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Billionaires Who Give Away Money

There are many billionaires who give money away in 2013, especially to people who have a genuine need. Billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and many more have taken a billionaires pledge where they give half or their money away to help people around the world. If you want to raise money for charity or are struggling with money problems and need financial assistance then there’s nothing stopping you from contacting billionaires who give money away.

Warren Buffet gives away money, Bill Gates gives away money and these are some of the billionaires you can contact through their charitable foundation. In this article we look at a lesser know billionaire George Kaiser and how he gives money away, I have also included his contact details so you can contact the foundation direct.

How to Get Cash Now

I Need Fast Cash

If you do want to contact billionaires for help then there is a list of billionaires on the Forbes Philanthropy List, along with their net worth and amount they want to give away. You can do some research to find out why they donate to charity as well as finding out which foundation or charity they run.

How to Get a Millionaire to Give You Money

Millionaires Giving Away Money

You can contact these billionaires who help people in need, foundations and charities direct if you need money for a genuine need, if you need help with bills, help with medical bills, help with college fees or business then you can turn to these foundation for help.

 If you just contact rich people who give money away by saying I need money or I need cash now your message will be ignored. You need to explain in detail your hardship and how much money you need and how the money will help you. If you have a genuine need and can convey your message in a meaningful and convincing way then there is a good chance you’ll get the donation quickly.

billionaires who give away money for Free - George Kaiser

Billionaires & Millionaires Giving Away Money

George Kaiser: Self Made Millionaire Helps People in Need

George Kaiser is an American businessman; he’s also the chairman of BOK Financial Corporation and is among the 100 richest people in the world, he is also ranked in the top 50 American Philanthropist list put together by Forbes magazine.

George Kaiser is the third most generous philanthropist who help people in need and is just behind Warren Buffett and Bill & Melinda Gates. George has an estimate net worth of $10 billion and went to Harvard College where he completed his B.A, he also went to Harvard Business School to complete his MBA.

George Kaiser made most of his money in oil and gas, banking and real estate; he is also part of the billionaires giving pledge where he has pledged to give away $2.5 billion to tackle poverty in Oklahoma.

Billionaires Who Give Away Money to Individuals

Kaiser is a major benefactor to the Jewish community in Oklahoma through the Kaiser Family Foundation. George has also made some major contributions to Tulsa Community Foundation and National Policy institute.

The main area the foundation focuses on is education, female incarceration, community health, civic enhancement and social services safety net. If your need falls into any of these categories then it’s worth contacting the billionaire for money.

If you are thinking about contacting George Kaiser for money then you can do this through the George Kaiser foundation, the contact details are below.


Email Address of Billionaires Giving Away Money

George Kaiser Family Foundation

7030 S. Yale
Suite 600
Telephone: 918-392-1612

Billionaires Who Give Away Money

Rich People Helping Poor People in Need

There are many billionaires you can contact for money, before you do ask these rich people for money it’s worth researching into the self made millionaires stories so you can get a better idea of the billionaire you’re about to contact.

There are many ways that you can contact rich people, you can contact them direct through their website or blog, send them an email or even create a YouTube or Vimeo video to convey your message or hardship to as many people as you can. While there is no guarantee that you’ll get a donation its worth a try, billionaires who give away money are always looking for a worthy cause so if you have a genuine need then you could get a donation.

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