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Furby Boom is One of the Best Selling Toys This Christmas

Though Furby has been around for as many as 20 long years and they have been super liked and loved by the kids but Furby Boom 2013 is somewhat different and in a way better and more advanced.

It is only for this reason that furby boom has been touted as one of the top toys for kids in Christmas 2013. There are lots of new features and in fact new concepts have been added to these toys which were not there in the past.

Furby Boom Figure (Zigzag Stripes)

Earlier their was only light and motion sensors which was available in these Furby boom toys but now these toys have become intelligent. You can even let your furbies lay eggs into your tablet or ipad via furby app. This enables the birth of small furblings from the eggs.

Hasbro Furby

After hatching, the kids can maintain as well as take care of the baby furblings and play games with them, thereby earning furbuck to unlock various other features of the game.

Feeling excited about these, then why not have them for your kids too. Have a look at some of the cute looking Furbys’

Furby Boom Figure (Polka Dots)

furby boom toys for christmas giftsSome of the essential features of this new Furby Includes the following:

  • You can build your own virtual furby furblings city.
  • You can collect and hatch virtual furbys’ and those born are called as furblings. You can even let them give birth to golden furby eggs.
  • You can play games with these new furblings using the furby app.
  • You can give your furby boom a name too
  • The good news is that furby boom will remember the name you have given it to him as well as the names of other furby friends too.
  • Interaction matters a lot with this new furby. The more you talk and interact with the new furby the more it talks and improves its English too.
  • You would love it as you can tickle its tummy and pull its tail too.
  • If you want to let your furby bloom sleep then all you need to do is to hold its tail for around 10 seconds.
  • You can even feed the little furby with your fingers.

Furby Boom Figure (Waves)

Furby Boom Figure (Peacock)

No wonder why these are being considered as the best selling Christmas toys for 2013. They perhaps deserve to be one of the best. The kids are also going hook and crazy for them.

Not finding these enough, well here are some more amazing Christmas gifts for kids, have a look.


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Written by askformore, 1 year ago
Thank you for a fine Furby collection. They are great gifts!

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