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Ask a Millionaire for Money - a Way to get Financial Help from the Rich?

Do you ever wish you could just ask a millionaire for money?  You could be thinking of someone you know, or perhaps a stranger.  Sometimes I jog around the neighborhoods of giant houses and old oak trees and wonder what these people do for income.  Is it family money handed down and gaining interest, or someone who’s built their own business and works 70 hours a week to keep it running?  I’ve done yard work for millionaires and often wonder how difficult it would be to just ask for a few thousand.  Would it be like asking me for forty bucks?  Would a rich and famous person looking to give money to help, simply pull 5,000 dollars out of their wallet, the same as you or I would pull out a couple of twenties?


How could the world change if the very rich decided to give personal gifts to the poor in amounts such as ten thousand dollars?  Would it help bring up the wealth of the lower classes greatly, or help the economy by allowing the greater population to purchase more expensive gifts, put a down payment on a house, and buy a car?  Who knows what would happen, as the future cannot be accurately predicted but you can get an idea by using your imagination.  Of course, there are some philanthropists out there that do help people in need of assistance.


What would you do to go about asking a millionaire for money?  Perhaps start with flattery and selling the feel-good feeling of giving to someone who needs it.  It would feel good to me, to be able to make someone cry tears of joy just by giving them a portion of my own great wealth.  If I had great wealth, that is.  Your own good feeling is a great side effect of giving.  There’s no selfless act of kindness because of the feelings of great joy it brings. 


You could write letters to people you know who live around your area in giant mansion sized houses, just talking about the joy of giving and your personal situation of why you have a need to ask for money.  I wonder how many people would respond to such correspondence and what their reaction would be.  Maybe disgust that someone would have the audacity to ask such a thing, as speaking of money is generally looked down upon, especially asking for it.  Or perhaps it would bring about feelings of sympathy and the need to reach out and help.  Either way, even if everyone thought it in bad taste, it wouldn’t hurt to try, maybe?


I know that I would feel better asking someone who has inherited their millions rather than worked their butt off for it.  A person who never really had to work for their money might be more understanding of giving a gift and I would feel guilty for taking money from someone who worked very hard for it.  What if I had a medical emergency or medical bills?  Would that make it easier to try to get cash from a wealthy person?


What would be some of the reasonable situations in which you could ask a rich or famous person for help when you were in need?  I suppose medical bills or surgery, loss of job, funds for raising kids, loss of home through foreclosure, and some other situations might be acceptable for many of the wealthy to help those in need.  I suppose you could contact the rich with your story like this and see what took place.


There are more people out there in need of money than not.  It’s a downright stinky feeling to not be able to meet the basic needs of a family.  Sometimes the despair of our individual situations can drive us to do uncharacteristic things, but before you knock off a bank, or rob a gas station, why not just ask a millionaire for money?

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Written by Gixxer080, 2 years ago
I understand your situation very well. I myself now in my 40'sI went back to college when I was about 37 I put my self through regular college received my business management degree then I went to mortuary school and am now a FD only with the help of student loans. I worked full time all 5 years of school and worked a funeral home job at the same time, but now I'm not able to work due to severe injuries suffered in an accident. I'm a very hard working person and it is very depressing to me that I'm not able to work right now..I lost my home, my vehicle and everything I worked so hard for. I just wanted to make something out of my life to show my children if I can do it at my age they surely can also. But now I sit on thousands of dollars of medical bills, student loans and many others that are just every day necessities. It's sad when your a grown man and you ha e to borrow money to get medicine that you need. I've always been a very giving person all my life. I'm not one to ask for help because I was never raised that way. But I'm at a point in my life where I need help and no one has the means or willing to do do. I just hope and pray one day maybe someone will read this and understand I've worked my butt off to become a professional and now because of my health am unable to do it but life doesn't care if you don't have money. The bills are always due no matter what. If anyone has a heart I surely could use some help. My email is

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