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How Jerry Hicks' Cancer Emerged As An All New Abraham Hicks Scam

Jerry Hicks' Cancer

Chemotherapy, a Fire Ant Bite, and What Abraham Hicks Wants to Hide

On May 7th, Abraham-Hicks followers got an unprecedented email alert. A planned Abraham LIVE event for that day was being canceled. Jerry Hicks was sick. His illness, which they implied was caused by a fire ant bite, required his immediately taking time off for recovery.

Efforts to re-spin the story and acrobatic maneuvers to evade an admission of Jerry Hicks' cancer, treated with "heavy chemotherapy," gave us yet another Abraham-Hicks scam, this one, however, more bumbling than anything before.

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The unfolding of efforts to avoid exposure are probably best told in a simple timeline.

Let's start, though, by noting that Esther Hicks, posing as Abraham, teaches that we get in life whatever we are a "vibrational match" for and that we create our realities by paying attention to and controlling our "vibrations." We have, she says, a "vibrational countenance" we present to "the universe," a sort of asking, and the universe answers precisely.

"No exceptions," as Esther is fond of announcing.

That's the simplest version, but taken as intended, her teachings mean that we give ourselves our illnesses, including cancer, by our thinking and beliefs, and she agrees with the statement of her mentor, Sheila Gillette, who channels an Abraham-like entity, Theo, that every death is a suicide. 

She also tells us that we can just as easily and quickly return to exuberant good health, if we really wanted to, by changing our vibrations. This, she says, may require as little as an afternoon for the worst illnesses.

Finally, as both Esther and Jerry Hicks got visibly older and Jerry Hicks illness appeared life-threatening, her conviction that it's "good to see the old ones go," or "croak," as she prefers to say, was tested.  

Jerry Hicks Fire Ant Bite, a Timeline

May 7th, an unprecedented email alert announced the cancellation of an Abraham Hicks workshop scheduled for that day. Although now removed from the web, a sidebar explained that Jerry Hicks' previously undisclosed fire ant bite required an immediate halt in activities. I almost wrote about this before the story spun out in its own crazy way, but I waited to see if there was more to the story. After all, how did he attract this bite?

As was revealed later in another email, supposedly written by Jerry Hicks to explain his illness, this was the day he started "heavy chemotherapy," not respite from a fire ant bite gone wild.

May 12th, five days into the still unrevealed chemotherapy, a new email alert from Esther and Jerry  announced that, "We are greatly enjoying our rejuvenating time off, and eagerly looking forward to the next Abraham workshop in Washington, D.C." This included a hot link for registration to the $200 per day workshop, and further on, they made sales pitches for both a new series of edited recordings from older seminars as well as their guided meditations. 

In retrospect, this dishonesty just about matched their money-grubbing efforts to have Abraham Hicks, a "nonphysical entity," including Jesus as a member, shill for meditation CD's.

"These will get you into the vortex!" Abraham was reported to have told Jerry.

May 25th, the day Jerry Hicks' illness could no longer be hidden behind weird claims about the bite from hell was the day this newest Abraham Hicks scam was exposed by Jerry himself. His klutzy attempt was made to wash away all the lying that preceded it.

I'll include an unedited version of the email. Watch how he cleverly sets up the fire ant bite. Given Esther Hicks outrageous claims about cancer, it's no surprise that they never use the word, although "heavy chemotherapy" is what Jerry Hicks says he has chosen. Pretty  deft, I think.


"This is Jerry. First I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your messages both telepathically and emaily of encouragement and good cheer. Next, Abraham and I have discussed the chain of thought that brought this about and I’m satisfied that I’m not going to do that again. Next, here’s the scenario as I now see it. On March 12, 2011 we flew from Del Mar to Boca Raton, Fl where we slept next to the dock with many yachts from many different parts of the world in the slip right outside our window. When I awakened the next morning I had a large welt on the inside of my wrist that looked like a giant fire ant bite. The most unusual thing about it was instead of the usual circular puss-like head that comes up from many insect bites it was a strangely cube-like head. It looked more like a spider bite. I put a Band-Aid on it and we continued the Panamanian cruise. It seemed to resolve into itself as time went along forming a pea-shaped nodule on my wrist. On April 18, I showed it to a dermatologist in Del Mar and she immediately decided to scrape it off and sent it in for a biopsy. We continued our seminar tour and returned to San Antonio getting ready for our spring East Coast run when we heard back from the biopsy results that there was something amiss relative to my white blood cell count and she put us in touch with a dermatologist in San Antonio who was an old school friend of hers. The subsequent blood test in San Antonio showed that my white blood cell count was extremely exaggerated and the physician insisted that I undergo immediate treatment with no delay. He pointed out a number of options, one of them was to use the “big guns” (heavy chemotherapy) and so we decided to go along with that and checked into the hospital on May 6th.

We were swept up in such an obvious current of amazing “path of least resistance” events unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. The strong feeling that we were proceeding in exactly the right direction continued as my response to these “big guns” was a week of no discomfort and none of the highly forewarned side effects. Everyone around us at the hospital kept speaking their surprise at my unusually comfortable experience. We are now in day 18 of a 28 day regimen of bringing my blood counts back into perfect balance.

Until I gain back 15 pounds of energetic flesh and return to my normal zippy do dah self..."


A Fire Ant Bite Caused a 15 Pound Weight Loss?

Jerry's having lost fifteen pounds was news, and it suggested that his illness went farther back than admitted and might very well explain why, after many years and without discovering any new technology, Abraham Hicks LIVE suddenly got invented earlier this year.

June 10th. A seemingly innocuous email alert in which Esther and Jerry Hicks grovel for subscriptions to a seminar was loaded with signals of something amiss. First and glaringly for an operation that is usually super smooth, the subject line refers to "Abraham Hicks Life," not the correct, "Abraham Hicks LIVE." Simple enough error, if not compounded.

In what appears a desperate attempt to fill up seats and screens, after a swooning embrace of the online concept, the email asks those wishing to attend to "call the office tomorrow," giving the hours, and offers one click registration as well. "Tomorrow," of course, would be the day of the event and too late to register.

Since it also says, "we are headed for Denver," it suggests that the email was composed earlier and emailed late. Maybe another cancellation was being contemplated.

Even as Esther and Jerry Hicks try to fog his illness by having Jerry comment on how great the online version is and to explain away cancellations by saying they are "playing" together during the week, the efforts to avoid the truth seem as strained as the cheery acceptance. 

It now appears that Esther will not openly discuss Jerry Hicks' illness, whatever requires "heavy chemotherapy." I still wish they had the integrity to come clean. A little honestly from Esther and Jerry Hicks, if something they are still capable of, might go along way to help followers understand and to relieve the stigma they have so frequently placed on others suffering from cancer.

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David Stone

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user avatar
Written by davestone13, 4 years ago
Clearly hiding something, Kyra. It seems to me that all the scrambling around suggests they've backed themselves into a corner they don't know how to get out of.

What's the quote about, "When first we seek to deceive...?"

Time will tell.
user avatar
Written by kyraspeaks, 4 years ago
Hey Dave,

I have to say, Abraham Hicks has really disappointed me here. I fully expected Abraham to have a full-proof story ready to go, explaining how Jerry got out of the vortex and then back in and how everything's alright now. Alas, they have suspiciously done their best to evade the subject altogether. In recent workshops, whenever someone asks about Jerry, Abraham makes some vague comment about how he's watching the broadcast and then moves on. If they can read our questions based on vibration, then they know how many people are asking this one (especially with all the people participating online). Plus, I would think that a story about Jerry getting out of whack and then back in the vortex would be a lot more meaningful to Abers than stories about Esther interacting with a good-humored flight attendant. But as I've told others, this evasion of the subject leaves me wondering if Esther (and Jerry) is afraid of having Abraham tell the story of how Jerry got into the vortex only for him to wind up dead the next day.

On another note: where is Jerry? Is he still in the hospital? Does he need more chemo? Will the Alaskan cruise go on without him? So many questions, and no sign of answers.

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