in need - Ellen Degeneres

How to Find Celebrity Contact Details to Get Help Straight Away

The easiest way to find each of these contact details is through the celebrity’s official website. Ellen DeGeneres has two websites you can look through, the Warner Bros one and her own private one. Ellen is also quite active on Twitter and if you have a Twitter account you can try sending her a short tweet, perhaps with a link to a larger version of your story.

Best Famous People Who Give to Charity - Ellen DeGeneres

While most celebrities are quite had to get into contact with Ellen DeGeneres is very known to help those in need and she is very active in charity work and human rights organizations, Ellen DeGeneres donates money very frequently. If you are going to ask a millionaire for money then she is a great choice. Ellen really likes to help people who are in desperate financial need, if you need help with bills fast or need money today because your unemployed then this in one of the best celebrities that gives money to people.

Rich People who Give their Money Away - Ellen DeGeneres

How to Ask Ellen DeGeneres for Money 2012 - "Help Me I Need Money Now!"

When you go to ask Ellen DeGeneres (or any celebrity) for financial assistance there are certain ways that you should and should not approach it. Simply saying "Help me I need money now!" Is typically not the best approach, neither is "I want money now!"

The best approach is the honest and polite one. Whether you are contacting them by letter, email, or phone call you should start off by politely introducing yourself. Wealthy rich philanthropists especially celebrities and actors like to be treated with respect and admiration.

Stating Your Case to Get Money From Millionaires

Then state why you are attempting to contact them (that you need help), and then tell them why. Your story should be as brief as possible but put a good dose of your feeling into it. To close off your letter, email or phone call you should tell them how they could help you whether it be with a donation, a good such as food or clothing, or simply exposure for your plight. Millionaires helping individuals will check your background and if the suspect any deception will withdraw any financial assistance they are willing to provide.

Celebrities that Give Money to People - Ellen Degeneres

I Need a Millionaire to Help Me With Their Influence

Sometimes simply having a celebrity bring attention to your plight can have the community rushing to help you instead. In the end, celebrities have powers besides just financial power; sometimes attention is just as powerful. Sometimes millionaires helping individuals with advice can make all the world of difference.

How to Get Money Donated to You an Alternative Way

As mentioned earlier it can sometimes be just as effective to have exposure as it is to get financial assistance from millionaires. If you can get some form of exposure people may start to take notice, tell their friends and the word will start to spread. 

Celebrities Who Give Money to Individuals - Ellen Degeneres

Ask Ellen DeGeneres a Question and Make the Word Spread

If word spreads enough then you may even get the attention of the media and then eventually celebrities and large charity organizations will start to take notice of your plight. This is particularly effective if you have a tale of great sadness or bravery in the face of adversity.

The best way to start off this chain of exposure is to simply start sharing your story with people. The more you can bolster these efforts by appealing to people you don't know online. Two great ways to do this are through a group or through a YouTube video. Even asking questions like how much is Ellen DeGeneres worth and how can she help me will get you noticed.

How to Get Help From Millionaires like Ellen DeGeneres

Just tell people your story, you need not even ask for help necessarily. just put your story out there and allow people to make their own decisions. Knowing how to ask Ellen DeGeneres for money is not the only skill you need to get help if you know how to get your story some exposure which might even attract other celebrities who give money to charity.

Celebrities Giving Away Money for Free - Ask Ellen For Help

Other Rich People Who Give Money Away

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user avatar
Written by koro_smith, 1 day ago
Dear Miss Ellen

Greetings to you in the name of our risen Lord, I hope this mail will find you and your family in good health.

My name is Smith Wuwut from Vanuatu in the South West Pacific where cyclones PAM category 5 strike in March 13 this year. I was brought up in a single parent family and managed to live through many hardship and challenges. Unfortunately I partially complete my senior high school due to family issue which led to financial constrain.
Despite of the hardship the burning desire of becoming an Airline pilot was always in my heart since childhood. It’s almost 20 years praying and seeking for help in hope to find funding my pilot training.

In May 4th 2015 I receive an acceptance letter from Phoenix East Aviation (USA) and they have registered me for Basic with multi-engine course and the instructor course. Under this course I will be train through an approved Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 141 Program. Upon completing of this program I will have my private pilot licence, instrument rating, commercial licence, multi-engine rating, and the three instructors rating (CFI, CFII, and MEI), which would allow me to work as a commercial pilot.
I am schedule to commence training in March 2016. The total program takes about 14 months on average to finis, so my expected date of completion will be May 2017.

This is the cost breakdown
School fee 95000 USD (Basic with multi-engine course and the instructor course)
Living expenses 14000 USD (For 14 Months)
Additional Cost 1324 USD
Total up to 110,324 USD

I have all the documents that justifies the above cost break down as well as the copy of the acceptance letter and I am willing to provide to you at your request

With due respect and with all my modesty, Miss Ellen am kindly asking if you could help fund my training. The training will not only benefit me but my Family, Community, Island and Vanuatu as a whole. My email address is

I swear that all information provided a genuine

Thank you for your understanding on this matter and am waiting patiently to hear from you.

Yours Faithfully

Smith Wuwut Koro (From Vanuatu)
user avatar
Written by elder1026, 1 month ago
hello Mrs. Ellen you are a person of good heart.
Mrs. Ellen need help I have three children.
end of each month begins my concern;.
because I can not afford the money to pay the rent
food for my children home bills
It is hard for me.
god bless you
for being an amazing person with a big heart
user avatar
Written by elder1026, 1 month ago
Hello friends I am a very poor person
I am going-through a very complicated cituacion
I have three children I am very indebted
my biggest dream is to help my family that's too bad
health my big dream is to someday have a good car but life is short
I hope fully someday my dream come true
need help please
thanks brotherS
any help is welcome
god bless you for having a good heart
god bless you now and forever
user avatar
Written by AmberSluiter, 7 months ago
I could definitely stand some extra money at the moment to get a more appropriate car. Maybe I should drop her a line.
user avatar
Written by myqute, 9 months ago
I am sure Ellen is quite selective on who she helps but whoever she helps is blessed! I may take this offer to ask her for help on future, help the innocent dogs and cats used for meat trade but money is not the way to free those animals, the world need willing volunteers with the resources to take them in as pets and protect them.

The other group of people I wish to help are African and some Indian orphans who have no money for education. Although i am quite disgusted with some of the Indian rapists in that country, I am sure they are being stemmed from harming more females.

And lastly to help reform our country's junk and processed foods lifestyles so that the next generation of old folks do not need help to move around etc because they are healthier. Help to the homeless are also important.

I wonder if Ellen supports the legalization of medical marijuana. Needless to say, she has been my idol for some years now and I will always love her!
user avatar
Written by fredrickmenon, 11 months ago
sir this is fredrick menon from india hyderabad. sir i am thinking to commit suicide because of my financial status . sir i am married and having a baby girl of of 23 months old .and my wife is still studying we got love marriage 4years back but from my family or from my in laws family i dont have any support from them. i have not studied higher studies because of my family condition .thats why i am helping my wife to study more higher studies. but i am not able to give them what they need and facing so much financial problems in my family because of that i have made so many debts . i ask thee to have a kind heart towards me and help me. i am not able to live in this world thats why i am thinking to commit suicide with my family so plase reply me as soon as possible that you will help me in my condition or not. this year i have to join my daughter in school and pay the fees for my wife . this week so please let me know whether you will help or not. i dont have home and living in a rented home i am not able to pay that also . let me know whether i can live or not my contact number is 9140-9700058583. i even dont have computer in my home i came to cafee and sending this mail to can contact me through my personal email
user avatar
Written by fredrickmenon, 11 months ago
sir this is fredrick menon from india hyderabad. sir i am thinking to commit suicide because of my financial status . sir i am married and having a baby girl of of 23 months old .and my wife is still studying we got love marriage 4years back but from my family or from my in laws family i dont have any support from them. i have not studied higher studies because of my family condition .thats why i am helping my wife to study more higher studies. but i am not able to give them what they need and facing so much financial problems in my family because of that i have made so many debts . i ask thee to have a kind heart towards me and help me. i am not able to live in this world thats why i am thinking to commit suicide with my family so plase reply me as soon as possible that you will help me in my condition or not. this year i have to join my daughter in school and pay the fees for my wife . this week so please let me know whether you will help or not. i dont have home and living in a rented home i am not able to pay that also . let me know whether i can live or not my contact number is 9140-9700058583. i even dont have computer in my home i came to cafee and sending this mail to can contact me through my personal email
user avatar
Written by oracle, 1 year ago
I like this, but email address are better. I am going to seriously consider this.
user avatar
Written by shalom-spillz, 1 year ago
Dear millionaires,my name is shalom egbe-iyon.Am 14 years old,april21st 2000.Am from nigeria.We are four in our family.three boys and a girl.our mother is sick and we were asked to denote 500thousand naira,but we don't have a ingle KOBO.with all due respect I kindly ask for your hands in help.please help me so that God may help me @ or my phone number wich is 08178231581
user avatar
Written by raksa_sokpha, 1 year ago
Dear Sir and Madam,
Good afternoon Millionar,
i am humbly with respect to your honor
you are great person you had done great things on this earth,
i am so admire you for your kindness and compassionate to help for less privilege people,

Dear Ellen, My name is Raksa Sokpha i am 30 years old live with my family and a kid.
i have not home just live in rent room i am looking for your help to back up my family again to have home and setup shop selling product and i will do help for the next less privilege people so that we have life with hope and smile together because of your compassionate kindness you had done,

There are many less privilege people in my country:
Oldest people
Sick People
the Oldest people the government look over.
i need your help:
Twenty five thousand =25000$ For backing up my family
Twenty five thousand =25000$ to help people in needed.
i will report for you all expense if you can help for this donation wish.

May God bless you to have wealthy Healthy, Happy, Lucky and love.
i love you millionar you are the the great people send by God,
With best Regards,
Raksa sokpha
user avatar
Written by brighterday, 1 year ago
Hello I am needing some Financial help. I am a father of five and a husband. My wife is currently in school. We currently live in a three bedroom with 7 People. I have been making progress in steps towards a better future for my family and I. I don't live above my means. I have fallen behind on a few bills and have a medical bill from when I was rushed to the hospital. A little Financial help would put me in an ok position to pay off debt and be able to set up. For a better future. This is at most about 5000.00. This will get us freed from debt and on our way out of a three bedroom apartment.

Please respond
user avatar
Written by skillcode, 1 year ago
I can't believe how many people are asking for financial help in this article...crazy! I'm sure Ellen would love to help you if she could...She is an amazing person and great inspiration to many!
user avatar
Written by Thardin81, 1 year ago
Hello we are having a rough time we have a almost 2 year old daughter and a month old daughter there both allergic to milk but the baby needs formula that is very tough to get and is very expensive we just can't get it and not only that I lost my job a month ago we're having a time just getting diapers were behind on rent and need money for diaper creme and we lost our car so we have no transportation and that really hurt us now I can't get a job because I live to far to even walk to a job that is hiring we really need help we couldn't even buy Christmas for them we have had it rough for 3 years now we lost our first baby girl in 2010 she had trisomy 18 and didn't pull through my wife carried almost to full term and we had to bury her next to her mother which died of breast cancer so life has been a struggle as we don't even have a head stone for her please if anyone can help with anything email me at we have tried everything but haven't gotten anywhere please pray for us as well god bless you
user avatar
Written by Hollis, 1 year ago
I just came across this website so I figured it couldn't hurt to post here. I see that some people have very deep situations, and it is very sad. I wish we all could have enough money to be in the place we need to be. I am a teacher who left my job to stay at home and raise two kids, only to discover that my partner is abusive (very) and I desperately want to leave and make a new life for us. I don't have any money to do that so we sit under his reign and everyday I fantasize about what our lives could be like if we had enough money to leave and start fresh. I wish so bad that someone out there could help................Hollis
user avatar
Written by shiree, 1 year ago
Hi I am a single mother of one child (girl) seeking assistance. I don't seek much to make a start in life. My plan is if given money I can clear my loan off. Start a business which i intend to use as a profitable tool to form a charity group. The thing is I would like to help others and if I open my own business and start to make profit I can use money out of the profit to finance the needs of others and still stabilize my life and that of my daughter who father left me at 2 months pregnant. I am strong and very determined to be successful in my dreams and goals. I believe their are good people in the world hence my plea to you. If i have convinced you partially, hearing my whole story will fully make you want to assist me my story isn't the worst but i always say why i am strong is there is someone laying in ICU and they don't know if they will make it out but i was given life and I want to make use of it help my self, help others and be a role model to my two year old daughter. If you would like to chat with me email me a

thank you so much
user avatar
Written by olukoya75, 1 year ago

I am opportuned to find this site based on my search to contact and get people who are interested in helping people in need.I noticed that there are people who really want to help others in need,then i find it important to contact you.

My name is Olukoya Francis Olunuga,i am in need of your financial assistance,to solve my financial problems.

Help me with $10,000 to solve this for the glory of God.

My bank account detail are :



ACCOUNT NUMBER:421500140786



My Mobile number is :+22674444741

Thanks and God bless you all.May the Holy Spirit of God pray for you all and everything concerning you.Amen Amen Amen
user avatar
Written by amoussou, 1 year ago
Hi Miss Ellen. I'm Armand Amoussou, now in Nigeria West Africa, a nationality of Benin republic; I know you are a god sent person to humanity, my main objective of browsing is to seek assistance from you, right from my en fancy I've being suffering, my parent couldn't afford to see me through at list even my basic education, due to that I dropped out at primary 6, and learned domestic cooking, to enable me help my kid brothers and sisters, things are not really moving well for me, that is why I’m asking you for your financial support, I beg of you poverty is killing me, and I cannot stop sending you email till you reply me, I know you have being a great helped to many people around the world, please help me am dealing you are my only hope please, if there is any way you can help me, let me know please. You can contact me on my e-mail address. Or call my mobile +2347037216278. Please help me, anything you can do for me. Thanks and god blesses you...
user avatar
Written by Natsuko92, 1 year ago
Author- Thank you for sharing the above valuable information.

People writing comments- People for God's loving sake, stop posting your e-mail address here. This writer is proving you with valuable information on "how to contact or write a letter to a Philanthropists;" don't write your stories here, he/she can't help you, nor this Philanthropist will read and reply to you here.

Also, please be aware of those offering Loans, etc... These are big time scams. What is the big deal when sharing your personal e-mail? Well, these people who like scamming innocent and ignorant people get a commission everything for a new e-mail, etc... And you will start receiving a bunch of spams/scams in your e-mail priority inbox.

If you're really in need and your need is genuine write yourself a nice brief letter, and e-mail to their corresponding foundation, and you can also mail it to their post address. Remember to always attach "your supporting documents." In your letter explain: 1. Why have you decided to contact "them"- about their philonthropy projects that you are aware of. 2. Your current situation. 3. Your Need- what are you trying to achieve? 4. How will their assistance solve your current circumstance. 5. What can you offer in return to them or your community.

Once again, please be careful with your personal information.
user avatar
Written by helpme, 1 year ago
Hello, I am 15 years old I am homeschooled but I would love to go back to public school. I have fallen way behind but I do not have school clothes or supplies I need help my dad is disabeled, I have tried to get a job but no one hires at 15. I don't know what else to do or who to turn to. If anyone could PLEASE help me please. My brother had some issues with the last school now he wants to go back also, but we both need clothes and supplies. please help.!
user avatar
Written by toshort, 1 year ago
came across this website hoping to seek help, I am a NJ business women that got hurt delivery flowers on Valentine's Day the person house that I delivered to steps needed to be repaired, I walked up the stairs and damage my ankle and knee. So I was not able to work to pay the bills my landlord at my flower shop has change the lock and is ready to put me out. I really do need help yesterday I have been praying and I know that my time is not the lord times but I hope that he hurry because I wont have a shop after 9/18/2013 please please please help
user avatar
Written by putra, 1 year ago
Dear Mr / Ms,

Previous, I apologize for this my email,

I have some debt at several banks and financial institutions with total about USD 250,000, and I have no ability to pay anymore.
It gives badly impact in economic and for my son and daughter to continue their study.
By this email, I beg your help to solve my problem, and especially for my son and my daughter study for their future.
I will try to do something new in my life after passing this difficult situation.

My email:

user avatar
Written by Geog, 1 year ago
Hie, My name is George Mwagomba from a country called Malawi in Africa. Am a married man with a child. Am asking for financial assistance. Am facing financial challenge due to unemployment and poverty. Its very difficult for me to support my family in this kind of situation. Looking forward to your response. Here are my contact details. email or call: 00265884271057 Thank you.
user avatar
Written by Raka20, 2 years ago
what is the email address of Ellen DeGeneres, i really need help from her in my financial problem
user avatar
Written by rodelyn30, 2 years ago
hi there
user avatar
Written by WandaRMB, 2 years ago
I don't know who or where to turn to for help. What is happening to my boyfriend and I right now is the kind of thing you see in a movie or read in a book. About six weeks ago, he went to Malaysia to purchase some materials for a job he was working on. He is a building contractor. A week into his trip, he purchased his materials and shipped them off to Louisiana. Before he knew it, his bank decided to freeze his assets in his bank account. The are sure that, because his is in a foreign country, and so much money was spent without their knowledge, that there must be some sort of fraud. When he contacted them, they told him that he needed to come home to settle the matter. Easier said than done. He had hotel bills to settle. Since he could not pay the hotel, they took his passport. I live from paycheck to paycheck, and did my best to get funds together, taking out short term loans, knowing that he would be home in a few days to take care of them. I wired him the money, but it was a Saturday, and the day of his flight. There weren't any moneygram locations that would accommodate the funds from the wire for over $500 on a weekend. He missed his flight, and couldn't get another booked for another week. We were back to square one... only this time, I can't seem to get anymore loans, and now I can't get my own bills paid. He is stuck there, and I don't know how to get him home. After over a month of this, going round and round to find a solution, I just don't know what to do. Every day he is there, he owes more money. Please, can anybody help? He would be able to pay you back when he comes home to settle things with his bank. Please help this nightmare go away....


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