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Flannel Shirts For Men-Rugged Traditional Plaids/ Solids And Workhorse Jackets

Flannel shirts for men are considered clothing for the real man. Not only are they classic in every sense of the word, they make a fashion statement as well. Flannel shirts, in particular, the traditional plaid version, has been the shirt of choice for men who work hard outdoors. Be they farmers, cowboys, fishermen or sportsmen, they all have one thing in common; these guys want durability and comfort, not frills.The plaid flannel shirt is not one of those "dress to impress" garments. The rugged outdoors-man couldn't care less about that.  His shirt has to last, be comfortable to wear and easy to care for.


Flannel Shirts For Men Have Been Popular Since The 1800's

Have you ever wondered where the idea of plaid flannel shirting came about? The fabric itself has been around for hundreds of years. It is believed that flannel production was introduced in the country of Wales way back in the 1700's. There is no clue as to how long it took for this warm, durable material to make it to America, but it is apparent that the popularity of this fabric as shirting caught on early with the railroad workers of the mid 1800's.

Buy Solid Colors Of Chamois For Casual Comfort

Blue chamois shirt by WildlifeToday's man has much more to choose from than just plaid. Brushed flannel, or Chamois, is one of the most comfortable of shirts to wear. Chamois shirts come in solid shades that are perfect for casual wear and for inclement weather. One of the perks of being a flannel man is how soft and comfortable they are after repeated washings. Ladies, if you have ever had a problem separating your man from his old, well-worn flannel shirt, I wish you luck. They can be difficult to part with. The more you wash them, they better they feel.-Blue Chamois shirt by Wild America available on Amazon.

Brand Name Flannel Shirts For Men Online

When you think of top-quality manufacturers of garments for the rugged, outdoors-man, you have to think about LL Bean of Maine. Flannel is one of the warmest fabrics to wear in cold climates like Maine. Not only is it warm, it is naturally absorbent and helps to wick moisture away from the body. Human skin loves the warmth, softness and comfort of flannel. Other than the popular L.L. Bean Company, the following manufacturers have excellent online reputations for quality merchandise that includes great-fitting flannel shirts:

  1. If you catch one of their great clearance sales, you can snag their Redhead brand long-sleeved plaid version for great low prices ranging from $9.97 to $27.99. The customer reviews on this one are very positive.
  2. Dakota Grizzly Braxton flannel is now on sale for $34.95, a markdown of 46% from the usual $65 dollar retail price. It is a button front shirt with two pockets and comes in 3 colors.
  3. company sells solid chamois shirts that come with cool imprints of outdoor scenes. Right now, men can take advantage of the great low prices on the Dickies brand Brawny flannel shirt for only $16.88.
  4. Landsend,com-Want a great-looking shirt? Head over to for their current sale on the colorful button-front basic flannel in brushed cotton plaid for only $19.99.
  5. is an old, established company well-known for manufacturing some of the most rugged and long-lasting work flannels in the country. The Carhartt-quality of shirt jackets and coats can last a hard-working man for decades. *Above sale prices valid at time of publication*

Button-Front Flannel Shirts With Lining Variations

Sherpa-lined plaid flannels for guysNow that you know some of the online companies that are currently having flannel shirt sales, you may be wondering what other styles a man has to choose from other than solid chamois and traditional plaid. Although the basic structure and function of this garment will always be to provide manly shirting for outdoors-men, they are adjusted in different ways to suit individual taste.

Even though the outer portion of the shirt resembles the traditional one, during colder weather a man needs one with a quilted lining. A double flannel with lining is incredibly warm and durable. The classic black and red hunting flannel comes to mind. It isn't quite a shirt and it isn't quite a coat. It is a shirt jacket. Lined with soft Sherpa for insulation, garments like this are extremely practical during the fall season.-Heavyweight Brawny Shirts by Rothco available on Amazon.

Canvas/ Quilted Flannel Shirt Jackets Are Tough Workhorses

Black Canvas Shirt-Jacket by CarharttWhen I see a man wearing a shirt jacket, I know that I am looking at a man who may have to be out working in rough weather conditions or with challenging outdoor environments. One of the toughest and manliest of shirt jackets is the canvas version with quilted flannel lining. These garments are perfect for the ranch hand, field worker or mechanic. They can take dirt and rough handling. Not only is the tough durability of this shirt/jacket suitable  for outdoor jobs, it happens to be a good wardrobe investment. These garments have a great reputation for lasting a long time: especially those produced by the Carhartt Company.- Black Canvas Shirt-Jacket by Carhartt available on Amazon.

Flannel Shirts For Men Are A Piece Of Old Americana

Everywhere you look in this country, you will see structures built by the hard labor of men. Our bridges, our roads and railroads were made by the sweat of construction workers, engineers, bricklayers, welders and thousands of other hard-working men. The chances are good that these men worked in the sweltering heat of the summer and in the freezing cold of winter to get the job done.  These are the men who were polled and chose the flannel shirt as their work garment of choice. This folklore of history can be seen in shirts that are sold using the cotton ticking patterns of the shirts worn by  these men in the late 1800's.

Dressier Versions Include The Snap-Front Shirt Style

What type of shirt do flannel-loving men turn to when they want the same comfort, fit and good-looks of a flannel, but in a dressier version? They choose a shirt with snaps instead of buttons. The snap-front garment can come with basic un-embossed snaps or with cool mother-of-pearl finishes for a polished look. Just changing the closures can have an impact on the way the shirt looks. Snap-front flannel shirts work perfectly for more important occasions outside of work. They are still casual, yet look pulled together. This garment is a favorite for guys who are into country-western clothing. has great prices and color choices for these types of shirts.

Whether you enjoy solid chamois, traditional plaid, country-western inspired snaps or just buttons, flannel shirts for men will be one of the most popular of shirt styles for decades to come.

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