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Best Sample Letters Asking Millionaires for Money - Writing Emails To Rich People For Financial Assistance

There are a plethora of rich millionaires and billionaires that give away their money to individuals in financial need. If you are experiencing an economic hardship, writing a request for money to a millionaire may help you in a time of need. If you need cash now, need help with bills fast or need help paying medical bills then you can turn to the millionaires willing to help.

Need Money Fast What Can I Do?

If you need money for whatever the reason, there are wealthy individuals that giveaway their money to help. While it is not guaranteed that you will get monetary assistance in return, a few minutes of your time and a stamp for postage may end up being the best financial return of your life. If you need quick money now then there is an example of financial assistance letter below.

Guidance on Writing Letters to Millionaires Who Lend Money

Think about what you want to say in your letter and how you would like to convey your true sentiments. Think about how you can be as honest as possible about your situation. Portraying yourself in an untruthful manner is not going to go over well and many millionaires are likely to check the truthfulness of your statements prior to sending any cash. If you need help with paying medical bills or need help with bills fast then these are the things that you might get help for from billionaires that give money away.

Also, lying to receive money is a form of fraud and can cause civil litigation, as well as jail time. Always be honest.

Writing to Millionaires For Financial Assistance 2012 & 2013

Preparation of Sample Financial Assistance Request Letter

Additionally, think about how much detail you would like to present to tell your story. Do you want to include a picture, documentation of your story or medical records? There is really no right or wrong, as long as you are honest.

When writing drafts of samples of solicitation letters for financial assistance you can't just make statements such as I need free money or need money fast what can I do, rather you need to convey your message of hardship and hope that you connect with the people who are giving away money.

Best Rich People Who Help Others 2012 & 2013 - Prince Charles

Write or Email Rich People For Money

Providing detail about your situation may serve as an advantage, as you are ultimately proving your words in the letter you send. This may make an impact on the millionaire. However, you should only divulge information that you are comfortable sharing.

If you prefer you could email the rich people who give money away rather than writing financial assistance letters, bearing in mind that a lot of other people also email it might be prudent to send both an email and a hardship letter, there is an example hardship letter below that you could use.

Best Rich People Who Want to Lend Money For Free 2012 & 2013 - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Include and Avoid 

Avoid begging of any kind in your sample letter requesting money. If you truly want to draw empathy tell your story with as much detail as possible. Discuss your triumphs and achievements.

Talk about what you will do with the funds you are requesting and how the funds will help you. Sample letters to request support need to be as heart felt and tear jerking as possible, however be careful not to go overboard.

This will present you as a direct and positive individual, two respectable qualities that millionaires may appreciate. Avoid using a conversational tone or using any unprofessional language in your letter, as you want to sound like a dignified person. Write in first person, like you are telling a story about yourself.

Have someone proofread your work. Type or hand-write your letter on a clean piece of white paper. Treat your letter like a job application. After all, you are requesting money. Keep your letter short and to the point, while exuding personality.

Best Rich People Who Want to Give Away Money 2012 & 2013 - Warren Buffett

Examples of Financial Assistance Letters/ Sample Letters to Request Support

Many people in hardship ask how to write begging letters for money however it's much better to  write a letter to a millionaire asking for financial supports and the means to a better life through education and training.


I am writing to ask for financial assistance. My three-year-old daughter, Lucy, was diagnosed with a rare kidney condition that is causing her to undergo daily dialysis. She has Nephritic Syndrome, causing Glomerulonephritis, an inflammation in her kidney tissue that filters blood and wastes. Her condition has worsened substantially over the last year, causing her to spend over 65 days in the hospital.

While our insurance pays a substantial portion of her medical bills. There is an incredible amount that it does not pay, totaling almost $756,294 this year. Additionally, every month we are forced to drive 5,000 to get to her medical appointments to receive the care that she needs. Two weeks ago, Lucy was placed on the transplant list due to her failing kidneys.

Despite all of these factors, Lucy still manages to carry a positive attitude and make every attempt to make others laugh. She loves playing with her siblings, Micah and Aaron, and cuddling with her dog, Moses. Unfortunately as a result of paying for her medical expenses, traveling to doctor’s appointments and obtaining hotel rooms, my family is sinking financially and our home was recently placed in foreclosure.

I am attempting to raise funds for Lucy and her cause. The funds received will not only go toward raising awareness for this rare condition, but it will also assist in providing a comfortable environment for her until she is able to receive her transplant, as her physician has emphasized the need for as little stress as possible to maintain her current health for transplantation.

I am requesting any assistance that you may be capable of giving, whether it is monetary support, publicity surrounding her condition, or a donation of goods (e.g., gasoline card). You can contact me at the address, phone number or email address list below.

I understand that you may receive many letters, like this one, requesting for financial support, and I honestly understand if you are not able to assist at this point in time.

Thank you so much for time and consideration,

Lori and Lucy Peterson

123456 Shore Parkway
Rural, Texas 12345

Sample Financial Assistance Request Letters

Letter Dissection

This letter explains the situation, the reason why funds are needed, what will be done with the funds, and how the millionaire can make a donation. Additionally, this letter provides the millionaire with several options for donating. Millionaires are human beings, like you and I, only they have a little more money in their pocket.

This type of story may move them to want to donate or offer financial assistance. When you write to millionaires that have a history of giving away money, you may receive some cash assistance in return. It is possible that you will not receive anything. However, you will never know unless you make an attempt.

Millionaires Who Give Their Money Away

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user avatar
Written by elder1026, 2 months ago
hello Mrs. Ellen you are a person of good heart.
Mrs. Ellen need help I have three children.
end of each month begins my concern;.
because I can not afford the money to pay the rent
food for my children home bills
It is hard for me.
god bless you
for being an amazing person with a big heart
user avatar
Written by keizi, 3 months ago
Dear Mr / Ms,hi brother, I need your help. I beg you please free me from this painful pain . I really beg you from the core of my heart. I am hopeless. I apologize for this my email,I have no money for my MBA degree final year,ever since i lost my father,who was supporting me,am a lone,no one is there to help me and am in India where i have got stranded without any help,please i ask you to help me finish my MBA degree and be able to go back home help my mother who is sick. By this email, I beg for your help to solve my problem. Am in a difficult situation. I am suffering every day. I need $ 2000 dollars to complete my MBA degree, my name is kayondo swaliki am from Uganda East Africa but am currently in India where am stranded because is do not even have a ticket to go back home or complete my education since i do not have money.Please i will give all my details thanks ,May God keep you safe for me.
user avatar
Written by fred2, 1 year ago
Dear Sir
I wish to apply for help or loan an amount of $ 350000 dollars to buy school
I come from Ghana Africa. Please i need your help so that i can help the need and street children so that they also will attend school. i will educate them more. One day they will become good people in the societies.
I hope to hear from you
Thanks you
user avatar
Written by qazi, 1 year ago
hi my name is Sami, I am 47 year old, I need one more chance to build my self and I need your help.

I sharing my life with you. I was work since 1987 on ship as a soldier. I do hard work 24 hour job on ship. Then I saving the money and come to USA in since 1997 then I build the business in Orlando FL, I buy the 2 store, one c-store and another beauty supplies. And I am making good money, and I got married in since 2000. I am happy to support my wife and brother or sisters overseas. then few year later, my brother told me that why don't you come do business in our country, they told me nice business idea's that they are make my mind, I think lots, that I live 15 year without my bother and sisters, in this 15 year I didn't mate my families so I can go and meet them as my wife too in since 2000, I sell my business in good idea. I transfer my hole money to my sister account. she build the trust in my heart, and I trust her. I go back to my country and when I put my first step on my country I feel I came in heaven. And I happy to saw my families. in few days I told to my sister that can you transfer my money in my account she skip the city and run way. in few month my brothers throw me out from home. And tell me never came back cause you didn't have nothing left, and I fight lots but nobody help me, I knock each and every door official help from person ,police , government and each and every place that anybody help me, and no one help me, even nobody help me to gave ticket money so I can go back to USA. then my wife with me all the time she didn't leave me alone then I do small job, I try to make money for I can buy the ticket. I was struggles lots in 5 year in my country, and I got my ticket and back to my country USA. in after few year later. I got heart attack in 2007 and now I real broking heart man. they my wife and kids came in USA in 2010. then and I still struggling in USA. I can't do anything for my kids and wife. I do just 40 hour week job I make $350 week, I want to gave roof to my kids cause I feel that I never know how much I have time in my life after heart attack. I need someone help me for buy me business then I build my self again one more time. I lost my everything but not confidence if someone help me. I need one more chance in my life. I learn my life never do trust anyone in your life. Thanks for reading my store cause I want to tell u my store cause I don't want cheat anyone. I believes in GOD they build me again cause they send you like a angers to me. and one thing i am not asking money. i need business. THANK YOU

my contact my number 407-600-2163
user avatar
Written by cat5039, 1 year ago
Hi everyone..

My hope is that some kind hearted person will read my true story and help my brother see again.
My brother ...who's got several severe medical conditions...has a simple wish.
He is constantly asking for the gift of sight. His life is very difficult. His life is not an easy one.
He's disabled and can't work..although with a generous gift...he could be back to work at whatever capacity he's able to achieve..he loved his's killing him to depend on others for just about everything...
All he asks is for whatever time he has left in his lifetime is too see...just as we who have good vision
all take for granted each day...he only dreams of some sort of normal vision.
He's got a degenerative eye disease called "Keratoconus"... basically he's going blind.
His options are extremely limited due to his other conditions.
He's also got "congestive heart failure"..that he has learned to live with..he is weak and frail.
Both are due to chemotherapy that he had over 25 years ago..

There are some procedures that are not approved here in the USA that can change his life.
Over in Europe there are some state of the art procedures that can significantly improve his eyesight. The only problem is we don't have the funding needed to get him there to get the life changing procedures he so badly needs.. So I'm not asking for myself...but for my brother.
He urgently needs financial help so he can see's that simple... he asks for the gift of "sight".
So please...if there's anyone out there that can help my brother Ray...anyone that I've touched your heart with my story...everything I've said comes from my heart...I'm asking that you contact me so I can make that phone call that will be life changing and he will get the chance to "see" again..

Thank you and may God bless you for your kindness.

Please feel free to contact me via my email address..

Thank you again.... just a small town girl from Frederick ,Maryland asking for the gift of "sight" for very determined older brother who seeks the kindness of others...
user avatar
Written by tslippers44, 1 year ago
I have always been extremely poor...I often say my family is cursed due to our unbelievably bad luck. I was excited when I bought my home in hopes of moving my mother in with me who was in a nursing home. I had taken care of her for several years. I was surprised I got a loan at all with my horrible credit issues...but God was looking out for my then 3 year-old son and myself. My mother passed away in April 2010 with no money, no estate. I paid off her two hospital bills, and I moved into the home in October 2010 and have been struggling financially ever since. My car was repossessed June 2013. Vanderbilt Mortgage Company wants $1,795.00 by August 2nd and another $595 in August. I do not make that much. I am asking only for the $1,795 and am willing to pay it back as soon as I possibly can. I do not like owing anyone money. Please help me. I do not want to lose my home...I worked hard to get it. Thank you, Tslippers. I can be reached at
user avatar
Written by jazzy, 1 year ago
Hi my name is Jazmine Heredia I'm 19 years old,
I'm writing this letter to ask for financial help. Just about all my life I've had to live with horrible teeth. My self esteem has always been low because of it, I do not have the money to afford getting my teeth fix. I think everyone deserves to feel good about them selves and I want to feel good about myself but I wasnt blessed with a beautiful smile. I would love to get the help I need to fulfill my dream of having a nice smile.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I'll be more than grateful if anyone decides to help me. You can email me at
user avatar
Written by magirobho, 1 year ago
Thank you for according me time to write this note. I desperately need financial assistance, my house has been sold by debtors and my two daughters are out of school. My contact is
user avatar
Written by zia186, 2 years ago
Anyone can help 15000 dollar.i want to buy a land to make a house.because we very poor.we live in our neighbour house
user avatar
Written by menimo, 2 years ago
user avatar
Written by Tyler, 2 years ago
@menimo, this is not the right place to ask for money... This website is a place to write articles and earn money from advertisers. The topic of this article is "sample letters asking millionaires for money," and I feel that this article accurately describes that.

If you think you're going to get money from millionaires by asking on a website, think again. Do some research, find the contact information or agent information for each of the people mentioned, and reach out to them. None of the people writing the articles on this website are actually the millionaires giving the money away.
user avatar
Written by Angelgirlpj, 3 months ago
Thanks Tyler, this whole thread looks like those spam emails fully of begging, I simply delete or block them.
user avatar
Written by menimo, 2 years ago
I need financial help so badly, can somebody out there help me before I loose my home and everything, I care so much about my family...please let me know if you can honestly help me....God bless
user avatar
Written by thadshaffer, 2 years ago
I am 100% disabled, and just need a little financial help. Please let me know if you can honestly do it. Thanks
user avatar
Written by Raka20, 2 years ago
how can i contact billionaires for help?
user avatar
Written by TheJourney, 2 years ago
Thanks for reading folks

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