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Hair Loss & Growth During Radiation Treatments - Why You Lose Your Hair & Why It Will Grow Back

One of the things that is often associated with a cancer diagnosis is the hair loss and growth during radiation treatments. Though a few are lucky and end up not having to experience this, the vast majority of people who undergo chemotherapy treatments for their cancer experience a complete hair loss, which can be from eyebrows and eyelashes to even that annoying hair on your feet that you can't seem to get rid of any other way. So why does this hair fallout happen? And are there ways that you can help your body grow it back? Let's find out.

You're Getting a Drug That Attacks Everything

When it comes to hair loss and growth during radiation treatments like chemotherapy, you're experiencing what happens when a drugs is designed to literally murder any fast growing cells it encounters. That's how cancer reproduces, but that's also how your hair follicles reproduce as well. So the chemotherapy kills off your hair follicles and your hair ends up falling out. Depending on the dose of chemotherapy that you receive you may experience just mild patches or areas of hair loss or you could experience all the hair being lost. Just rest assured that this means the drugs are doing the job they are supposed to do.

So What Is Going to End Up Happening?

You will find that you are missing some hair by the third week of treatments and will likely continue to experience hair loss and baldness for a few weeks after your chemotherapy treatment ends. When it comes to hair loss and growth during radiation treatments like these, that is normal and to be expected.

My Hair Has Finally Started Growing Back! Now What?

When it comes to hair loss and growth during radiation treatments, you will find that your hair just might end up looking a little bit different when it grows back in. Your hair might be a different color, be colorless, be curlier, be straighter, and might even feel thicker, thinner, or more coarse depending on what you started with. These changes generally return back to normal over a period of time, and most people experience a sense of normalcy within a year.

Can't This Be Prevented? I Don't Want to Lose My Hair!

Unfortunately it cannot. The drugs are designed to attack any fast replicating cells with your body, and your hair follicles are basically just in the way of the cancer cells. There are some studies being done currently to see if prevention is possible, but nothing has shown any positive results as of yet. It can be a traumatic thing to lose one's hair, but considering the alternative, in the end it's not too high of a price to pay for good health again, is it?

When it comes to hair loss and growth during radiation treatments like chemotherapy, it's important to remember that the changes you encounter are simply temporary and will resolve themselves over time.

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