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Clicksor - Could be Another Ad Network for Seekyt

It is a sad news that Google Ads are no longer been shown on the articles of Seekyt. Chitika and Infolinks were the suggestions of the Admin as well as many other members. But, I think Clicksor could be a better Ad Network for Seekyt at this situation. If we compare Clicksor and Chitika, there's certainly a big difference; Clicksor is ranked 182 worldwide, whereas Chitika is around 2000! Infolinks is somewhere around 800. Clicksor has everything, text ads, pop up ads, banner ads, windowed ads etc. Clicksor has been a good Ad Network for me since a long time. I am looking for your thoughts!
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Written by Sgolis, 3 years ago
My average click with Adsense was $0.84 and there is no way that I would be happy with $0.03. I would be ready to pack it in...and say bye bye...there has to be a better way....hope tomorrow is good news
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Written by SusM, 3 years ago
The rates are a bit scary. I averaged 10 - 20c a click with Adsense with a few around $1. Chitika from my first few days of experience doesn't seem to be greatly different to Adsense on the rate I'm getting per click. I don't think I would fancy 3c a click o.O
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Written by Tyler, 3 years ago
The only issue I have is Clicksor has a set rate of $0.03 per click and $0.20 per 1,000 impressions. On average, there is no way that Clicksor could even come close to the lost revenue that I'm trying to fill with the Infolinks/Chitika combination.

I had considered Clicksor at first, but now I'm a little hesitant because of their rates.

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