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5 Top Tips When Asking Oprah Winfrey For Money 2012 - Rich Chat Show Hosts Who Give Financial Assistance

If you are having trouble financially and have run out of options then asking Oprah Winfrey for money may be your next best hope. There are many reasons why you might have to resort to sending Oprah and other celebrities mail asking for money, it could be that a family member has had an accident or it could be that you have fallen into debt that you cannot escape. You might even have a disability that prevents you from working and the government just doesn't provide enough help. In this article we will take a look at the top five tips to keep in mind when asking Oprah Winfrey for money.


Asking Oprah Winfrey for Money Top Tip Number 5 - Applying for an Oprah Donation Indirectly



Celebrities are typically very busy filming, doing interviews and running their business. As such, they may not always have the time to answer the people who are asking them for money directly. If you are thinking of asking Oprah Winfrey or other millionaires for money then you should first consider looking for an Oprah Winfrey donation from an indirect source. Oprah donates millions to charities each year, especially the Angel Network and the Clinton Foundation. You may be able to receive help from Oprah by simply speaking with one of the charities that she donates to. Using this method you are also going to save the queen of charity time as well, so you can receive the help you need without being a bother.


Asking Oprah Winfrey for Money Top Tip Number 4 - How to Find the Oprah Winfrey network Phone Number


One way to get into contact with Ms. Winfrey is to call her network phone number and tell the answerer politely why you are calling. That you have a story of dire need and would love to speak to someone who can either put you in touch with Oprah herself or who can speak on your behalf. One way to find such contact details is through the OWN network website.


Asking Oprah Winfrey for Money Top Tip Number 3 - The College Appeal


If you are a college student and need help no matter how much money for college you need you may be able to get assistance through a celebrity like Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is well known for her charity, especially with people who have a disability or tragedy but who still try to continue on with their lives. If you have suffered great trauma then you should contact Oprah for money, althernatively there are other celebrities who you can contact for money.


Asking Oprah Winfrey for Money Top Tip Number 2 - Mail Asking for Money


The traditional way to ask celebrities for financial assistance has always been to send a letter. This is because nothing is more personal than a handwritten or typed letter. The most important thing is to keep it as brief and polite as possible while still getting the required information across. The main things you want to say are, your details, a short version of your story (the reason for need) and how the celebrity can provide assistance. When you mail asking for assistance the main things is that you be prepared for a fairly long wait. Such people receive a lot of mail and it can take a long time to get through them all - even months.


Asking Oprah Winfrey for Money Top Tip Number 1 - Oprah Financial Advice


Oprah and leadership are two terms that have always gone together. Millions tune into her show each day for the advice she gives and many have had their lives changed following that same advice. Whether you need to know how much money for college is enough or whether you need advice on how to take care of you debt there is a good chance that Oprah has spoken about it in one of her episodes. Start searching through here back catalog of episodes and see if you can find the advice you are looking for.


Instead of Asking Oprah - Financial Advice


Instead of Oprah financial advice may be exactly what you need. Especially if your family's main adversity is simply debt itself. A good financial advisor can help you plan out your repayments, organize debt and find ways to find the money you need. It is even possible to get a free financial advice session from many places online and offline. Some charities even work with such financial consultants to help people in the community who need it. So if this is your situation then think that before contact you Oprah financial advice might be what you are looking for instead.

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