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Best List of People Who Help People In Need 2012 & 2013 - Rich Wealthy Millionaires Who Give Money Away For Free

There are people who help people in need financially, these millionaires help with finances and offer money help if you need free money. Did you know that there are many wealthy people and filthy rich philanthropists and even celebrities and politicians who are prepared to give financial assistance to help you in hardship?

Millionaire Money Give Away

If you think the door is closed to financial assistance then think again! These great men and women are known as people who help people in need and they are real hero’s donating over a £1 Billion. If you need help and are down on your luck and need money to get started again then who are the people who help people in need? To find out who these wealthy people are helping the poor who need help with money then read on.

Rich People That Help People in Need

Did you also know that many people get rich by asking wealthy individuals for money all the time? These people have a strategy whereby they contact as many millionaires as possible and ask them for assistance. Some people have even built up businesses from scratch and even educated themselves. Wealthy people are always looking for ways to help people in need so there's no harm in asking.

You might even get an instant donation if you really connect with the millionaire. The key is knowing the people who help people in need. I have included sample letters to write to millionaires and organizations that help people in need and have also included their address and email! 

How to Get Money from Millionaires

How to Get Help From Rich People

There is some hard work that is required in terms of administration and organisation to keep on top of your financial requests. You have to either write a letter or email to the people who help people in need, make sure the person is wealthy rich or even a millionaire known for their philanthropic work. Make a list of the people who help people in need so you don’t contact them more than once as you might annoy them. If you're having money problems, need finacial help or just general help with money then you can and should turn to rich people who want to give money away.

Help I Need Money Today

You need to start by explaining what your financial hardship is, for example being laid off, needing surgery urgently, cancer support. You need to Explain how you intend to get out of this disaster; be as descriptive and persuasive as possible and make the email personal and try and make a connection with the people who help people in need financially.

Take extra care to be as honest as possible! If you have a genuine need like educating yourself or trying to build a business because you cannot find a job then it is quite likely you will get some sort of help. Millionaires love helping women and sometimes even prioritize women in need, so if you're a single mother then there's plenty of wealthy people helping those in need

People who help people in need - Contact Prince Charles & The Princes Trust

If you have fallen on really tough times and need help with money problems because of the recession then it is worth a try asking the future King of England for help. Make a start by giving as much information as possible and try and appeal to the goodness of the wealthy person and be persuasive as this will be used as the basis of your request.

How to ask Prince Charles for money is a frequent question many people ask, the answer is simple! Write or email him as he is definitely someone who helps people in need. If you're facing financial stress and strain and need help with financial problems or just need money now then it's worth contacting the Princes Trust, even if you don't get money you'll be given good advice.

Enquiries relating to The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William or Prince Harry:

Clarence House Press Office
Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA
Tel: (+44) (0)20 7930 4832
Email : Contact The Prince

Rich People Giving Away Money to Poor 2012 & 2013

People Who Help People in Need - Ask Ellen DeGeneres if You Want a Helping Hand

When you contact a chat show host such as Ellen DeGeneres you need to make your letter as hart felt and as interesting as possible. Avoid writing boring letters that demand money and be careful not to just ask for money without explaining your circumstances and how you would use the money.

When contacting the people who help people in need try and be as open and persuasive as possible and explain how the donation will change your life. Shouting I need help paying bills or help need money now without an explanation is a real turn off, rich people who help the poor want a genuine and real reason to give free financial help.

Millionaires Who Give Away Money to Individual 2012 & 2013

Guidance on Asking for Help With Money Problems

Once you have written about your present circumstance you must write how much money you want or need. Be clever and provide a figure that is reasonable, don't be greedy and ask for millions. When asking the people who help people in need you must ask for the amount that will really help you even if it is a few hundreds.

If you have just lost your job and require money to retrain then give the amount as the cost of the course as this usually helps. Providing as much evidence as possible and official letters like surgery letters always help. Here is Ellen DeGeneres contact details and email address; she is another of the rich people who help people in need. If you've already asked Ellen for financial help or help with money you might even to offered to appear on her show, millionaires giving away money love the publicity and an appearance may boost their popularity.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Telepictures Productions
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Suite 2700
Burbank, CA 91523

People Who Help People in Need - Ask Angeline Jolie for money

If you’re looking for a break in the acting industry and need some money for drama and theater lessons the asking Angelina Jolie for money will help. For the best chance of success write both a letter and an email as this will mean you have a good opportunity of being read.

Be careful and say you have emailed and written a letter to avoid any confusion; you need to explain how the money will help you get back on your feet, be as descriptive and as persuasive as possible.

The best rich people who donate money want to really get involved and make a difference, so explaining all the money problems you have will really help you get to the top of the list of helping people in need.

Millionaires Who give People Money - Angelina Jolie Giving Financial Assistance

Rich People Who Help The Poor With Genuine Reasons

If you are for real then you will get help, remember that these millionaires are very clever and you need to be reasonable in your request; this means don't ask for a million just because you have lost you job. Many people simply don’t get a donation because they just shout help need money! Here are Angelina Jolie’s contact details; she is one of the best celebrity people who help people in need. I have heard many stories about how Angelina has helped people in desperate need; in particular she has a soft spot for children and single parents.

Angelina Jolie
C/o Geyer Kosinski
955 South Carrillo Drive
Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90048

People Who Help People in Need - Ask Oprah Financial Help

Ask Oprah for financial assistance. One of the most generous millionaires that I know is Oprah Winfrey, this wonderful human being has donated so much money to good causes. Oprah has a good heart and will help you if you need help.

There many rich wealthy philanthropists who are really willing to give; the plan is knowing the best people who help people in need and what they like to hear; something that resonates within themselves which the millionaire can identify with. Oprah has helped people with time, support and help with money problems, if you can explain your financial hardship in detail then she will help.Here is Oprah who is another of the people who help people in need and one of the best rich people who donate money.

Oprah Winfrey
Harpo Studios, Inc.
1058 West Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60607

Millionaires Who Give People Money to Help 2012 & 2013- Oprah Winfrey

Guidance on How to Get Help From Rich People

If you are planning to ask millionaires for money that are listed in this article then you should be as open and honest as possible. Remember to write how much you need and what you will use the money for e.g. education and training. Rich people willing to donate money will check your background thoroughly and if they detect foul play or deception then they will withdraw their offer.

Here is a really short sample letter that you can use, make sure you make little changes so it will look original.

Dear Rich Person/Millionaire/People Who Help People in Need

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Oprah Winfrey and I have fallen on really hard times. Since being made redundant from my job I am having difficulties finding another. I have been to over 50 interviews and have failed because I do not have the qualification to back my experience. I would be grateful if you could extend your kindness and generosity and provide me with a donation of $3000 which would be used to train myself and provide a good standard of living for myself and my family, please can you provide me with financial assistance.

Other People Who Help People in Need

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user avatar
Written by elder1026, 3 months ago
Hello friends I am a very poor person
I am going-through a very complicated cituacion
I have three children I am very indebted
my biggest dream is to help my family that's too bad
health my big dream is to someday have a good car but life is short
I hope fully someday my dream come true
need help please
thanks brotherS
any help is welcome
god bless you for having a good heart
god bless you now and forever
user avatar
Written by keizi, 4 months ago
May Peace Be Upon You
My respected brother and sister,am writing to you with a heavy heart and with tears from my eyes because of so many problems I have.I pray that May God's mercy and blessing be on you my loving friend.My name is kayond swaliki am Ugandan by nationality but am currently studying in India
My life is filled with problems but I hope with God's mercy and your kind help I will be able to put a smile on my face once again. My troubles started when i lost my father,since then my life turned up side down in terms of financial support. To make matters worse my mother is also having multiple sicknesses she is bedridden .Now I do not have anyone to support me in my studies.Am doing MBA degree in Osmania University Hyderabad India, am in my second year but my studies are on hold because i do not have college fees. I request you kindly in God's name to help me to complete my studies and to help my mother's health .Am so helpless that i depend on my few friends for basic needs.
In God name the Almighty,The most powerful,The creator,The most compassionate i humbly ask you to help me finish my studies and to help my mother.I need $2500 dollars for my fees and $1000 dollars for my mother's treatment,i promise to provide any information you need or any proof you may require,I will be so thankful for your help,May God keep you safe for me,thank you for your care and love

Yours kayondo swaliki
user avatar
Written by Juliya3003, 4 months ago
Good people, help me get out of poverty. While we lived in the city, I was working and I never sat idle. But then, for the sake of my son, had to move to a village far from the city, housing is cheap and it works, but clean air and Bratsk reservoir in five minutes. The son became much better and because the wages of the husband barely enough to stay, we wanted to move closer to the city, but not in the city itself, because they are afraid that the child will become ill. There is a very beautiful village, which is becoming more beautiful and equated to the city, but housing there is expensive for us and we have no such money. If we moved there, and for me has been the work of the son would be to visit some of the developing section. And daughters have also found a place in kindergarten. Please help with money. I am on Facebook, you can contact with me by mail my Webmoney Z409018159916, R560783767644. Please help, forces no longer exist and know that nothing will change, and will only get worse.
user avatar
Written by Sergei, 5 months ago
Hello! good people! I want to tell you about is not easy living in remote Siberia. in the village where I live there are no businesses which would give that job to earn a living, people who live as it may, the young begin to drink alcohol and die, I would wanted to change that and give many people rabotu.vsya bottom line is that to build a farm and provide jobs for the people and for the it does take money and do not take them where our government does not give credit without part-time farm, one hope for you not indifferent people who can change the fate and lives of people, including me. With deep respect for you ladies Gentlemen! (Russian Trans-Baikal Territory s.Narasun Sakia Sergey Tel. 89244771987
user avatar
Written by Amir_Hajibagher, 9 months ago
Dear Sir/Madam

This is Amir Hajibagher. I have a health problem from which I've been in pain for more than 10 years. Around 13 years ago a dentist harmed the left side of my lower jaw through his very aggressive operation. Around 3 years later I discovered that my face has become crooked due to an abnormal growth and I need to purchase a custom implant, designed for my very specific case to recover my facial symmetry. This problem has really ruined down my social life and since I'm in arts and I've always had the dream of becoming a great star, it's really damaging whole my professional dreams as well. I've gone through a deep depression since I've discovered that such an appropriate implant costs me so much that I can't pay. Because I'm living in Iran and our currency is really worthless, the discussing €5538 implant becomes around 231,488,400 Rials (our currency) and the monthly salary for a typical Iranian is around 6,000,000 Rials. I'm a Songwriter/Singer. This year I composed few songs for few people and saved some money, but it can only cover my surgeon's bill and the expensive custom implant still remains my big disappointment. Xilloc, the company that can make the implant sent me a PDF format of a quotation with the price of €5538, after I submitted my request and it was valid for about a month so I have to submit a new request once I'm sure there's somebody so kind, who's going to pay for that. Believe that your help will be a game changer to my social and professional life and I'll appreciate that for my whole lifetime.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Amir Hajibagher
user avatar
Written by Romans, 10 months ago
Good day!

I have never written such letters, but this is my last hope to cope with the problem.
Sorry for my English, and for possible errors, as I write with the help of an interpreter.
Your address and information about your kindness and responsiveness found in the internet.

Now I want to talk a little bit about yourself and the situation.
My name is Roman , I live in Latvia, in a small village.
I'm 42 years old.All my life I have worked honestly, most on building.From 1997 year I live in a small village and have a small farm. Where that 3 years ago I threw wife, leaving me with 2 daughters.
The oldest daughter is in college, and the youngest student in the 9th klass of secondary school.
We live in a small house, and live with us, my mother retired.

We do not have enough money for food and utilities, the girls needed new clothes and good food. Life in a small village in my country is very difficult, it is difficult to find a good job.

We spread quick loans, so I took my first loan that was a huge mistake.
Could not settle with him, and this was followed by a second loan, I was hoping that I would find a good job and be able to return the money. That was my biggest mistake.
After some time, I was given the greatest credit, and now I have no way out.
I am very sorry for their daughters, but they support me and hope that I will find a way out of this situation.
Now I work at odd jobs, on the day I get paid 15 euros.
My mother's pension is 180€. My debt to creditors is 2500€.
I don `t know how to deal with credit, my hands went down and I often think about suicide ...
My youngest daughter will not survive my death, she loves me.
At the moment, while they sleep, making this letter and crying-I hope for your help. And they don `t know what I am writing to you with a request to ask for help.

Do not know how to convince you to help me, I know only one thing-you can do a good deed.
We urgently need the amount of 5000€, otherwise creditors may take away all our belongings and it will be the end.

I ask you dear God, read my letter and think for one minute, then you can throw it.
The world is huge, but I don `t know who to ask for help!


Leave my information, and I hope that you will answer mne.Thank You!

Please,help me family!
Best regards,Romans.
user avatar
Written by andysfamily, 1 year ago
Hello. I am new to this Forum and relatively new to being a Christian. For the last 10 years I have been a reasonably successful freelance trainer, teaching Leadership skills to senior executives all around the world. In October 2012 I suffered a mild stroke. The work just stopped. We started to spend carefully but we used what saving we had and eventually ran out of money.

We don't get much support from the government as my family, from abroad have no recourse to public funds. In November 2013, we were evicted from our home in Dover and were forced to live, firstly in the car, and secondly, over Christmas we moved in to a broken down caravan. With 2 children on tow, life was cold, wet and we were hungry.

In February we and found a housing association in South Wales who gave us a house! We're very happy here although we still have no money, our weekly income is £75 per week. Most weeks we go a few days without Gas or Electricity and have to beg for food in the local town. The foodbanks have been helpful but they only give you enough food for 3 days. The children need new shoes and don't get to participate in school activities as we can't afford them. And we have a birthday coming up and they're only 11 & 12 and we've tried to hide our poverty from them but it's getting increasingly difficult.

I am trying to rekindle my trade and little by little it's returning. At my age it's nigh on impossible to get a proper job sadly and with my Wife's cancer, it's hard for her to work. It has go to the point I can't even afford to go to work. To do a job, I need to pay for travel and accommodation wherever the work is before it is reimbursed and on occasion I've had to turn the work down because I simply can't get there.

One day for example, I had a job in Warwick, I took the Bus from Cardiff, it took hours. I slept on a friends sofa and the work was done.

We are now in desperate need of financial support in whatever way anyone can. We've sold everything we have, when we moved here all we had was the clothes on our backs. The car was sold, all of our belongings were kept by our ex-landlord so we lost everything. The Bethlehem Life Centre in Pyle gave us the furniture we sit on now. We bought a cheap 2nd hand laptop so that we can communicate using the library wi-fi. We're a honest, hardworking (given the opportunity), Christian family in need.

I became a Christian in January. I was going to church to find out more about Christianity and wasn't ready for the commitment until one Sunday I was walking up to the Church in Dover, The Ark, a wonderful church because of the people there. One of the Ministers there, Nigel, I knew I wanted to talk to was there that day. Honestly I was simple going to collect any post as we'd arranged for any mail to be sent to the church. On the way I heard a voice in my head saying, "you're not just going for your post are you?". Throughout the service that day, everything that was said seemed to be pointed right at me, it was as though God and the ministers were singling me out for attention. When the minister asked if anyone wanted to talk to to a prayer leader to come forward. I couldn't stop myself, I didn't want to walk forward but I was compelled to sit next to Nigel. I wept and wept. He prayed for me and the deed was done. I was converted, I'm tearful now as I write this. It was such a moving moment, an epiphany if you like.

As I walked back to our car (home), I felt rejuvenated, overjoyed even. I had the Holy Spirit inside me. Since then, I'm more relaxed, God brought me to this site to share my story, to seek help from anybody that can and for me to help others, I may be poor, but I have a lot to offer.

I need £1,000 to buy some work clothes, especially shows, I don't have shoes without holes. I need to buy some rail tickets to some work events I already have lined up next week. I need to get my laptop back from the pawn shop (I'm in the library right now). And I need to leave some food for the 2 kids back at home whilst I'm away.

Please, please, we're so very hungry and desperate.

I'd love to hear from all of you!

God Bless!

user avatar
Written by Godschild, 1 year ago
Hi I'm Charles from Houston Tx. I am a single parent of a beautiful 12yr old girl. I worked offshore in the oil field for the last 8 years and made good money. Four years ago i got a phone call from a judge telling me to come downtown a.s.a.p..I knew it was not good because a judge don't make phone calls. When i got there the judge told me some horrible things were going on in the house my child lived in and order her to be took from the mother and given to me and at that time me and my daughter knew little about one another.1year later i was granted full custody of my daughter and on that day she said dad i have a dream for us to live in a nice house instead of our tiny apartment. 4months ago i made a choice to leave offshore work and get a job on land because she needed more of my time because I worked 4weeks offshore and 1or2 weeks off on land and also mother had her while i was at sea so mom needed a break. So I left work cashed out my 401k ,got an apartment because the home buying was a nightmare with my bad credit. I paid up 3months rent up front and 3months up of car note, enrolled in school to become a nuclear medical technologist and looked for work after school. Four months passed so quick and i still had no job. Bills were coming up so for weeks i begged to my family & every church for help but with no job they all said they cant help & some were in the same boat as me. With tears in my eyes i told my daughter we had to move out because dad was broke, and with tears forming in hers as well right then and there i was heart broken for us. The next morning were both getting ready for school and as were leaving out the door the apartment mangt says she has to put a lock on the door. While she's saying that Im looking at the parking lot for my car but it was gone!!. I called to report it stolen only to find out that a mechanic that i owed 150$ too for fixing my car had made a deal with a 3rd party for the parts that i thought he already paid for. He put my car up for collateral for parts from a third party i never !! ever!! agreed to. The police wont help me, they say its a civil matter and a lawyer cost money I don't have. My car has been in storage almost 6weeks now & is 4,500$ as of today to get out. Mechanic i owe 150$ says he wants 400$ for late fees, 3rd party wants 700$ for parts late fees, storage place wants 1,500$ for tow and paper work fees, 400 for making a new key plus tax, $1,200 for 6 weeks of storage fees & 35$ a day until i get it out, I think i only have about 2weeks left before they sale it, plus Im behind on car notes. This feels like a bad dream, me and my daughter moved in with my sister and her kids. I feel like i have failed on showing my daughter, all she ever wanted was for us to live in a house and be a family. I always told my daughter never to begg from anyone!!!! but i have no choice today but to begg. Im embarrassed as a man & father to be doing this. I think of al the things i did good in life like feeding the homeless because i wanted to, not because people were looking. Good things like not killing the man who hurt my daughter, good things like finding a wallet and re turning it to the owner. Why me?? i done good things. Sometimes i feel like i can't go another day. But i remember to Never!! doubt in the dark what GOD told me in the light. someone help us! if not with money then help with a prayer. I just want get 4,500 to get my car back and 1.500 for late car notes.. I just want to finish school and find a job ,All i want is our dream again, Contact
user avatar
Written by marnie513, 1 year ago
I need help to pay bills I am behind 5 months as of November 20,2013. I need $12,500 to be current.
I also need a car to go to medicals appointments and daughter to work.

I have a emergency and have no money to buy food
and necessitates for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thank you in advance for everything !!

user avatar
Written by sengorn, 1 year ago
Dear Mr / Ms,
hi brother, I need your help. I beg you please free for me. I am really beg you with honest person. I am hopeless.
I apologize for this my email,
I have some debt at several banks and financial institutions with total about USD 7000 and I have no ability to pay anymore because I don’t have work, no home, etc. By this email, I beg your help to solve my problem.
I will try to do something new in my life after passing this difficult situation. I am suffering every day.
It is my information:
Gender : Male
Address : #2CD St 163
City : Phnom Penh
Country : Cambodia
ID card : 010845415
Via phone : +85510420005
E-mail :
Facebook : Seng Charlie
I am waiting your correspondence a soon as possible you can help me.

Best Regard with honest person
user avatar
Written by Rsr7742, 2 years ago
Hi, I am a 50 year old man. On June the 16th I took my whole family to the beach for vacation. My wife, our kids, their spouses and my 3 grand babies. On 6-18 my wife and I got out our rubber boat and was going out to float on the backside of the wave break. We have done this many times before with no problems. While we were getting out past the break (which we did) as my wife was getting ready to get in the end of the boat I heard her say "oh crap" this give me just enough time to look over my shoulder to see this wall of water coming at me. I have never saw such a wave in N.C. Before. This wave hit the raft so hard it through me in the air about 8 feet and when I came down I landed head first on a sand doom. My head hit so hard it looked like a flash bulb went off in my head. I thought to myself, well it's over now. When I came up the first thing I did was look for my honey. Once I seen her I started for shore. I ran into people that I didn't even know that was coming to my aid (must have been ugly) I went to the house with my wife and only son Josh. The pain was so bad I just cried. Everyone kept telling me to go to urgent care, but bottom line was, I needed a specialist. Someone who knew what caused me to see the flash of light that I seen.
When we returned back to Mooresville N.C. I went to have my neck checked. They told me the a had broken both fusions that I had done in 1997. They said if not for both of these fusions I would have broke my neck and washed up. I keep telling myself that I almost took my whole family to the beach to see me kill myself.
After further test I found out that I bruised my brain in two places, I have passed out five times and I've been out seeing things that's not there. The doctors have also pulled my drivers license.
At this point I have sold my commercial size lawn more and trailer to make my house payments for the next three months. I have had cell phones cut off, hell I even had the street light in my yard turned off. At this point $27 a month is $27, I also do not sleep. I have slept 20 hours in 14 days and all I can think about is my bills. I have no idea when I will return to work because of the brain. It takes a long time For the brain to heal. Believe me I hate to ask for anything but I'm not to proud that i want to see my family suffer over a freak accident.
I have worked the same job for 15 years and have only drew unemployment a few times in my life. I also pulled 11years as a volunteer firman in my district. i far from lazy. I own two homes (one is rented) I have two car payments and my wife is killing herself trying to help.
I wish I knew why I was even on here asking for help it like deep in your con chance, you don't even know if it will get read. Bottom line is I'm getting scared and so is my wife. Just the other day while brushing my teeth a girl appeared and said " sir that will be $16,41. The next thing I know I was standing in front of the mirror, tooth brush in my mouth, billfold in my left hand and a $20 bill in my right, but there was no one there but me. I've also went from $5000 a month to $2800 a month, and on top of that i have to pay my own ins of $500 a month. If your out on leave the Rank group want pay their share of your ins. You have to pay it all. So now my $2800 has been reduced to $2300 to live on. It takes Half of that just my house payment.
At this point anything would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind if someone calls me for more of my story. 704-680-2202.
Thanks for taking the Time to read my story. I really don't need this extra stress on my while trying to get my brain to heal.
Wow. It took my 2.5 hours to type this. That's how much time I loose. Don't know where it goes it just goes.
One other thing I left out. I also have a cage in my lore back. It was put in 4 years ago and has been nothing but trouble sense. But you know what. I suck it up every day and DO what I have to do for my family. We were just trying to make it a few more years. After that we was going to try and get my disability sale both properties and move towards the cost. Close but in a small town near the beach. I told my wife" all I need is a 17 or 1800 sq ft double wide. Something that's not dated. Just a clean dry roof over my head. My wife and I are simple people that don't have to have much. Just country people.
user avatar
Written by ray345, 2 years ago
user avatar
Written by TheJourney, 2 years ago
Thanks for reading folks!

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