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Free Computers for Non Profit Organizations

If you are currently in the midst of setting up a non profit organization or already own one, you may be qualified to get free computers. Today, free computers are available to a whole host of people, including college students, kids, veterans, teachers, low income families as well as the disabled. Non profits are by and large altruistic in nature and operate to provide service to those who are less fortunate. Many non profits are also exempt from paying taxes. Since most non profits rely on external funding, it is difficult to predict the reliability of revenue for not only the staff but for the facilities and programs as well. Thus, choosing how to spend the allotted amount of money in order to maximize its effectiveness is always crucial. Since nowadays, computers are almost always necessary in any type of operation, they make up a sizable chunk of the money spent within a non profit. Having broken down computers means that your non profit has lost its ability to function and perform at the highest level. Below, I will share some tips on how you can save money by getting your hands on free computers for non profits.


Center for Non Profit Management

The center for non profit management is the name of several different organizations across the United States. Their mission is to build stronger communities by helping non profits perform at its highest potential. The oldest center for non profit management is located in Dallas, which has helped thousands of non profit organizations in the areas of consulting, education, technology support and job listings. Each year more than 1,000 non profit organizations come to the center in order to gain sharper business skills. If you want your non profit organization to grow and expand, it is definitely worth it to go and check out their center for non profit management. They will provide you with amazing information as well as provide assistance in obtaining free computers for your organization.


Computers for Learning (CFL)

Computers for Learning is a great group that has provided computers for schools for many years. They obtain excess computers from the government and distribute it to schools and non profits. If your non profit is involved in education, this is a great place to start looking for free computers.


The Free Cycle Network

The Free Cycle Network is a non profit computer recycling program that equips just about anyone who can't afford to purchase a computer. There are nearly 9 million members and it is growing everyday. This organization gets its computers largely through donations, and they distribute from several different locations across the country. You shouldn't have a problem finding one in a location near you. If you've always wondered about what to do with your old computers or laptops, think no more! Donate it to the free cycle network so that others can recycle and reuse it. Not only will you be reducing waste but you will also be helping someone out in a big way.


World Computer Exchange (WCE)

World Computer Exchange is another non profit that acts as a liaison to companies who wish to donate computers to schools in developing countries. You do not have to be a US citizen to utilize this program and rest assured that the computers come fully refurbished and in working order. If you own a non profit organization involved with education in developing countries, this is the perfect program for you.

Computers are the future and in today's world it is very difficult to run a business without them. There are many organizations that distribute donated computer equipment to those in need. If you take the time to do a little research, you will definitely be able to find free computers for your non profit organization.  

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Written by OPEQuebec, 2 years ago
To date, Computers for Schools and "Ordinateurs pour les ├ęcoles" in Canada have helped more than a thousand NPO!
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Written by xlorah, 2 years ago
This is really good information to know. Thanks for sharing it.
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Written by OPEQuebec, 2 years ago
If you live in Quebec,Canada, you can contact us. Visit our website at (available in English and French. Our base system is available free for schools, non-profit day care centers, non for profit organizations. You will also find on our website a list of other organizations across Canada offering computers to NPO.

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