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Catholic Philanthropists Who Give Away Money

If you’re looking to raise money for a good cause or need financial assistance for a hardship that you’re experiencing then you can turn to Catholic philanthropists who give away money. There are countless Catholic people who donate very generously however there are two individuals in particular that are really making a difference to the world today. Soon after the Giving Pledge was introduced by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet as a non profit organization where members were required to pledge away more than half of their wealth to help people in need, two Catholic philanthropists signed up, these generous individuals were Tom Monaghan and Barron Hilton. In this article we take a look at the philanthropists and how they've helped people all over the world.

Who are These Catholic Philanthropists?

All throughout history religions have advocated helping less fortunate people in need, Tom Monaghan and Barron Hilton really believed in the message and as a result they've used their fortune to really help people in need all over the world.

Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan was an orphan who was raised in a Catholic school by Felician Sisters, from an early age Tom wanted to help the foundation which had helped him so much. He realized later on as he immersed himself in the religion that he entered this world as a penniless Catholic and would leave this world as a penniless Catholic; he also understood that what really mattered was how you helped people in need.

Tom Monaghan is the founder and CEO of one of the biggest Pizza companies in the world, Domino Pizza has helped Tom to accumulate $500 million in net worth, what’s really impressive is that he’s pledged to give away nearly $450 million to help people all over the world; this is a truly amazing pledge and few people ever make a commitment to give away 90% of their wealth. Most of the money will be going to help children all over the world especially those who are suffering poverty.

Ask Tom Monaghan Foundation for Help

Barron Hilton

Barron Hilton is the heir to the Hilton Family fortune. Conrad N. Hilton envisaged the first hotel and since then the Hilton Hotel name has been synonymous with some of the leading names in history. The hotel chain is now one of the most recognized and revered places to stay and has hosted world leaders, actors and celebrities from all over the world. Barron Hilton as an heir has a estimated net worth of $22 billion of which he has decided to pledge away $17 billion to help people in need.

Barron Hilton has written a personal letter to the Giving Pledge which explains his motivation behind his large pledge, the billionaire wants most of the money to go to Catholic children throughout the world; in particular he wants the money to go to projects that involve water development, homelessness, children education, substance abuse and Catholic Sisters.

Ask Barron Hilton Foundation for Money

Contact Details for Catholic Philanthropists Who Give Away Money

If you’re thinking about contacting these philanthropists for money you need to have a genuine need that they support. A genuine legitimate need would include help with medical and school fees, poverty, homelessness, abuse, disaster recovery and substance abuse. One of the most important steps that you can take is to take a look at the charitable foundations these Catholic philanthropists are in charge of to see if there are any programs that might help. Another important point to remember is that there is no obligation to these non profit organizations to help you, all you can do is ask for help and hope for the best. Here are the contact details of the Catholic millionaires who give money away

Catholic Philanthropists Who Help People

The Ave Maria Charitable Foundation c/o Tom Monaghan

Number 1 Ave Maria Drive

PO Box 373 Ann Arbor

Michigan 48106-0373

Tel: (734) 930-3150

Catholic Philanthropists Who Give Money Awat

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

30440 Agoura Road

Agoura Hills

California 91301

Telephone (818) 851 3700

Catholic Philanthropists Who Give Away Money

If you do have a genuine need then it’s worth contacted both of these Catholic philanthropists for help, you must bear in mind that these non profit organizations take time to respond and it could take up to eight weeks to get a response. You should look for other organizations and charities who offer help and financial assistance.
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Written by favor81, 2 years ago
hello, i am a cameroonian living i cyprus.i have a project to help teenage mothers and pregnant teenagers and thier children to get back to school and give them a chance in society, how can i proceed to ask for help from these good misters?
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Written by TheJourney, 2 years ago
Barron Hilton and Tom Monaghan are two of the most prolific givers in the Catholic community. I really enjoyed doing research on these two billionaires and I hope it helps people who are in hardship.

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