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How Can I Receive Money From Millionaires?


How can I receive money from millionaires?  If you are in need of financial help or are just looking to raise some money for a worthy cause, you will be able to get some help from rich and famous people, in many instances.  While you may want to write letters asking for cash from the rich, it may be wise to explore the ways these people donate, and who they generally are willing to offer assistance to.  This will only improve your chances when you are trying to receive money from millionaires or billionaires.  Here are some ways to get them to help you out.

Charitable Contributions

If  you are looking at how you can receive money from millionaires for a charity or other type of worthy cause, you will need to convince the rich and famous people giving away cash that you or your organization deserve and need the financial help.  To do this, be sure to communicate your organizations name, what service you provide, and why you need the financial help.  This could be for a number of reasons.  Perhaps you are trying to raise funds for a school sporting team or even, or for your church or other charitable organization.  Whatever the group and cause is, you must do a good job of explaining it to the rich and famous people that help the needy.  This is how you can receive money from millionaires and billionaires, or other wealthy people willing to help.

Asking For Personal Help

If you are personally in need of financial assistance and are looking at how you can receive money from millionaires, you will have a much harder time making it happen.  Whether you need help for medical bills, to save your home from foreclosure, or just some general financial assistance, you will really need to make a good case for yourself.   This is primarily because there are many scam artists out there that take advantage of the generosity of the rich.  If you are looking for personal help from wealthy people, you will need to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Improving The Odds

If you are looking at how to receive money from millionaires free of charge, you will want to do some things to help improve your chances of getting the financial help you or your organization need.  I would suggest creating a quality letter, which could be mailed or emailed.  In addition, you will most likely want to contact as many rich people giving away cash as possible.  This will only improve your chances of getting the financial assistance you are looking for.

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Written by Juliya3003, 4 months ago
Good people, help me get out of poverty. While we lived in the city, I was working and I never sat idle. But then, for the sake of my son, had to move to a village far from the city, housing is cheap and it works, but clean air and Bratsk reservoir in five minutes. The son became much better and because the wages of the husband barely enough to stay, we wanted to move closer to the city, but not in the city itself, because they are afraid that the child will become ill. There is a very beautiful village, which is becoming more beautiful and equated to the city, but housing there is expensive for us and we have no such money. If we moved there, and for me has been the work of the son would be to visit some of the developing section. And daughters have also found a place in kindergarten. Please help with money. I am on Facebook, you can contact with me by mail my Webmoney Z409018159916, R560783767644. Please help, forces no longer exist and know that nothing will change, and will only get worse.
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Written by rosemiri2828, 2 years ago
hi im looking for help to get in to a new home and start are new life with my new partner and twin girls whom are 15 years old ive had them in my care for 5 years now as my mum left my dad and the kids behide i have had a really upside down life with xpartners and things taken of me all my life ive olny now picked up my life and my living and bills that i have been left behide im looking for help to get a home i can call mine and give back to the ones that have helped mye get to this point i dont like to ask for help as i like to do things on my own but things are so hard these days and schools and rent and food on my 460 awk pay .i have no car and i walk a long wayu to get my girls to school on time i am just asken if theres any way you can help me to get in to our own home and if there is any way i can get a car and im boarding with my 65 year old dad who i also care for as he has no feelings in his hands .any help will be greatful thank you rosemiri
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Written by menimo, 2 years ago
How can I contact these people? I'm having financial problem at the moment and I do really need help before its too late. Thanks
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Written by donna62154, 2 years ago
How do I contact these millionaires?
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Written by scarenbabe, 2 years ago
yes how can i contact these millioaires for some help ,i hate the holiday;s ,christmas has been rough for me ,for 53 years ,me and my husband getting forclosed on ,and we are trying to fight it . we help people out as much as we can but when it comes to our turn there is no body there for us, i wouldnt know how to act if some one would help us out , my husband and i sat here many year by our self on christmas ,i have grandson ,i cant even get them anything ,i hate to even ask for help ,if things dont get better for us soon i dont even want to be here anymore ,so yes how can i get ahold of some help /karen thank you

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