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Esther Hicks In A Crash With Abraham-Hicks

Esther Hicks’ on stage performance was remarkable. Not having endured an Abraham-Hicks workshop recording or video in a long time, I braced myself for the YouTube a friend sent me. What I saw was, well, shocking.

Rambling With Esther Hicks and Abraham

If you’ve followed Esther and Jerry Hicks’ Law Vortex of Attraction gig, you know that Esther claims that she “dialogs” with nonphysical, spiritual Esther, Jerry and Abraham Hicksteachers who have access to infinite intelligence they are eager to share with limited humans for free.

(Photo credit for Esther, Jerry and Abraham Hicks: Rational Wiki)

Of course, Esther charges for her services as the interpreter of blocks of thoughts infused with infinite wisdom. Actually, she charges a lot, but hey, who can put a price tag on infinite wisdom?

You expect sizzling insights, carefully honed teachings and wisdom that pulls you closer to the ineffable. The promise of such access is unlimited.

So, when my friend sent me the link because she thought it would be informative, I braced myself a little because YouTube now allows longer videos and this excerpt from a recent workshop in San Diego is over fourteen minutes long. A little of Esther Hicks goes a long way, and fourteen minutes might be much longer.

(My new book Jerry and Esther Hicks' Spiritual Money Tree: Stories Behind the Abraham-Hicks' Teachings and the Law of Attractionis now available in print and on Kindle.)

Keeping in mind that all the videos AHP posts on YouTube are promotional (this one contained a link for tickets to the next workshop), you expect that they are going to bring you a best of kind of thing, a slice of wisdom that will get your pulse going so strong you can’t wait to sign up and pay for the next one.

Folks, Esther Hicks spent most of the time discussing a fender bender. That’s what infinite intelligence had in store for $200 per seat followers that day.

Abraham-Hicks Is A Mess And Some Kid Dinged Esther’s Caddy

Before launching a tepid story that probably had some basis in fact before being fictionalized, Esther (supposedly in trance now as Abraham) riffed on being off her game, without explaining why. It couldn’t have been her husband Jerry Hicks’ death, because, as followers know, Esther has crowed that it is always “good to see the old ones go” (Jerry was really old.) and death is always “delightful.” Had to be something else. Maybe she’s irritated about wearing the same outfit to every workshop.

Esther Hicks New Look Anyway, she laid this down as groundwork for how her state of mind brought on the accident. But she took it even further. She made a point about Abraham Hicks Publications being a mess. No details, of course, but you can check it out yourself.

(Their homepage on the web has not figured out yet that Jerry died over three years ago. It says he’s still in remarkable shape and lovin’ life. Who knows what else is squirrelly over there?)

Later, when she describes the fit she threw when her Caddy got dinged, she quotes herself as saying, “I teach it, but I don’t practice it,” which was kind of a cute way to get out a blanket explanation for all kinds of strange conduct recently while taking Abraham off the hook.

So, then, she tells the story of going out for “a nice dinner” (lots of those) with her sister and brother-in-law and parking her Escalade (Both she and Jerry fixated on expensive vehicles or, as Jerry called them, “vee-hickles.”) in a market parking lot.

This is Abraham now, supposedly talking in the third person, or just Esther talking like a self-enamored pro athlete, i.e., “Esther drove her Escalade into...”

When Esther returns from shopping, she finds that a young girl had smashed into her Escalade as well as a close by Mercedes with her Mustang. Abraham seems to have a thing about cars too. They even make a point of what nice cars the girl crashed into.

Not only did the girl, now in a pool of tears and being publicly berated by her father who happened to show up conveniently, crash into Esther Hicks’ Escalade and a Jaguar, she got hooked on them. Esther has her meltdown and, once the cars are disentangled and judged drivable, goes off the hairdresser.

Esther Hicks Enlightened By Her Hairdresser

So, let’s assume that Esther’s hairdresser, an expert at making her coif look sort of haphazardly piled on, doesn’t know her client is the famous law of attraction vortex of attraction channeller interpreter of blocks of infinite wisdom and is, therefore, not stunned to hear her kvetching about a fender bender.

The hairdresser enlightens Esther Hicks on the driving hazards of Mustangs. They fishtail on wet pavement. First time wet pavement got mentioned, but when you’re making it up as you go along... Anyway, someone else later shares the same wisdom.

Aha, Esther concludes, it wasn’t the poor girl’s fault. It was the Mustang. Never mind that she seems to have been zooming fast enough in a parking lot to collide with two vee-hickles hard enough to hook bumpers. Gifted with this insight, Esther now calls the girls father to explain that the accident was not his daughter’s fault. It was that danged, fishtailing Mustang. Oh, and the rain not previously noticed. You could just sense the father's relief, Esther Abraham says.

Esther and Jerry Early
“Do you see what I’m getting at?” Esther Abraham asks. If you do, leave me a comment.

Wouldn’t it be cool to hear from the reckless driver and/or her father, get their side of the story? What if Esther Hicks parked in a handicapped spot to protect her hair from the rain, knowing that the law of attraction wouldn’t bring her a ticket?

That’s silly, of course, but so is plunking down 200 beans to listen to the quality of conversation you can hear around water coolers every day and pretend it’s infinite wisdom. I could be wrong, of course; maybe there’s an absolute abundance of infinite wisdom around that we take for granted, but I don’t think so. 

But don't take my word for it. I'm a hardcore skeptic. Watch the video yourself and try finding some evidence of "infinite wisdom." Leave a comment below if you do!

Note: Abraham-Hicks Publications recently pulled this video off YouTube. Probably wasn't a good fit for the marketing scheme for all the reasons listed above. I'm leaving the blank space where it once waited for you to see for yourself as a tribute to self-serving censorship.


David Stone, Writer

You can find all of my books on my Amazon Author Page.

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user avatar
Written by DocuLover, 2 years ago
I AM THE GIRL WHO HIT ESTHER HICKS CAR! Just kidding, I couldn't resist. I just stumbled onto Abraham Hicks within the last couple of days. I had heard of the Secret but had not seen any interviews, the Oprah stuff, or read any of the books. I came across Esther on youtube. At first, I didn't realize that she was channeling anyone. I'm big on research, ie Google so I started doing my thing and started seeing this Abraham name popping up everywhere. That lead to more searching which has ended in my finding several of your blogs. What I'm interested in is, has anyone thought of turning this into a documentary? I literally have not been able to stop thinking about the strangeness of this whole thing since stumbling across it two days ago. I'm wondering if film makers are scared off by possible law suits? Again, very interesting fodder, would love to see someone make a movie about it. I think it would do very well ;)
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 1 year ago
I wish someone would, too, but since Esther Hicks are very active in battling against anyone trying to tell the full story, maybe nobody wants to go to the trouble. (You should have followed the discussion spurred by an A-H operative as she fought to neutralize Wikipedia on the subject of Esther Hicks.) For sure, they would never get cooperation from Esther, even in support of herself. Jerry always kept her under tight wraps, and she knows better than to go another way with it.
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
mikeservis, get back to us when you're brain returns from vacation. "Life's too important to take seriously...?" Really? So, just pay Esther $195 to sit for the con job, and you can escape to some playground where life is too important to take seriously. Meanwhile, the rest of us will be cleaning up the messes and working on the fixes you are too lazy and narcissistic to bother with.

Phone home when you can. We'll still be here.
user avatar
Written by mikeservis, 3 years ago
I love the way spiritual numb skulls attack what they’re not ready to understand. Granted, Ester may not be original when it comes to the Law of Attraction. It’s be talked about in different terms since recorded history. In 391 BC, Plato built on Empedocles' conception of philia (attractive force) LOA in different terminology. You talk about the $195 they charge for a seminar like that’s a lot of money. When was the last time you priced a ticket to the World Series? Ether or Abraham are clever, witty, and always leave their audience smiling. You can fake serious, but you can’t fake clever. Life’s too important to take seriously – lighten up. Pay the $195, it’s well worth it.
user avatar
Written by Rachel, 3 years ago
No sign of infinite intelligence in this video, only more evidence of narcissism. It just astounds me how much the Abers are willing to many more stories about Esther's expensive cars, houses and the much-discussed Monster Bus are they going to listen to before they go, "Hey wait a minute, this is all BS!" Abraham is supposed to be comprised of 100 god-like souls, including Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha, to name just three. And from these great minds we are getting a story about Esther's Caddy being damaged in a parking lot and words such as "Bogus" to describe the situation? Also, isn't Esther supposed to be "in the Vortex" before Abe will talk to her and yet she says that right after this accident occurred and she was feeling angry (i.e. out of vortex), Abraham spoke to her and said "Your car is a tank, and you are a tank." Wait a second, didn't her brother-in-law just call the car a mean to tell me that Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, et al can only piggyback on what her BIL says in order to relay to her the profound message that she is strong? Ughhhhh.
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
The situation may be getting better. The drop off in workshop attendance, Live subscribers and even Abe Forum enthusiasm is considerable. If you look at the video again, check out how far back they pushed the chairs to make it look crowded. There's a big open space in front of Esther that they can't hide completely. A friend who was heavily involved with them for a long time took a look, after I noticed it and, based on experience, estimated the drop in audience size to be about 40%. Air is leaking out of the bag, and they may be in a free fall.

My friend thinks that the whole thing will continue to shrink and run dry within the year. Who's going to pay top dollar for this stuff?

Thanks for commenting, as always.

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