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Backlinking strategy

I am trying to develop a bit of a backlinking strategy so I can really find out if backlinking is a good idea or not. I think powerful keyword research can't be beat but it's always worth a try to increase your traffic in different was. The question I am asking everyone is: Do you currently have a structured backlinking strategy and if so how many webistes in total including Seekyt do you use for articles whether they are just a backlink or an actual article?

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Written by xlorah, 3 years ago
Glad to hear that Tyler, it's really hard to keep focused when you work outside the home. I printed out your stratedgy and from it made a check off list for myself. You should see my wall..I have it all pinned up for each post.
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Written by xlorah, 3 years ago
I am following Tyler's back linking strategy. I just worked on one post so far and just from that, I noticed seekyt came up on my anayltics page showing clicks. So it convinced me it works. Now I"m making a list so that I can do a little bit after work every night.
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Written by Tyler, 3 years ago
+1 to that!

Just doing a little bit each night, over time, will add up to a lot of opportunity for earning the big bucks.

Even though it's slow at first, the effort you put in now doesn't go away. Each input adds up over time into a massive mound of backlinks that will continue to work for you forever.

Therefore, the best strategy is slow and steady :) I'm so glad you have figured it out and are finding some real value in the strategy. I'll be updating it soon with a couple of improved and updated tactics.
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Written by GrantsWorld, 3 years ago
Thanks Admin. I plan on trying seekyts backlink strategy. I appreciate your input.

I am wondering what others are doing as well.

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Written by Tyler, 3 years ago
I think you should read and follow Seekyt's backlinking strategy for success. If it sounds like a lot of work, it's because it really is. For very competitive topics, there isn't much else that works to rank well other than getting a relatively high number of backlinks.

The actual number depends on the niche. For some niches, it's as low as 5 or 10 quality links. For others it can be over 100,000 high quality links. It all depends.

The main strategy you should follow is this:

Link to your Seekyt content from other unique content on the web. That means you will have to write more articles that link back to your Seekyt article on other websites.

Use your keyword as anchor text when linking back to your article about half of the time. The other half, you can just include the link, use other anchor text like "read this article" or "click here" or similar, but having varied anchor text is a must.

Finally, once you have created backlinks, you should bookmark those links and ping them to try and help them get indexed. Having links indexed in Google is substantially more difficult than creating the link. Once you have an indexed link on a page of unique content that earns consistent traffic and visitors, it counts as one high quality backlink. You then rinse and repeat.

The link building strategy that I have published (link on the homepage above the featured topics) includes a few unique ways to vary your traffic. Using videos, documents, podcasts, etc. You should also add images to your articles with your keyword as the "alt text" because it can help you earn a lot of traffic from Google Images.

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