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Anyone Giving Free Money Away?

Let’s face it everyone wants free money; the mention of anyone giving free money away can divert anyone’s attention. The truth is that there are many places, organizations and individuals that give out free money however to be eligible you need to have a genuine need.

All too often people hear the words free money and look for ways to game the system and deceive generous rich people out of money. Let me by clear when I say that this money is only reserved for those who have a genuine need which include circumstances like urgent medical bills, urgent medical treatment, homelessness, poverty, financial despair and disaster recovery.

People Who Are Giving Away Money

If you've really got an urgent need that requires intervention then the first place that you need to turn to is the government. If you've paid your taxes on time and never broken the law then you should be eligible for help. The USA.Gov website is full of excellent resources to help people in need.

If you've lost your job through no fault of your own then you can apply for unemployment benefit, other benefits for low income individuals and families include rental assistance, mortgage assistance, utility bill assistance as well as food stamps. It’s very important that you turn to public assistance first as there might be more help here than you think.

Begging Money Online Donation

Another option that you could explore if you've got a genuine need is cyber begging sites; you’ll find these sites by doing a quick search online. You should be able to find a handful of sites which allow you to post your hardship on their site for free. If you can write about your hardship and really engage your readers then there is a good chance that they will open their wallet.

If you find that for every 100 visitors you get donated $10 then the more exposure your post gets the more you can raise. You should be able to use the power of social media to really hammer the message across. If you can use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites that share content there is a chance that your plea might go viral, it’s not uncommon for these posts to be seen by tens of millions of people, if you can really reach a wide audience then there is a good chance that you might make enough money to get out of your hardship.

How to Find People Who Are Giving Away Money

Finding people who give away money is not too hard; in fact you’ll be able to find lists on three reliable sources which include the names of millionaires and billionaires who give away large amounts of money.

These lists are from the GivingPledge.Org, Forbes 400 Philanthropy List, and Business Week Philanthropy List. If you take the time to read the profile of these millionaires and billionaires you’ll be able to determine with reasonable accuracy which charitable foundations they run and what causes they support, you should be able to find a handful of charitable organizations which might be able to help you.

From my research I can tell you that if you need help with education you can turn to the George Lucas Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Eli Broad Foundation. On the other hand if you need help with financial despair you could turn to the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, Oprah Winfrey Foundation and even Ellen DeGeneres.

People Who Are Giving Away Money

Churches That Give Away Money

There are many churches giving away free money to help people who have a genuine need. Churches are able to raise large sums of money because they get donation every week, once they've paid their expenses the rest is either invested or given away to help people. If you've tried public assistance and you've got nowhere to turn to then you could try asking your local church for money, you might have to show proof of income and bank statements but generally the good folk of the church are more than likely to help you.

Churches That Give Money

Corporate Philanthropy Departments That Give Money

Another option that many people neglect is corporate philanthropy, these charitable foundations which are run by large blue chip companies give out amazing sums of money every year. If you've got a genuine need then you will be able to find a corporate philanthropy department that will help. If you need help with prescription assistance for instance you could turn to GSK Patient Assistance Program, Sanofi-Aventis Patient Assistance programs and many more. You can actually find a list of the best corporate philanthropy departments on Business Week’s website.

Anyone Giving Away Free Money

Anyone Giving Free Money Away

There are many individuals, organizations and rich wealthy millionaires who are giving free money away. The most important factor to getting financial assistance is your need, if you’ve got a legitimate need then someone will help you otherwise you’ll always be rejected. You also need to be determined and dogged and not give up, these requests can take an eternity to come to fruition and as such you need to remain patient and carry on asking other individuals and organizations for help.

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1 comment

user avatar
Written by celticsoothsayer, 2 years ago
I like the content of your article, it is both helpful and a necessary reality check for our global society.
On occasions when I have been particularly desperate, money always arrives from somewhere! Oftentimes, I've won it...either on the horses or on the lottery.
Rather than gamble away your child's pocket money, put down something very small. Check out the best runner, research the best free lotto system online before choosing your numbers.
Out of every four draws; it is most likely that I win something; last Friday it was just €7 out of a €4 stake. On the 12th April my winnings amounted to €19 for €12 stake. Although, I acknowledge that this is not big money, over time it does add up. If you were to save all of your winnings over a twelve month period, at this rate there would be an extra €312 in your savings account at the end of one year.
Essentially, this is really only relevant to individuals that play lotteries on a regular basis. It is not a get rich quick scheme, neither does it help those living in abject poverty, unless you were to choose to give your lottery winnings to charity.
On a serious note, worrying about a lack of money increases your stress, which in turn is extremely bad for your health and all to frequently results in life threatening situations. When one stares death in the face, financial problems fade into insignificance.

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