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Free Laptop From The Government 2013 : Computers For Low Income Families Students Children & Schools

Did you know that you can ask for a free laptop from the government? It might sound like just hopeful thinking but it is indeed possible to get a free laptop computer from the government. The only reason why you don't here about it happening that often is that people just don't know where and how to ask. The government does not often actively seek out people to help, it's up to you to ask for the help you need. If you never ask then you will never receive any help. In this article we take a look at everything you need to know on how to get a free laptop for school or for work. So if you're looking for a government laptop scheme or information on home access laptops then please read on.

How Can I Get a Free Laptop for School

Grants for Laptops for Students

If you are wondering "how can I get a free laptop for school?" then you should know that the government is offering laptop grants for students from disadvantaged areas. Laptop grants are designed to help out students that wouldn't be able to afford such learning tools and whose schools often cannot loan them either. With computer access becoming more important in then education system and in the workforce it is a very good idea to try and take advantage of laptop grants for students.

A good place to start is actually by asking at your school offices, ask for grants for laptops for low-income families. Sometimes it is up to the school to delegate out the laptop grants for students that need it. Your next option is to ask at your local welfare office. Students from school and colleges can both apply so there isn't necessarily an age limit on this benefit.

Government Laptop Scheme for Disadvantaged People

Grants for Computers for Low Income Families

If you are on welfare benefits and need a laptop for your job (or to look for a job) then you may be able to ask for a free laptop from the government. Laptop grants for students are typically more common but there are still a good number of grants for laptops available to disadvantaged adults who need a computer to be competitive in the work force. If this sounds like it matches you then you can try asking for a laptop grant at your local welfare office, ask for information on free laptop schemes for low income families.

The prerequisites for getting a laptop grant can vary greatly but typically you need to be on welfare and to demonstrate significant need. This need can usually be demonstrated by having a job that requires you to have a laptop to be effective or by demonstrating that you need a laptop to be employable. Simply ask at your welfare office to find out what you need to do.

Alternatives for Getting a Free Laptop Computer

If you ask for a free laptop from the government but cannot get one then you might have to start looking for alternatives. Your options will vary a bit depending on if you are in school/college or if you are looking for work/employed. Let's take a look at the options available to both:

Alternatives for Schools and College Students to Get a Laptop

If you are a student the first place you should ask is at your school. Many schools offer or have connections to scholarships that can provide or pay for a laptop for you to use. Sometimes these scholarships are available to people who can get certain grades consistently but other times they are simply need based and you can receive them if you show significant need. Alternatively, you could look on websites like Freecycle to get an older laptop computer.

Alternatives for Employed/Employable Adults to Get a Laptop

If you are not in school but still need a laptop computer then your best option is to ask at local charities. If local charities do not have anything to offer then you can try international ones like the Computer Recycling Center or the World Computer Exchange.

Both of these charities offer free computers to people who need them based on average income or other criteria that display need. Both charities also have a website that you can apply though. If your attempts to ask for a free laptop from the government have failed then asking charities like these may be your best hope for assistance.


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