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Connecting Crock Pots Starting Under $60

                           vegetable soup with celery, onions, tomatos, beef, cooking in crock pot  with lid held open

You can get great looking Crock Pot Connectables cookware starting at under $60 and cook dinner or food for a party and keep it hot and ready to serve from the Connectables. Crock Pot Connectables are made by the same people that made the name crock pot a household name years ago. The only problem with this has been that Crock Pots only cooked one thing at a time. This new line of Crock Pots, called "Connectables" has solved that problem. Connectables are two or more crockpots side-by-side in the same warmer with individual heat controls (see the pictures below). They come in different sizes and are real space savers. You'll be sure to get compliments and the inevitable question of "Where did you get those?!" Just tell them they can get Crock Pot Connectables in the store or online at stores like,, and more. It's easy to put soup, roast, and many other foods, into a Crock Pot and set it to cook on low heat before leaving for work or to run errands. That saves cooking time and lets you and your family sit down to eat when you get home.


Tip: You can find the Crock Pot Connectables Entertainment Systems on


The Crock Pot Connectable System

The Crock Pot Connectable Entertaining System is a great way to cook several things at the same time in connected Crock Pots. They're a variation on the Classic slow cooker that cook all day or for a shorter period depending on the temperature setting. Crock Pot Connectables come in different sizes and shapes that fit inside individual stackable heating units. Though some of the pots are smaller, it lets you cook more than one dish at a time in the same base. But another great benefit is being able to save storage space by stacking individual units with the rest of the system. Whether you use them individually or connected, Hook-ups are a great way to cook and serve guests.



Connect and Cook

Crock Pot Connectables have interlocking heating bases that allow you to connect as many as three heating units together at once. Each stand alone unit has it’s own electrical 120V connection but when you connect the heating units one retractable power cord heats all of the units. That means you only need one electrical outlet. That’s important if you use multiple electrical devices when you cook. The units can also be used to keep food warm as you serve family and/or guest from them.



Carrying Case and Easy Storage

Once the meal is done, clean up is quick and easy and your Connectable Hook-up system comes apart and become stackable for easy storage. They also have leather carrying cases that make it easy to handle the units after they’ve been heated. This design takes less space leaving you room to store other things. The Crock Pot Hook-up Entertaining System is neatly designed and come in Green, Copper, Metallic Blue, Metallic Black, and Metallic Charcoal. The Crock Pot Connectable system is a great deal starting at under $60.


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Written by DonnaCook, 2 weeks ago
I just love these! I'm a big Crock-Pot fan anyway but these are just genius for entertaining. They're so much more practical than chafing dishes or warmers.
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Written by younghopes, 1 year ago
These appear pretty useful

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