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Did Abraham-Hicks Kill Ari?

Abraham-Hicks & Ari

Ari Died. That we know.

Did Esther Hicks and her late husband Jerry Hicks or their hired hands influence her suicide after years of struggle?

Ari, an artist, turned to the Abraham-Hicks controlled Abe Forum for advice and support. For years, she'd struggled with depression, problems with work and money. Here is the story, pieced together from information offered by friends outraged over her death was censored on the Abe Forum.

If Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks or the tightly controlled members on their team were responsible, at least for neglect in not alerting mental health authorities, will criminal or civil charges be pursued or, as so often happens, avoided until a more visible tragedy takes place?

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Background: Jerry, Esther, Abraham Hicks and the Abe Forum

(The photo below is of Karen Shelton, known on Abe Forum as "Ari.")

For reasons only Esther Hicks can explain, she and Jerry Hicks controlled the content of the Abe Forum Karen Shelton (Ari)through a paid intermediary, David Gordon. The Forum itself is best understood as a marketing device for Abraham-Hicks products and workshops, sessions where Esther claims to channel a group of one-hundred "nonphysical entities," all speaking in a single voice.

(Full disclosure: David Gordon has banned me from the Abe Forum, probably because I asked the wrong questions and am known as a skeptic. Opinions disagreeing with the gospel of Esther Hicks (posing as Abraham) are taboo as are open discussions about anything.)

The main intent of Abe Forum is to promote Abraham-Hicks products based on the “teachings of Abraham,” which Esther Hicks has preached extemporaneously for decades to live audiences and marketed heavily through books, recordings and other media.

Jesus, Esther has claimed, maybe hoping to keep Christians in her fold, is a member of the Abraham cluster and, now, so is her dead husband, revealed as a merry commentator at live events.

The so-called teachings are based on the “Law of Attraction,” a concept invented nearly a hundred years ago in the New Thought Movement, although Esther and Jerry Hicks have long claimed to be originators.

An important component in their attracting audiences is Esther Hicks claim that she receives those blocks of thought from Abraham who are in direct contact with “Source,” her neutral term for God, and have access to all wisdom existing in the universe. In other words, these are the words of God’s own messengers and only wrong when “limited humans” fail to  understand them.

Something new: Jerry and Esther Hicks Spiritual Money Tree, Stories Behind the Abraham-Hicks' Teachings and the Law of Attraction

Ari Joins The Abe Forum

Ari was an artist, struggling  to sell enough paintings to pay rent and buy food. She was a cancer survivor whose chemotherapy was so intense she wore a wig years later because her hair would never grow back.

In her first post on the Abe Forum, Ari responded to a platitude-filled blast of verbiage from “Super Moderator” Jody with this:

“Thanks Jody. I think I listened to Abraham for at least 2 hours a day for two years and I so would expect myself to understand what you mean. But I don't. I feel like I was doing such a great job with being honest with myself and with seeking alignment. I know it's not supposed to help to talk about your past, BUT...I've had just about everything that can happen to someone happen...abuse, death of a child, cancer, poverty and aloneness. Yet I am one of those people with a strong spirit who keeps reaching for beauty, love and all the good stuff.”

This and other similar posts about struggling are answered with comments and suggestions from other members of the forum which, while well-intended, convey a message that her unhappiness and lifelong battles with depression are her own fault. She isn’t thinking the right thoughts, and more important, she fails to apply the “teachings of Abraham” correctly.

She needs to learn to float “downstream,” instead of “upstream,” she is told. The analogies are common Abraham-Hicks speak. They are intended to help followers understand that “trying” and “struggling” are mistakes. Abundance, happiness, etc. are easy, if you will only “let go of the oars” and let the good times flow.

While her demons never seemed far away and each burst of happiness was followed by another round of depression, Ari seemed puzzled and frustrated that the teachings of Abraham, repeatedly reinforced on the Abe Forum, weren't working.

Her online comments were answered on the  forum with suggestions about how she could improve her practices.

A brave woman determined to overcome repeated bouts of depression, Ari diligently tried to follow the advice, even as it seemed contradictory.

She tried the Abraham-Hicks inspired “focus wheels” and going up the "Emotional Guidance Scale" (EGS) to find “relief.” These practices failed, as they usually do, and because she’d been told that she was 100% responsible for all the good or bad things in her life, her inability to get better reinforced her sense that she failed.

No one in all the transcripts I read ever recommended counselling or other professional help, only practices suggested in the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

Is The Abraham-Hicks Forum A Lure For The Needy and Depressed?

It’s a hard conclusion to avoid. When you read the transcripts taken from the Ari’s threads on the forum, it’s striking how frequently those reacting to her are fighting depression themselves. They describe their own struggles and what they've done to achieve periods of escape from the disease.

Taken in total, these read like the ramblings of cult followers who don’t seem able to think or express themselves freely.

No one seems to have found a permanent cure from depression through the guidance of Abraham-Hicks. Some report screaming in pain at the teachings before the release of anger led them back to the conclusion that it was all their own fault. This gave them the illusion of control and helped them feel better.

Abraham-Hicks, Suicide And The Death Of Ari

A year and a half after joining and participating in forum discussions, frequently talking about her own illness, but also sweetly encouraging others, Ari wrote this:

“The first time I heard Abraham was their intro cd and I sat in my car and cried. Up until then, I honestly believed I was not supposed to be here...not alive in this world. I was suicidal for most of my life and that is a very painful way to live. I simply could not reconcile all that had happened to me and the belief there was any such thing as a merciful God. I turned to other religions and I still felt like nothing I could do or be was enough to have good things come to me.

"When I started to understand that I created what had happened, (even though at the time that seemed a harsh explanation), it gave me such unbelievable relief." 

Five months later, unable to defeat her demons through all the exercises encouraged by Abraham-Hicks, after listening to hundreds of hours of Esther Hicks supposedly translating the eternal wisdom of Abraham from “blocks of thought,' and being reinforced about her failures while she “created what had happened,” Ari killed herself.

The response from the Abraham-Hicks forum was instructive.

But before that happened, determined to keep trying and to support others suffering severe depression, Ari addressed a friend on the forum who was in pain this way:

“Dearest beautiful Jacqueline,
I've written many posts on depression and many of them while I was in the deepest darkest holes of despair.

My only way out has been to embrace the depression. I would do only what I had to do and at times it got scary. I couldn't even listen to Abe then and usually would fight whatever advice I got. And that was because I had lost myself.

So soon...I'd get pissed. Like my IB* would say...ok I'm here and we are going to rise again! And I'd get angry at EVERYTHING.

Soon, I'd feel stronger and soon I'd find myself laughing at some sick joke or playing with my dog.
Then I'd get back on the forum and soon I'd figure out that some stupid old belief was really nagging at me. Like I'd never seen it this clearly. And I'd release it!

It seemed that every time (since knowing Abe) I'd come out of the depressions much further DOWNSTREAM! They have been like one Aber put it...very bumpy shortcuts to where I want to go...thru the ghetto, glass on the streets, muddy ruts and finally... OZ.”

*IB = Inner Being

Two weeks later, Ari was dead.

How Responsible Was Abraham-Hicks For Ari’s Death?

On the forum itself, action was taken to erase Ari  and swiftly.

For over a year and a half, Ari had participated in many discussions. She was among the Abe Forum’s most active members, but shortly after learning of her suicide, paid Abraham-Hicks moderators reduced her identity to “guest,” as if she’d never registered or been an active a member.

What this did was erase her from name searches, obliterate her “lovely” icon (taken from one of her own paintings) and erase both the date of her joining the forum as well as the number of her posts on the forum.

Okay, so, you can understand why a deceased person may no longer be considered active, privacy concerns and all that, but there may have been an uglier motive.

A post alerting forum members, many of whom knew and had interacted frequently with her, of Ari's death was deleted by moderators almost immediately. Moreover, a forum member was told by "Super Moderator" Jody Baron that any discussion involving Ari’s death would be “inappropriate,” even a simple notification.

After months and thousands of words on the forum, Ari was left dangling like a ghost on the threads. What might have been a teaching moment was sacrificed to protect the teachings of Abraham-Hicks from discussion of how they might've, intentionally or not, been a catalyst or facilitator in a suicide.

Two years later, these same teachings would fail Jerry Hicks as he aged and died from leukemia, another event Abraham-Hicks, led by his own widow, Esther, scrambled to obscure.

The Teachings Of Abraham-Hicks On Death

Draw whatever conclusions you like about whether Ari was totally responsible for her depression, poverty, bad luck in romance and her eventual suicide. Or was she assisted, aided along the way by reinforcement on the Abraham-Hicks Forum that she was a failure?

Maybe the following “teachings of Abraham,” certainly familiar to Ari as a longtime listener to the Abraham-Hicks tapes and CD’s, helped her along the way:

“We promise you, the timing of your death is always chosen by you.”
Chicago, 2002

“Because we know that life is eternal, and we know that there is no ending to that which you are about, if one of you is killed in an earthquake or crashes your plane, or any number of other very creative ways you have found to make your exit into the Non-Physical, because we know the whole picture, we grieve not a moment for any of you.”
El Paso, 2001

“The death experience is always suicide. Always. Every time. Because every death experience is created by Self, no matter how it plays out. Every single one of them is created by Self.”
The Teachings of Abraham.

The above was spoken as part of a mocking response about a mother who questioned Abraham-Hicks role in the suicide of her son, but the worst is this one:

"'...death' is a matter of closing one's eyes in this dimension and literally opening one's eyes in the other dimension. And that, truly, is how all death is, no matter how it looks, up to that point.. The re-emergence into Source Energy is always a delightful thing."

This was said by Esther Hicks, posing as Abraham, in Buffalo, New York, two weeks to the day after terrorist attacks claimed nearly 3,000 lives on September 11th, 2001.

Not to worry. Pregnant women crushed by collapsing towers or jumping to avoid being burned alive, others on jetliners with babies in their laps, men with dependent families waiting for them to come home, telemarketers slugging away another day on the phone--no matter, they killed themselves, fully aware and instantly without a regret, according to Esther Hicks. “The death experience is always suicide.” Also, it “is always a delightful thing.”

Did Abraham-Hicks teachings, to which Ari was apparently addicted, contribute to her suicide? Will the mainstream media continue to ignore dangers to the needy and vulnerable posed by cults? And what about Abraham-Hicks, booster, Oprah Winfrey, who multiple times gave them a public platform to lure more followers?

Will anyone speak up for Ari and others or will Esther Hicks and Abraham be allowed to continue without restraint?


David Stone, Writer

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user avatar
Written by sdc423, 11 months ago
This blog is so stupid. I had to create an account just to comment on here. First of all, I don't even necessarily believe that Esther Hicks really channels Abraham, however, I do find the principals of the law of attraction to be true. The reason that this post is stupid is that you are asking wether or not they caused someone to kill themselves. It seems so absurd and babyish. Nope, no religious group CAUSES anyone to kill themselves. A person, who commits suicide well....kills.....themselves. I don't care if they're in a cult or not. This person obviously suffered from clinical depression, something that I myself have suffered with. And when you are that deeply depressed, almost nothing can bring you out of it. It's nobody's fault. You mentioned that no one recommended counseling. How do you know she wouldn't have killed herself even with counseling? And counseling is a pretty common word; most people know what it means and that it is available. And to say that they "lure in the needy and depressed?" Haha! Welcome to all spirituality and religion. Almost everyone who is needy and depressed seeks out some form of spirituality or religion for help. You just sound like an atheist with no common sense. I will say that it is very shady and bad that they removed her presence from the forum. That looks shallow and bad and shows a lack of empathy and being reluctant to even talk about it IS very bad on their part, I will give you that. But no one causes another person to kill themselves. It's a choice that each person makes for themselves. If you think that then where do you draw the line? Couldn't ANYONE be responsible then? Couldn't a song or a commercial or a co-worker or friend be responsible for "sending them over the edge?" Such nonsense this is. Abraham Hicks may very well be a fraud, but this post is ridiculous.
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 11 months ago
Let's speak in your terms, sdc423.

First, you're a knucklehead. If you are too dense to understand that charismatic figures have a long sordid history of leading vulnerable people into foolish action, then you need to check out your history, from larger than life figures like Rasputin to Hitler down to your everyday encyclopedia salesperson. You have to be willfully ignorant to be so unaware.

So, expert that your are, you've concluded that, "This person obviously suffered from clinical depression." without ever meeting or talking with her. And, being a genius. you've also divined that I am an "atheist with no common sense." This brilliant deduction is based on the simple fact that I have a point of view different from yours, and it makes you so angry you need to denounce the messenger.

In fact, you're so desperate to be right, you equate intense religious proselytizing over a period of years to the influence of a song or a TV commercial. And yes, co-workers and roommates have certainly sent people over the edge. Plenty of such instances have been published in the mainstream media.

What's ridiculous is your whiney temper tantrum over someone having the audacity of voicing an opinion different from your own. Boy, I bet that doesn't happen often.

You're right that no one completely causes anyone to commit suicide, but are you really so foolish that you ignore the well-established fact that vulnerable people can be influenced. How stupid are you? Take a test and get back to me.
user avatar
Written by sdc423, 11 months ago
I spoke out in anger and I apologize. This blog just made me very upset. I AM aware of the history of mass cult suicides and the like, but my point is, you can't accuse innocent people when someone chooses to take their own life. It's a fine line if a cult leader tells a person to do it and they do, but Esther hicks did not do that. This is a tragic story but this girl's death was not the fault of the Esther Hicks or "Abraham".
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 11 months ago
Now you understand why it was posed as a question. People are welcome to reach their own conclusions, but unlike the Abe Forum and anything about A-H workshops, all sides should be openly aired. The Forum's scramble to disappear her was all the evidence I needed to see that they worried about being somewhat responsible themselves.
user avatar
Written by ddd111, 1 year ago
I used to be (Still registered but not active) member of the abe forum, relatively new i guess to know the references about Ari, I can definitely relate to the fact that the moderators really keeps an eye on whats been said on the forum, My only experiences on this is just about links & opening a forum thats similar to another, But still. Almost immediately removed with notice.
I can also relate to the insensitive dogma on the forum. Everything is awesome and buttercups, when they aren't and if they are well its your fault. Its a very one sided forum, ill tell you that, i did however posed a question about a contradiction abraham made with some years between, most users posted mumbo-jumbo happy stars or with other words; "how dare you question something that makes me question something ive put a smiley face on?", but one really laid out a good explanation. So i feel that theyre teachings definitely can get misinterpreted easily and make users come to their own conclusions.
i definitely feel that the Abraham culture is of group thinking, and to me, seems quite dangerous because it attracts obsessive desperate people who dont find solutions but happily buy sugar. Its definitely a sugar rush.

however, Even though im no longer a part of this culture, (i "joined" at 18 to 21). I cant deny that i feel like it definitely assisted me on my own path for "truth", But i wouldnt force these teachings upon myself, i don't feel its healthy to LIKE EVERYTHING, which is not really what they teach but it definitely get mixed up like they do so most of their followers follows those 2 words. The submissive & passive group thinking of it put me off, And that got demonstrated when a non-believer posed a question to esther in the hot seat, the tension as described by another attendee was to Boo him. In the video i could see how peoples faces turned frowning when he continued to speak.I had no problem with his questions but intrigued because i too want answers. That made me realize the magnitude of the group thinking. Or when another said while on the abraham hicks cruise, people, all of the sudden started to jump like children and forced "everything is likable" phrases with smiles that covered a sad face, almost running over people to get the front seats at these sessions.

Also i was fed up with the weird subscription for the "latest" material, turned out to be LATE material, not the newest, as in 4 months behind!

I think most people takes their teachings right over the edge to insanity, However, thinking positive(not forcing it upon myself), & accepting myself, have been of tremendous value. Of course. But you can find other processes and other inspirational talks that motivates that.

My conclusion is that Abraham, Makes such a hype of this it sweeps desperate people off the floor in promise of that gold pot at the end of the rainbow. Thats why im turning to more, sensible, affirmations. Not all of the sudden life changing in 17 seconds, and that youre doing it all wrong if bad things happen. however i do still like to sometimes play a track from Abraham to get on a better mood, but its in no way a magical way to get that ferrari. and its sad to see people trapped in that limited space, Because they think all of the sudden their life will change.

I think people miss the point of their teachings and i think Esther definitely takes advantage of that, or so it seems. In my opinion. As for me, i dont mind some of the material, since in my understanding its not about liking everything in an instant, which is where many fall. If you have severe depression you should consider healthy habits or professional counseling before messing with your mind further ;)
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 1 year ago
Thanks for your comment. I couldn't agree more.
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 2 years ago
Sadly, Mariarita1 (along with others) is in the same cycle Ari fell into. Esther comes on like a sugar high. It doesn't last. It's like a person who'd terribly out of shape who eats chocolate bars for medicine because, whenever he or she eats one, it feels better. Unfortunately, the Abraham easy way out discourages getting the real help they need. Ari listened to the Abe stuff for two hours a day for years and spent additional time on the forum. Does anyone seriously believe she didn't want to feel better and, as the Abers suggest, really wanted to die?

If you're sick, see someone trained to help, and get the hell away from Esther Hicks.
user avatar
Written by charmcat, 2 years ago
Mariarita, It is heart breaking to me to hear anyone say they think about comitting suicide all the time.I think it shows how strong you are to still be here. I wish like anything I could say something that would be of any use to you. If Abraham makes you feel good than I am glad for you. I do know, first hand several people with deep mood swings and I know they have balanced out with help from a therapist and medication and they both are now leading happy productive lives. It sometimes isn't easy to find the right combination of medication but it can be done. You might want to consider seeking out a therapist or psychiatrist who is trained to treat mood swings and manic depression. No one should have to be that unhappy. I wish you the very best of luck!
user avatar
Written by mariarita1, 2 years ago
"If we "transition to pure positive energy," how come nobody ever transitions back to tell about it? " Abraham ALWAYS made it clear that when we join this physical realm we 'forgot' what happened before so it won't mix up with our brand new, clean experiencie. You should read more of them books before making your points.

user avatar
Written by mariarita1, 2 years ago
I'm depressed and I think about killing myself all the time, but whenever I listen to Abraham Hicks I feel better. The thing is, we can't be happy ALL THE TIME, specialy mood swinging people like me: it's not because you got at the point of happiness you cannot distract yourself from it and get out of alignment. Abraham makes it clear.
I'm sure Ari felt good and hopeful while listening to the Abraham's wisdom, but just like me and like most of human beings she got eventually depressed and at one of those days she ended up killing herself. Blaming someone from someother's death is a SERIOUS thing to do and you should be more responsible next time. Hope you find your alignment and stop trying to get someone who has helped milions of people down.

Lots of love. xx
user avatar
Written by franklingut, 3 years ago
What about this:

They do not promote suicide, just only explain what all death is. Of course, under their wide perspective of life.

Just tell me, independently of Abe's influence, do you think Ari made something wrong? If you were in her own skin? What would you do with exactly the same experiences, mind frame, beliefs, brain...
Do you thin she is NOW better or worse? Sincerely, please sincerely...
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
The website you posted here is a perfect example of the simpleminded, insensitive, narcissistic babble that comes out of Esther Hicks. Every death is a suicide? Only a fool would say that.

You say they "just only explain what all death is," and I say they make cotton candy out of a difficult subject to keep arrested adolescents in tow.

I don't know if Ari "made something wrong," because I don't know what you mean. Maybe English is your second language? I don't know what I'd do if I were in her skin with the same experiences. Do I now think she is better or worse? I think she's dead, the end, and there is nothing better or worse to made of it. Her story is over.

I'm sorry that was her choice, since it seemed she was a lovely individual with much to offer. I am also very sorry she turned to the Abe Forum and Esther Hicks, both of which are dead ends for people with real needs.
user avatar
Written by Remembering_Ari-Karen, 3 years ago
Karen's Tribute song release 03/20/12
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
Thanks for adding this info for readers.
user avatar
Written by Remembering_Ari-Karen, 3 years ago
A picture of Karen and a song written by Karen's son Ari. "I wanted to give her a space, in the music, to be, and to become all the things she didn’t get a chance to be when she was alive.” -Ari
user avatar
Written by Clarity, 3 years ago
ps to viewers...not all of the rabbit hole by any means. Stay tuned *wink*
user avatar
Written by Clarity, 3 years ago
David said...

And by the way, what were you and your entourage doing in South Korea when Jerry kicked the bucket?

Do you mean THE South Korea Dave where they are renowned for cutting edge stem cell research/treatment for leukemia among others? And didn't I read on another blog of yours where a 'close friend of the family' said Jer needed a bone marrow transplant in order to survive but that his siblings who would be best match couldn't donate due to various circumstances? Jer had a lot of siblings so that had me stumped. And gosh, didn't we read on a Denver meet up site (gotta love google cache) that Abe told Jer Korea was a vibrational match re place to connect with that vortex in the sky? Wonder why that post was removed??? Seems perfectly logical to me Dave...can't take that non phizzy vortex ride just anywhere ya know. I see all sorts of potential here...personal consultations on best place to kick the bucket.

That's 1 800 ABE CONK
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
River Kwai. Some interesting thoughts. Thanks.
user avatar
Written by charmcat, 3 years ago
A terrific, very well written article Dave. I am only sorry that it had to be written. I too believe in life after death and I too feel that there are so many changes when some one dies, that it is not easy for us or them to contact each other. Personally , I have had experiences of people contacting me after death, through dreams, letting me know they were doing well. I never aked them to contact me, but I thought it was really kind of them to do so . I also think it is not that easy for some of the newly dead to get up to speed with their new life right away, for all kinds of reasons which are not important here. I get a lot of this from old Joan Grant books about her lives, which still ring true to me. That said, I don't for one instant believe the real Jerry is already contacting Esther. I think you are right on the nose when you said A-H forum doesn't really know how to handle death. It is a kinder explanation than my own. I was thinking they are so cut off from their own natural ablilty to mourne, to feel compassion, to feel the loss of another human being that they are only half alive themselves. My heart aches for them as well as Ari and her son. Thanks though, for the macabre laugh I got over Esther not making fun of the old ones croaking and taking their cranky vibrations with them when it comes to Jerry. But then he is a bridge now isn't he? A bridge over the River Kwi ( sp?) Is that river in Korea?
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
What I'm thinking, at the moment, apart from the obvious, is that the less obvious message from the A-H Forum is that they can't deal with death at all. Maybe that's a lot of their motivation.

Instead of dying, we "transition." To what? "Pure positive energy." What the hell is that?

This is escapist baloney. You saw it with Jerry too.

If we "transition to pure positive energy," how come nobody ever transitions back to tell about it? And how come, if it's so "delightful," only Jerry Hicks resurfaces?

The underlying truth is that Abraham-Hicks includes escape from the worst thing that happens to any of us: losing our lives, losing our loved ones. And even if there is another side, as I believe there is, everything about us changes when death radically shifts environments.

And Esther actively discourages consideration of anything else by mocking followers whose experiences do not coincide with her claims. People "croak," and thinking otherwise is flaw shared by "limited humans."s

Funny how, when her own partner died, she made no mocking references about "croaking" or clucking about "being so disrespectful." When Jerry who was at least 87 died, she didn't once remind her followers, as she has about others, that it's "good to see the old ones go," since they are no long clogging things ups for youngsters.

Oops, my mistake, there is no death. Sorry, Esther. And by the way, what were you and your entourage doing in South Korea when Jerry kicked the bucket?
user avatar
Written by Clarity, 3 years ago
The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper. New information has surfaced...stay tuned to your favorite blogging station for important announcements *wink*
user avatar
Written by CosmicConnie, 3 years ago
This, from Karen's son Ari, absolutely breaks my heart:

i have a whole room
where your paintings hang
i have a whole heart
where you can plant your garden
user avatar
Written by Clarity, 3 years ago
I'd bet they checked in with Jerry.

Ya think??? What would make you think that? That they covered up Jer's illness? Hid that he was two days from that vortex in the sky with their stop and smell the roses blog...and Jer was barely in the vortex of infinite wisdom before he was out and about playing fun tricks on Abers at home (re Esterham's comments to a hotseater shortly after Jer's death). Jer also had a fine time yukking it up at that Abeway. It was, to coin one of Kyra's favs...adorable. So why would we think that the HIcks, who control every aspect of the franchise, would be consulted on something as minor as a long standing member's suicide? Or which post to delete or what to do with her membership?

Dave, have you been haunting spiracy sites again :)
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
The Abe Forum representatives for Abraham-Hicks were making sure their butts were covered and their message unassailed. I'd bet they checked in with Jerry.
user avatar
Written by Clarity, 3 years ago
Thank you Tina for this update~

She had a lot of threads on her upcoming eviction in the month of July and august. August 7th was her last post on the forum and in it she said that she was going to drive to her son's wedding (on august 8th).

She was very excited about the wedding and on that thread she said two things she was unhappy/sad about.

1. She didn't have any money to dress/do make-up as nicely as she wanted to and

2. She would be meeting her ex-husband after 20 years and she was nervous about that.

I hope she did see her son's wedding. This was the one big event she was looking forward to. Her last post was on august 7th and she said that the wedding was tomorrow (august 8th) and she was driving down to the wedding.
Someone posted on the 'dedication to jody' thread before me and she had said birthday wishes to jody, and commented on Ari's transition to pure positive energy. I had posted after that with birthday wishes to Jody and asking if I had missed something re: Ari.
The mods deleted our reference to Ari and Jody PM'd me that the mods had decided to not go there (my words). I mentioned to Jody that it might make for a 'lively discussion' on the forum, but that I understood her decision. She said they hoped there were doing the right thing. They hope they get some sense from Ari/Karen on what to do if they decide to do something differently.
I PM'd after a bit, to Jody, that Ari must have helped herself transition - it made the most sense to me on why the mods decided to not let people talk about it. Jody neither affirmed or denied what I thought.

See, there I go making false assumptions. Jody et all were waiting for word from Karen if they should discuss her suicide. Obviously Karen did not reply which would make it clear she didn't want it discussed. Either that or Jody et all were unable to get into the vortex so they could hear Karen.

I really need to curb my bias tongue :)
user avatar
Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
The more I read and learn the more chilling and repulsive the story of the smiley face Abe Forum becomes. The lack of sensitivity is intense.

More to come on this, Clarity and Ahna, and thanks, once more, for your wisdom, insight and research.
user avatar
Written by Clarity, 3 years ago

As you can see in this thread Jacq posted about depression July 31st. Members responded including Ari. Jacq replies with thanks within one day to all posters.

Members continued to post support through Aug 3rd but a section seems to be missing. On Aug 7th Jacq again replies with thanks to the additional post.

Dear Abers,

Thank you so much for responding to me in my time of depression. I haven't been on the internet for a few days. I feel so much better and I can really enjoy it because of the contrast! I realized I still want to take the small dose of my medicine until it feels like the next logical step to quit them and not because the doctor says I should. So I am confident that I will when the time is right.

Because of this contrast, I can clearly see again what I do want. I want to clean up the underlaying vibration and this was off course a great reminder that I had some cleaning up to do!

Brian, great reminder. I did do just that and felt way better while falling asleep.

And dear Chris, thank you for reminding me to be easy on myself, have more fun and stop beating up on myself! Just reading that immediately soothed me!

Dear Ari, thank you so much for sharing.

With a blank space under that comment...perhaps where a portion of Ari's reply was. If you look at Jacq's previous post there are no large blank spaces. Missing also is the post Ari would have made. As Tina said on Miriah's blog...

Clarity, I went back and looked for that last post from Karen. I cannot find it either. It was made, I believe, on 08/07/09, the day before her son's wedding (if I am correct). It looks like it may have been removed.


So just exactly what did Karen say the day before her son's wedding? And why was it removed?

Karen went to her son's wedding, came home and killed herself.
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Written by Ahnalira, 3 years ago
Civil litigation is always a possibility if someone wants to pursue it and can find an attorney who believes a case can be made. I agree that the erasure of Karen's membership and blocking of any discussion about it would be a pivotal point in pursuing that possibility as it shows a definitive lack of the community support that defines the purpose of most online forums.
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Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
Maybe not criminal, but civil liability might be possible. Somehow, some responsibility and restraint must be demanded. It would never be voluntary restraint, except in the interest of making more money.

You've raised an interesting question or two. I know my membership was erased because I'm what the Hicks' culture calls "a hater," or what the rest of the world calls a skeptic. But I was not aware that others lingered long after they stepped away from the forum, and the erasure of Ari as a member seems a virtual recognition of (at least) moral guilt.
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Written by Ahnalira, 3 years ago
For me, this is an article that layers sadness upon sadness upon sadness. Sadness for Karen who reached out to a community for support and found a type of support that enabled her descent into confusion rather than helping her stabilize. Sadness for the people on the forum who believe (d) they are/were part of a real community that shared each others lives in support and caring and encouragement. Sadness for the members and moderators who actually believe it's better to erase a person from existence than deal with the feelings that her death reveals.

Like Connie, I'm pretty sure there is no "legal" culpability. Forums are not required to vet their participants for emotional stability or required to vet their posters for bad advice. It's somewhat disconcerting to me that Karen was "wiped" from the database as a member right after her death. I wonder why when a forum, by design, is meant to provide community support and death in our culture is a community event. As well, there are many, many members on the site who stopped posting for various reasons...and they aren't deleted from the database. So, I wonder why was Karen singled out to remove? It's the question this article evokes for me as feel the sadness of all the layers.
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Written by CosmicConnie, 3 years ago
An excellent article to add to your already impressive body of Abe-Hicks criticism, Dave. (I feel such a kinship with anyone who gets banned from the woo forums; I've apparently been banned from a few myself. I cannot for the life of me figure out why.)

I'm still taking baby steps with the Abe forums, and am learning about the players and the dynamics thanks to you and Kyra and Clarity and now Mariah. However, just from what little I have seen, I would say that your assessment of one of the forums, "It isn’t really a forum or place for open discussion" is an extreme understatement. :-)

I've always simply assumed that Abe was made up (probably my own biases at play), and just reading one article a few years ago about how Abe came to be convinced me that Jerry was a crass opportunist who pushed Esther into the channeling gig. Eventually she got the hang of it, and from there Abrascam just took off.

I am of course not a lawyer, but I think legal liability would be hard to establish in the case of Ari’s death. However, moral responsibility is another issue altogether. But as you and Clarity and Kyra have all indicated in your own way, morality seems to be a moot consideration with the Abe-Hicks money machine. Their teachings about death and other troubling issues are evidence of this amorality.

I guess it's up to us critical bloggers and "haters" to continue to speak up for the Ari's of the world. And I intend to do so as well, and will link to this piece, Mariah’s, and Kyra’s when she writes hers. Thank you, Dave, for being a needed resource.
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Written by davestone13, 3 years ago
We've heard about harm to others. Deaths are likely, but Abraham Hicks is incredibly adept at erasing evidence. Maybe Jerry was once employed by Nixon and learned the tricks.

I hope others with knowledge will come forward, after reading about this, with their own stories. Some way, somehow, Abraham Hicks needs to learn to be more responsible public citizens and take responsibility for damages done, just as they have taken money from the vulnerable and needy, often under false pretenses.

Thanks for your comment and for yours and Mariah's inspiration.
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Written by Clarity, 3 years ago
Fantastic article Dave...just fantastic. While I can imagine the admin and mods might just be repeating Abe-sims bc they actually believe such...I know the HIcks didn't believe them bc they made the Abe thing up. Too much evidence to say otherwise. Kyra's blog is a good one for evidence archives. So let's say David Gordon, Jody, Marc, Leslie...really do believe the teachings. The HIcks made sure Ari was erased from the records as much as possible. David G takes all his clues directly from the Hicks. He is not paid to think, he is paid to follow orders. Fortunately I saved all the web pages in case they try to erase more. What this means from a larger perspective is the HIcks intentionally covered up Ari's suicide for self gain. As I said on Miriah's blog...

If there had been an ounce of decency Karen's suicide would have been announced, discussed. It didn't even have to be with the theme the teachings don't work. It simply could have been we as a group need to be more aware when members have more serious issues so we can help them find the avenues that will keep them from killing themselves. However human life doesn't matter to the admins, mods or Hicks…never has and never will. Just let that settle in…human life does not matter~

I state unequivocally that the Hicks are guilty of criminal negligence. The admins and mods are accomplices either through stupidly or complicity. The admins and mods are financially rewarded for their efforts and that can be a very strong motive.

And of course the question have their been others?

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