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Earn Money as a Zazzle Affiliate


How to Make Money on Zazzle without Having Your Own Shop

As a Zazzle affiliate, you can make 15% to 32% without starting your own shop.  Promoting customizable products offered on Zazzle is so easy.  All you need is a website, blog, social network such as Seekyt, Twitter and Facebook, and then you are halfway there. The next step would be to sign up with Zazzle.

Zazzle is that it is a FREE site to join as a shopkeeper and an affiliate. Never will you have to pay a fee.  Zazzle will pay you to promote and sell unique products.

Creating an account on Zazzle is easy. Choose a name and password. Decide if you would like a check or the money sent to your PayPal account. Once you reach your minimum payout of $25, a payment of your cleared earnings sent to your PayPal account or check. Unlike some sites, no fee will ever be taken out, what you earn is 100% profit.

When Does 15% Turn to 32% Profit?

Selling personalize gifts from other shopkeepers is a win-win situation. If someone buys off your link, you will get 15% profit off that item. The shopkeeper will make 10% to 99% profit. Whatever they set their profit margin to. Normally, no higher than 20%, otherwise, that shopkeeper will lose to a more competitive shopkeeper.

Make over $100 in any given month and Zazzle will give you a 17% volume bonus on each sell. That is a 32% commission. How many websites will make this offer? An Amazon affiliate will make between 4% to 8% profit. The average range that I have found with other affiliate programs offers around 10% profit.

As with any affiliate program, some people start making money right away, while others will have to wait a few months or so.  Personally, I know people who have a magic touch and make money right away.  The key is to keep promoting. Myself, I did not know what I was doing in the beginning. Therefore, I did not see any earnings for some months. Now I am getting a volume bonus from my shop and as an affiliate referring products from other shopkeepers. It is nice to see that monthly payout.

The more you promote this print on demand cards and gifts online shopping site, the more money will fill up your pockets.

Easiest Way to Promote Zazzle and Earn Money

Send people to Zazzle. This requires little effort is to refer people to Zazzle. Have a person join Zazzle from your affiliate link and you will get credit for the referral. 

Here is how to find your affiliate link: Sign into your account. Click on My Account and then click on the Associates tab shown up on top of the page.




Once in your Associate page, you will see information on how to link your associate ID to get referrals.

This is how it would look to link to a store: that would be to promote any store, it can be for any product too.

To promote Zazzle in general, the link would look like this:

Get on your way to making an income on Zazzle by Joining Zazzle Here!

How to Link to a Product

Zazzle is continuously growing with the variety of gifts and cards that they offer.  It is a great time to give out gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or just to say, "You are Special." Here is a small list of some of the items found on Zazzle. Click on any of these to go there:

T-Shirts          Mini Doodle Speakers          Decorative Serving Plates          Puzzles Keds Family Sneaker Shoes            Gift Boxes for Jewelry, Recipes, Plus          Gel Mouse Pads          Pendant Necklaces          Mugs             Stickers          Pad, iPhone and iPod Cases           Greeting Cards            Calendars

Once your associate ID has been included within the link to any product or shop you will get the referral once someone clicks on it and makes a purchase.  Even if the customer wonders away from the product, you are promoting. They entered the Zazzle site with your ID included, that carries over to any store and product.

Duh T-shirt

Duh! T-shirt

So, if your link was for this Duh T-shirt, but the customer bought a tote bag from a different shopkeeper, you will still get the 15% referral fee.

How to Promote a Product to Your Blog, Website or Social Network

Click on "Link" that is underneath the product. This will bring you to the Options page.


Two ways to do this is select Option 2 if your blog, websites and social networks allow it. Paste the script and you will see a photo of the product and a link. Both the photo and link are clickable.

For networks that do not allow an HTML script like Seekyt, select Option 1. Add that link into your article. You can still add the photo of the product. It is easy to add the photo to a place like or your computer, and then link the photo destination to your product.

Congratulations Zazzle Affiliate

Now you are on your way to making an income on Zazzle. Sign up today from any of the links on here, except the 238857XXXXXXXXXXXX ones.  As mentioned above, you can go anywhere you would like from any type of product or store link. However, if you are in a hurry, then Click Here to Join Zazzle

Promote my shops and earn referral money.  I have almost every type of design, photo and humor for everyone's taste. Nature, travel, animals, pop art, abstract, food, chocolate (my favorite), holidays and more.

This is my main shop and to find the other shops you can click on my Profile. Sandyspider Gifts


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user avatar
Written by cmoneyspinner, 1 year ago
I am a Zazzle affiliate and I write for various sites like HUBPages, Wizzley and here at Seekyt. They all allow you to use your affiliate referral link, so promoting (and hopefully selling) the products is easy. Zazzle has many stores and items to choose from.
user avatar
Written by adragast, 2 years ago
I really need to get started there. I keep hearing good things about it but haven't taken the time to do it yet. Thanks for reminding me about it.
user avatar
Written by sandyspider, 2 years ago
It is not as good as it use to be. A lot of changes and less money for the shopkeepers. But it is still an income.
user avatar
Written by ologsinquito, 2 years ago
Great article. I signed up some time back, but have not had a chance to do anything with Zazzle yet. Maybe this will be the impetus I need.

This is very exciting news that we can promote Zazzle on Seekyt. I didn't think that was an option. Thank you so much for writing this!
user avatar
Written by sandyspider, 2 years ago
This is something I have promoted here about 2 years ago. :) As long as it is informative. It has to be beneficial to all.
user avatar
Written by Sgolis, 3 years ago
I have been doing affiliate marketing at zazzle for the last 3 years and find that it is easy to promote the products and the best way to earn money on the internet. I find your article to be very good, you have covered some important details and explained them well..
user avatar
Written by sandyspider, 3 years ago
Thanks Sgolis.

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