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How to Ask Ellen DeGeneres for Help

Many people wonder how to ask Ellen DeGeneres for help. This article provides a few ways how to get a hold of Ellen DeGeneres. But before you write to Ellen for help, think about how you would like to tell the story. Because many people write to Ellen, you need to have a great story to tell, or at least a mediocre story that's extremely well-told get through. This article covers both how you can send a message to Ellen and how to tell your personal story.

Send a Message to Ellen - How to Contact Ellen DeGeneres

There are many different contact forms on the show's website. Select one depending on your circumstances.

Nominate a Person in Need

If you know a person that's in need and that person well deserves the help - don't hesitate. Write a few words about you, how you've met the person and tell the story. If it's a dramatic story, tell it that way. This contact form can be found on the mentioned site under the "Nominate a person in need" name.

Tell Your Own Story

Maybe it's your story the that people should hear about. If you think it's a very special one, and it's not only special for you, but for other people too, write to Ellen DeGeneres for help. The contact for people who want to share their personal stories and ask for help can be found under the "Tell your own story" name.

Other Options

If you're unsure which option fits your circumstances best, you can always send a message using main contact form which can be found here or you can simply visit the site for Ellen DeGeneres show.

Mailing address for Ellen DeGeneres

If you're a little old fashioned or for some reason you would like to contact Ellen by sending a mail, here's the contact info you need:

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Show
PO Box 7788
Burbank, CA 91522
ATTN: Fan Mail

   Ellen DeGeneres   

Credit: Tulane Public Relations

Tell The Story

I suggest that you shouldn't just sit down, write a few sentences, send it using one of the mentioned contact forms and hope for the best. As I've mentioned earlier, there are probably thousands of people that would like to get help from Ellen DeGeneres. If you really want to have at least chance that Ellen will read your story and consider it, it should be a well written, really moving one. There are probably a few people that read those stories and if the story seems to be good enough, it's handed on to Ellen, so she can decide whether she would like to cover it in her show, or not.

Because of that I suggest that you should start by writing the first draft. After a day or two you should review it, add some pieces of information that you've forgotten about and maybe delete some of the unimportant parts. You should repeat this process (you don't necessarily need to wait a day before reviewing) at least a few times, ideally to the point where you don't think you can make the written story any better. That's when it's ready to be sent to Ellen. I don't believe that length of the text sent by you matters and five long paragraphs aren't any better than two short ones ones.


I hope that after reading this article you know how to ask Ellen DeGeneres for help. Now the only thing you need to do is to write your story, send it and hope it'll catch Ellen's attention. Good luck!

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