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Esther Hicks and Abraham From Inspiring to Fake to Cult

Esther Hicks Faking Abraham

Like a lot of others, my exposure to the Esther Hicks and her Abraham presentation got started with The Secret, Rhonda Byrne's movie and book, both inspired by Esther, and I was off on a long reading list about an area of which I knew very little. This article, with a number of linked articles created along the way, is the story of how I followed that inspiration all the way to the realization that Esther Hicks is a fake, Abraham is being ad libbed, and that she and her partner, Jerry Hicks, may be trying to draw a more cult-like following.

As a career writer, I've written quite a lot about Esther Hicks, Abraham, Jerry Hicks and the "Law of Attraction," their signature marketing hook. What I will provide here are links to the key articles with a summary of their contents. Others who have written similar or related articles, even if hey disagree, are welcome to contact me through the comments about including their links. I'd like to see this become a resource for information, ideas and opinions, past and future, about Abraham-Hicks.



Note: A New Article Has Been Added: Is LIVE The Newest Abraham-Hicks Scam?

Check The Latest: The Death of Abraham-Hicks

The first I wrote that became a hit with thousands of readers and still increasing in popularity was, Is Esther Hicks A Fake? Although since updated, I started out with a defense of Esther, convinced that the performance was too consistent to fake. I had reservations about Jerry's odd behavior, but not enough to change my mind. Not then, anyway.

A little later, I wrote a joking article, Abraham-Hicks Critics, in which I invented a channel, The Ralphs, much like Abraham, except not smart, who were hoping to capitalize on Esther Hicks' popularity. So many new Abraham-like channels were popping up, I couldn't resist a little satire.

Trouble for me came with Esther in her Abraham persona mocking death--which she insists "does not exist"--but more importantly belittling people for mourning lost loved ones. Regardless of point of view, I thought that any deeply insightful presence would be more empathetic and see the pain of loss more objectively. Mean-spiritedness just didn't seem consistent with the wisdom she claimed. Abraham Hicks Mistake became my first controversial article on this subject.

Loss of Confidence

From that seed sprang, Ten Reasons Not To Trust Esther Hicks and Abraham. Once launched, the doubts became an avalanche of discoveries about inconsistencies and, really, teachings that made no sense. (A tip of the hat here to my friend, Kyra, who stepped up with a lot of interesting research, that she generously contributed.)

Next in a logical progression came, Is Esther Hicks Faking or Is Abraham Just Shallow and Cold, which I followed with an article about Jerry Hicks excessive marketing, Esther and Jerry Hicks Sham, which threatens to obscure whatever useful message they used to deliver.

There are more articles, for which you will find links in the above, and I will keep this updated, but for now, I'll give you my personal Esther Hicks and Abraham story and, the most recent, Esther Hicks Turns Mean With Abraham, about her stunning reversal of much of the original teachings to go more exclusive with what comes off as a collection of acolytes, perhaps with the intention of promoting a more cult-like following.

More to follow, and please keep in mind, anyone interested in contributing to this index is encouraged to make a suggestion in the comments section. If an article is good, whether in agreement or disagreement, I promise to add it here.

See, new article: Rejected by The Abraham Hicks Cult

I Survived Esther Hicks and Abrahan shirt
I Survived Esther Hicks and Abrahan by davestone13

(See also, History of Jerry and Esther Hicks)

Kyra has become the most detailed investigator or Esther Hicks claims about Abraham and the Esther and Jerry generally in Abraham Hicks Skeptic. She offers additional investigative ideas about paranormal claims in Kyra's Diary.

David Stone, Writer

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1 comment

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Written by food-for-thought, 3 years ago
I think it's very interesting to note that Hicks' attempt to trademark the "Law of Attraction" and I think it's very revealing. Here's why:

Their "Abraham" material, including workshops, books, whatever - their core message - affirms and re-affirms, that the LOA as the governing law of the universe. It underpins everything and has been around since forever. There is a further admission / acknowledgment by the Hicks' which is connected to this - that the LOA has been put forward in other spiritual traditions. If Abraham is a group of non physical entities and we are all eternal, then presumably the idea has been around forever - before humans walked the earth.

So the broad analysis of their work indicates that the Hicks' know and acknowledge that LOA is not only NOT an original idea / concept / spiritual law coming from Abraham-Hicks, but that it is not only eternal, but has been discussed here on earth, in the area of spiritual philosophy, in a variety of contexts, spanning many years.

If that is the case, and Esther and Jerry (when he was alive) really believed that LOA is nothing new, ie the whole basis of their "teachings" is a re-working or expansion of an existing, core, universal law already known within the human experience, why would they attempt to TRADEMARK it?

Think about that, it says a lot!

Personally, I feel that it shows that whatever they do or do not believe, however much Esther is channelling or not, the driving motivation is building a multi million dollar business and their (failed) attempt to trademark LOA shows they really took it to the extreme. If they had been successful in trademarking that idea, it would have opened the floodgates to them earning much more money, by preventing anyone else from using the term without licensed permission (ie payment)

In this context, I find it revealing that Jerry often said "We're just here for the fun of it!" when they were actually raking in huge amounts of money, AND trying to go for much more by TRADEMARKING AN IDEA WHICH THEY KNEW ALREADY EXISTED. That is why they were unsuccessful in gaining control over the use of "the law of attraction" and that is where the "vortex" and "vibrational escrow" terminology comes from.

Now, let's get clear: I don't give a toss about how much money they are earning from A-H it's not the point here. The point is they were attempting to trademark a spiritual idea which has existed for a long time in human culture, because for them, it's all about the money.

To me, this simple example says so much.

I have no idea how genuine their intentions were when they started out, over 20 years ago, and I really don't care
Whether LOA is true or not is also beside the point.

I am merely making the point that at the core of all of this, is the idea known as the Law Of Attraction, which they attempted to OWN and their attempt to do this when they were already millionaires from a successful and growing business, speaks volumes about their core motivation.

There is a point to all of this, bear with me : )

It is my personal opinion (not fact, just my view) is that there are people in the world with psychic ability. There are also charletons who are complete fakes, posing as psychics, and there are also people who are psychic but also charletons in the sense that they go into this field (channelling, doing readings etc) for material gain and not out of any desire to help or serve in the higher sense.

Years ago, I had a discussion with a very humble lady who was a psychic, on this very topic and I asked her for her thoughts. She said, gently, that she believed that if a person has psychic ability, but their motivation for using that gift / talent / ability was mostly about material gain, it actually diminished their ability, and made it unreliable, and that it was evident over time. I asked her why she thought hat was so. She replied that if you have the ability to "tune in" to the non-physical, there are ALL SORTS of spiritual realities that you can tap into, and if you're in it just for your own gain, you run the risk of allowing or channelling some pretty undesirable stuff at the very worst and very contradictory and unclear stuff, at the very least. Purity of intention is crucial in this field, according to her. This lady did not share her thoughts with any judgement, it is merely what she had observed over many years.

So, the point of the story is this: I get the feeling (I don't know, we can never KNOW) that Esther does have psychic ability, that there may have been some genuine interest in spirituality from her and Jerry when they started out, but underpinning all of this was their desire to be very wealthy. Over time, as the business grew and their wealth grew and their focus on becoming more wealthy completely took over - to the point of being so arrogant as to attempt to trademark the law of attraction!! Esther is less and less able to clearly channel wherever she was tapping into in the first place. I feel this is especially evident int he wake of his death. And this explains all the times she gave crude or nonsensical or contradictory answers to seminar questions. If she was a genuine channel, she would have a reasonable answer on String theory, even if it was from a spiritual perspective and not in scientific language. That example, to me, is very telling. How ever much she was able to tune in years ago, is being diminished, more and more and more. I predict it will get worse.

Finally, the fact that Esther never acknowledged herself as a channeller is also weird, because, by her own admission: "translating blocks of thought from non-physical" IS channelling. It is a spiritual tradition, after all, so if its genuione, why not call it what it is?

Back to their core motivation: by calling herself a "channeller" the Hicks would have alienated a lot of people who were potential customers and narrowed their audience rather dramatically, because the term is very loaded and for many people, just too weird. IE not user friendly for "spiritual marketing" Once again, it comes back to their (apparent) underlying motivation, which was to become rich through the Abraham-Hicks business.

Finally, I want to comment that: I feel that DISCERNMENT is a key skill for all people to cultivate and practice, especially in the 21st century, with the Internet and information overload that we are exposed to. Each person must decide what works for them and take responsibility for themselves and their choices. I am not here to "save" anyone or shout "warning! cult!"

There will always be gullible people who fall for the kind of new age spirituality that you have to PAY MONEY FOR and that is not my scene at all. I believe in live and let live - that we all have the right to choose our own path, including what we believe and how we choose to live our lives. So A-H is not for me, quite simply because I don't believe that striving to make a lot of money from channelling, while calling it something else, is at all genuine. If someone wants spiritual guidance from a psychic, there are actually people out there who are genuine - and they usually don't charge ANY money, but are inspired to share their gift to help others. I think Esther may have had some ability but has squandered it over the years as greed and the pursuit of wealth took over. But that's just my view.

Peace Out.

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