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Goodbye Featured Articles - Hello Featured Topics

Our cumbersome featured article slider was discontinued today. I have replaced it with the featured topics you now see on the front page of This change will allow more authors to be featured at the same time, and will also give writers some ideas about timely and popular topics to write about. It also allows for fresh images that I can change to make Seekyt's design fit with holidays, with the time of year and with important or special events. Accordingly, I hope you all enjoy this feature and find some use for it. I will change the featured topics whenever appropriate, without any set schedule.
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user avatar
Written by skeffling, 3 years ago
Very attractive and inviting! Good Job.
user avatar
Written by careercounselor, 3 years ago
I like it, very nice addition to the home page.
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
Evolution always goes forward.
user avatar
Written by GrantsWorld, 3 years ago
I think you made an improvement on Seekyts front page. What a great idea and yes the fact that more writers will be exposed on the front page is a bonus.

Kudos on the change to your site.

user avatar
Written by sonni57, 3 years ago
Good move I think the variety will appeal to more people.
user avatar
Written by AuroraWindsor, 3 years ago
I like the new layout. I think it looks more inviting. Good job!

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