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Free Makeup Samples Free Shipping No Surveys

If you’re looking for a way to try a certain brand of makeup before you buy it then you should defiantly check to see if you can get free makeup samples with free shipping and no surveys. Cosmetic companies are always looking to give away freebies to their potential customers as a way to increase brand awareness and to get customers buying their products. If you’re looking for free makeup, perfumes, eye lines, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation or fine fragrance then it’s worth checking out some of the items that are being given away.

Free Makeup Samples from Target

Target store offers beauty samples from time to time, is a department store which offers a wide selection of products and service and is one of the most popular online department store sites in America, it has women’s, men’s and kids clothes, it also has a whole range of other products including patio, furniture and electronics.

Target also has a department dedicated to offering free makeup and beauty samples; you can find the department at On this page you’ll find all the samples that are available from target, once you find the makeup sample that you find interesting you can simply click on request sample button, you’ll probably have to answer some very short questions after which your sample will be delivered to your door with free shipping within 8-10 weeks. You can order as many samples as you like and each household can only get up to one sample each.

Free Makeup Samples Free Shipping No Survey Target

Why Do Cosmetics Companies Give Away Samples?

Cosmetic companies like L’Oreal, Max Factor, Maybelline, and Chanel give out free samples to get the consumer to buy their products; these cosmetic companies know that if you like their product you’ll continue to buy it as long as it is in production. All these cosmetic firms use department stores like Target to promote their products so that you can sample to see if it works for you.

Cosmetic companies also know that some consumers are reluctant to switch to a different brand and as such offer makeup samples as a convincer, if their product is far more superior than the closest competitor the chances are that the consumer will switch.

Free Makeup Samples Free Shipping No Survey Target Sample Spot

How Can I Take Advantage of Free Makeup Samples?

There’s nothing wrong in taking advantage of companies who are offering free makeup samples, if you really want to take advantage then you have to check out sites like and other similar department stores and sign up to their free newsletters which will let you know when a free makeup sample becomes available, if you can find ten different cosmetic retailers all of which have been given free makeup samples you could request them all, if you can do this on a continual basis you could get all the beauty products, cosmetics, fragrance and makeup absolutely free.

Selling Free Makeup Samples

Yes it’s true, there are many people selling the free beauty and makeup samples that they find online, many active consumers who find these offers really take advantage and then create little gift boxes and sell them on for a profit, the makeup market is really big and the demand is overwhelming, if you’re looking for a way to make some money and you’re interested in makeup then this might be a very profitable pastime.

If you don’t want to spend hours looking for free makeup samples then you could look at some of the items available at, most of the time you’ll be able to get an assortment of cosmetics and fragrances at very low prices.

Very Cheap Makeup Samples from Ebay

Free Makeup Samples Free Shipping No Surveys

There are hundreds of retailers and a good handful of cosmetics companies who give away generous amounts of samples, these samples range from free makeup, lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow and much more. If you can take the time to organize yourself then you could request multiple samples to multiple households so that you don’t have to buy makeup products again, if you really want to take this to the next level then you could even sell the items on for a profit to make some extra cash.

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