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Christmas Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Checks

There are buy now pay later no credit check catalogs that you can use to do your Christmas gift shopping or just gift shopping in general.  Before the internet, buy now pay later shopping were only done through catalogs.  Among the leader in the buy now pay later no credit check shopping industry was Fingerhut.  Just about everyone who didn't have a credit card used companies like Fingerhut to furnish their home, buy home electronics as well as personal care items.  Today, opening one of those catalogs is like walking into a high end department store.

Now that most buy now pay later catalogs are online, most of them do very light credit checks while you are checking out.  To increase your chances of getting approved try making sure that your first order is $100 or less, especially if you have bad credit.

If you have bad credit and don't want to submit to a credit check, you can go to each website that have products that you are interested in and order the print catalog. Often, when you order from the print catalog you do not have to submit to a credit check.  All you do is place your first order (under $100), and pay over time and on time. The more you order and pay, the more your credit limit increases.  


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Grand Pointe still gives you $100 credit to shop immediately through their online website.  With Grand Pointe you shop for $100 worth of items immediately on check out and build your credit with them up to $500 over time. They still are one of a very few buy now pay later catalogs that still maintain that same model with their online sites as the print catalogs started out with. 

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