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Fix Falling Roof Liner in Your Car

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Fix falling roof liner in your car and stop being annoyed and embarrassed by it (see the video below). If you’ve ever felt the roof liner in a car hanging down on your head, you know how annoying and embarrassing this can be, especially if it’s your car. Imagine driving along listening to your favorite iTunes downloads and all out of nowhere you see your cars headliner coming loose from the edges. In a lot of cases, this is a simple problem that can be fixed with a can of spray adhesive. #sprayadhesive


Spiders In Your Hair

Don’t you hate it when the roof liner in the car you’re driving hangs down on your hair or where hair used to be and gives you that creepy spiders in my hair feeling. Don’t fool yourself, when your car's headliner flaps around in the wind like a sail on a sailboat, it’s really not helping your gas mileage. I know some people who’ve been embarrassed for a family member or a friend that has this problem and they told them about this simple and quick way to fix falling roof liner. #rooflinerrepair



Do This For A Sexy Ride

1960's late blue Ford MustangRoof liner usually avoids the wear and tear that cars go through but the interior of a car can take a beating, especially if you have a family with young children. The seats, buttons, carpet and even the steering wheel in cars, like Toyota's and Honda's that are known for durability, can get broken or worn out and have to be cleaned or repaired. But a car's roof liner usually hangs in there (hee hee) for a good long time. But all good things, including roof liner in an automobile, must come to an end. Having your cars roof liner replaced/fixed by a by a professional upholsterer (Yes it’s a word. I Googled it.) can be costly.  I’ll tell you how you can repair the roof liner in your car, get a sexy ride, and save some money by doing it yourself.





The Key To A Hot Girl

Rear view red late sixties Ford MustangThe key to repairing your car's falling roof liner and making your car the hot girl again, is to catch it as quickly as possible. The sooner you notice the liner loosening the better. You can reattach a cars roof liner by purchasing a can of upholstery glue at a local automotive parts store or from a craft store. I was able to purchase a can of upholstery glue for twenty-one dollars. Fixing a cars hanging headliner with upholstery glue is as simple as spraying glue on the side of the liner that attaches to the roof of the vehicle and pressing the liner into place. You can actually use the can of glue to roll the liner into place and make it wrinkle free. #carupholsteryrepair


A Sexy and Safe Ride

It’s important that you keep the car well ventilated when working with the upholstery glue. Inhaling fumes from the glue can be dangerous so roll the windows down or better yet, leave the doors open. That ‘s a quick and inexpensive way to fix falling roof liner in your car and stop being annoyed and embarrassed by it. #sexyride


Headliner Kits Replace Vehicles Sagging Roof Liner


So what are you waiting for? Click here and buy upholstery glue to reattach that falling roof upholstery in your car before it's too late.


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Important Note:

This works best when headliner is just coming loose at the edges. It's not intended as a way to replace headliner or for headliner that is mostly detached from your cars roof.


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user avatar
Written by careercounselor, 4 years ago
One of my friends had a old beatup car like this but it ran great, it did not look pretty on the outside or in the interior but it had a super engine.
user avatar
Written by Trixxie, 4 years ago
Great tips! I wish I had known this back in my teens years when every car I drove was a beeter =)
user avatar
Written by Sgolis, 4 years ago
My husband procrastinated in repairing the roof liner in our older car and by the time he got around to doing it, well lets just say it was better to start fresh with a new one. Great tips on fixing a roof liner. I think your article is very helpful. +1,FB and T.
user avatar
Written by Jasmine, 4 years ago
LOL "Stop being annoyed and embarrassed by it." :) Great tip for fixing a falling roof liner in a car - I've never had a problem such as this one, but I hope people who need this information will find your article and learn from it :)

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