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Free Money Giveaways With No Strings Attached


There are some people and companies offering a free money giveaway with no strings attached.  If you are in need of financial help, or are just looking to win some, you will have some options to keep in mind.  You may even be able to strike it rich, if you are lucky enough to be selected as the recipient of the funds.  In this article, we’ll explore some of the places you can look to find the opportunities for free cash giveaways offered by multiple sources, including rich and famous millionaires.  Let’s take a closer look.

Contest Offerings

This is a great way to take advantage of no strings attached money giveaways or those for prizes.  In both cases, you’ll want to look at the same basic places.  Listed below are some of the places you will want to search for cash or prizes.

Major Companies:  Some major businesses and companies have promotions and contests from time to time.  In some of them, you’ll have only to complete a survey, or send in a registration form to qualify for it.  You’ll see them advertised on the product you may buy at the store, on television, or even on the radio and online.  It’s a marketing tool for businesses that you can use to your advantage.  Some offer huge cash prizes, making the winners instant millionaires.

Local Businesses:  Many businesses try to make a splash by giving away money or prizes to promote their store.  In most cases, they are free of strings, often requiring the contestant to only fill out a form to register, often in drawing form.  Watch the local paper and listed to radio to see what’s out there in your area.

Local and Major Events:  Festivals, fairs, and other places and events are a good place to look for free money.  They often to this as a means of promotion for the events they are holding.  It’s a good way to win some cash.

Talent Contests:  These can take all kinds of forms from drawing or coloring to written words, or team activities.  In any event, you’ll have a chance to take home some prize money.

Millionaires and Billionaires

If you are looking for a money giveaway, free of charge, you may find it from the rich and famous people of the world.  In many cases, they hand out funds to those in need.  In some other cases, they’ll do it for publicity or even as a tax write-off.  Many rich and famous people help out those in need through charitable donations, or gifts.

Charitable Organizations

Do you need cash now?  If so, you may qualify for help from local charity groups.  Some offer help around Christmas or during other holidays and some give out help all year round.  You’ll want to check and see what is out there in your area or even nationally.

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