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Billionaires that Give Money to the Poor

There are many multi-millionaires and even billionaires that give money to the poor.  Can you really imagine what it means to be a billionaire? Most people don't even know how many zeros there are in a million not to talk about how much $1 billion will be. When you start to have too many zeros on your bank account, it can really mess with your mind. It is strange that some people have enough money to last multiple lifetimes. On the other hand, mere mortals never seem to have enough to last till the end of the month. What do you do with the money that you cannot spend? You can join the list of billionaires that give money to the poor.

There are very few people with billions of dollars in their bank accounts. They did not become rich overnight as some might imagine. For example Warren Buffett has been in the financial system for a long time that he knows how to work it. He had the financial insight that was needed to create wealth. He also led a simple lifestyle that made it easier to keep his feet on the ground when raking in the money. He is one of the few wealthy people in the world who give money to charity. You might be thinking of making a list of billionaires who give money to the poor and write to them in order to get free money. You need to understand this simple fact, these rich people don't deal directly with individuals who need money. They prefer to give to charitable organizations that will distribute the money accordingly.

Melinda and Bill Gates foundation is another example of billionaires who give money to the poor. Bill Gates is a well-known figure in the world. He made his fortune selling computer software. It is likely you will be reading this article from your Windows computer. You will have Bill Gates to thank for that. He has so much money that he had to retire from his job just to manage his money. How many people in the world today can just drop out of their job because they no longer need to work? A lot of people will like to do that but, if you cannot afford to pay your bills, you have no other choice but to keep working. If you need free money and you feel you deserve to be helped, you can write to the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation to see what they can do for you.

The list of billionaires who give to the poor also include Carlos Slim Helu and Oracle founder Lawrence Ellison. They are not as famous as the ones mentioned previously but who needs to fame when you have billions in your bank account?

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Written by sister5, 2 years ago
i joined this organzation to see if i can get free from a millionare or billionairen im right back where i was with not realy contacting someonen the reason for that is im on a fixed income so i can't borrow any money because i can't pay it back so what did i joned for if its no use to me, im 65 yrs young on disibility it barely py my bills so if this is not what im looking for just drop my joinings thers no need. thank you anyway

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